Chapter 24


when I turned to her.
She knew the answer before she even heard it.


“Are you done talking?”


The bride, wearing a bloody dress and hiding a dagger in one sleeve, smiled brightly.
The groom, who first met the living bride instead of a corpse, could only laugh out loud.


“… That’s how it happens here “


“I look forward for your kind cooperation,husband “

Julia raised her hand and reached out to Theo.


“This is it, Mrs.


Theo, who had quietly looked at Julia’s extended hand, immediately reached out and grabbed it.
Thus, a true marriage between the two took place.


There was a hostess in the Arch Duke’s house.
For  the first time in a long time , everyone in the mansion welcomed her with surprise and joy.
It was because they had a sense of humor in the tragic events that had taken place over and over in the mansion.


Whether she were a prisoner of exile or not, they all paid their respects to her who started her day as a hostess safely for the first time.
It may be compassion for someone who never knows when she will die, but thanks to this, Julia was able to adjust to it comfortably.


It seemed that everyone in the house had forgotten about the horror that happened in the morning.
Or maybe they all got used to it.


Suddenly, Julia took off her blood-stained and tattered dress.
She put on a new dress the disheveled hair was also combed cleanly to make the color of the row quite neat.
Aside from the slight scratches left on the nape of the neck, the figure was much more pleasing to the eye than the ones decorated by the imperial maids yesterday.


“If you feel uncomfortable, please tell me.”


“Yeah, I see… No, I get it.”


The dress still didn’t fit.
I’ve been living my life hiding my true nature, but I didn’t really hate how I looked like as I was pretty after i dressed like a woman, but it was unfamiliar.
At first glance, it may seem like the real Julia’s image is reflected.


Julia stared at the mirror, then quickly moved to the window.

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