Chapter 5

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It was clear who they were talking to.
There was only one country that was recently destroyed, and the face and name of the only surviving royal family came to mind.
It was natural.
The main culprit that destroyed the country was Archduke Astorf, and the sedant swept the battlefield together.


‘’Are you deliberately killing a woman who will live as if she’s dead?”


In the first place, the king and heirs of an enemy country cannot be saved.
Because it can be the seed of rebellion.
However, there is no need to kill the princess who grew up as a flower in the greenhouse without even realizing that it was a country job.

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Rather, it is more common to take them as prisoners of war and make them concubines or to marry nobles.

Not only that, but almost all countries did.


But did they say that they  brought in the only prisoner who was saved in that way as a bride? Even in the mansion of the enemy who killed her  country and her family? The corner of the sedanta’s mouth, who was talking crazy, twitched.
It was clear that the imperial family, the empress and the crown prince, had a plan this time as well.


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Until he came this far, he was thinking about which family had hated them.


‘It must have been that the High King was purposely brought in a prisoner… Shit!’


It was Archduke Astorf who took the princess as a prisoner.
He won’t have to kill the princess.


It was just what I was thinking.
However, the imperial family used even that.
You’re not going to save anyone, and you’re going to kill someone you didn’t even think of.

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It’s always been like this.
They didn’t pick and kill anyone.
What they wanted the most was that Archduke Astorf felt more pain than death.


Unlike the butler and sedanta, who were shivering, Astolf quickly calmed down.
At first, it didn’t seem like much of a commotion.
This time, the knights who thought he would see a sign of displeasure were plainly disappointed.
It was not worth waiting at most overnight.


“Come on, come on in.
Bride must be waiting ” Her head might not be on her body .someone groaned And that was what everyone expected.

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These knights stood guarding the door, but to the end, this was to prevent the vassals of this family from interfering with them.
And there must have been a purpose to prevent them from escaping from the inside.


And the bride, who was left defenseless, would have been visited by the assassin from the window.
An article exaggeratedly bowed back.
Archduke Astorf then moved forward slowly.


“Sir, I would rather… … … … .”

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