Chapter 3

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Even Archduke, did not even have a fingernail to suspect that She was going to die.
She was arrogant, and had a ruthless personality, and she treated the archduke harshly who would become her husband, but everyone was more relieved.
Although they  will be serving the picky hostess, They thought that the imperial family is trying to stop this bloody thing.


But it was an illusion.
On the night of the wedding day, the bride, who had shared the wine a few hours before, welcomed the groom with a corpse in the new room.

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And the responsibility was erroneously passed on to the Archduke.
The Grand Duke, who did not dare to protect the Empress’s cousin from the reckless, was once again chased into the wild battlefield.


So, everyone in the Mansion knew it.
The imperial family is different.


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Somehow, They are going to kill all the women who step into this Arcchduke ‘s  residence.
Even today, or to be more precise, yesterday evening, Archduke Astorf, who was on his way to the far-off border area, received an urgent message from his mansion.
It was news that the royal family were bringing a certain woman to hold a wedding ceremony without a groom at will.


As soon as he heard the news, he hurriedly returned with only a few escorts.
Behind the scenes, Sir Sedanta constantly cursed, saying, ‘They are also f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ you in a new way.’ Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was necessary to go back so quickly. 


They came back like this it was Not to save the poor victim, but to clean up the place where there must have been a bloody commotion.

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“Are the messengers from the imperial family?”


“Most of them went back with the priest who performed the ceremony, but the knights remain for a few minutes.
They stand guarding the front of the room where the bride is locked up.”

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“The bride freezes to death.”


Obviously, the priest must be right under the imperial law, since he must have signed the marriage papers organized by the imperial family at will.
But the sedant snorted.
It means how last night’s atrocities could be a wedding.
In the end, it is in the form of death penalty.


However, Archduke Astorf did not respond this time too.

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