Chapter 4

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After a simple fact check, he mentally concluded what he had to do right now.
He headed to the place where the messengers were said to have come from the imperial family.
Perhaps they too were waiting for him.


“Oh, you are finally back.”


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In front of a certain door, five or six people who had been sitting loosely stood up with a smile.
As expected, courtesy was not found in the people responsible for visiting someone else’s mansion and occupying a room without permission.
Their faces, which looked like imperial knights, were familiar to the Archduke.
They were the empress’s suits.


“I thought I was going to lose my throat while waiting.”


What if we are late? You don’t know what to say back there , huh?”

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“Leave it.
There must have been one or two times when the Archduke did not respect the Imperial Family and act recklessly.”


“It is our job to see and deliver what we see.
It will probably be difficult to avoid censor again this time.”


Suddenly, the sound of the sedant grinding its teeth was heard low.
He was angry to hear about the person who was responsible for sending them to the far-off border area on purpose.
How much less is the process of bringing in an unknown woman and holding a wedding ceremony without saying a word, where does it fall under “matchmaking”? I wanted to pour out abusive language right away, but the three singles barely endured it.

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If he comes forward and makes a fuss,The price was to be paid by the lord.


“Come on, let’s go inside.
Since the first night, they have a lot of work to do “


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“That’s right.
Although it is said that she was destroyed, she was a girl  with a name of a princess.
How badly must the person who grew up to be precious is crying……”


The Archduke, who had been listening silently for a moment, responded for the first time.
His silver-gray eyes, which seemed insensitive to any harsh words, fluttered slightly.
And behind them, the butler and the sedant were silently astonished.
I was so surprised that the rest of the swear words didn’t seem to come out.


‘What kind of crazy is this? She is a princess?’

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