Chapter 21


That’s because I didn’t know you were going to be my husband back then.


Even so, it should never be uncovered as much as it is.
Desperately squeezing her hair, she imitated her sister’s usual way of speaking as much as possible.
She felt uncomfortable as if she was wearing the wrong clothes, but she acted as casually as possible.


Fortunately, he didn’t say anything more about the tone.
I just sat down with the correct posture.
There was a vitality in his eyes that was still shining.
She moistened her dry lips and made a face as polite as possible.


“I have a favor.”




“surely! no… So I.” What if it wasn’t a divorce? Julia said.


She blinked her eyes.
If all of what has been said so far is true, the only conclusion is that the man did not want this marriage either.
Because of this, she was also trying to figure out a way to live without revealing her identity.


“I will make a formal request.
Please marry me.”


“… What?”


And there were no cases of maintaining this fake marriage in that trouble.
He quickly persuaded her, who was dumbfounded, not knowing that she had said something inadvertently.


“The Empress will use her hand again.
Put me away so i cant protect you .
But you can protect yourself when I’m away “


“What an irresponsible thing to say… … … … .”


“I want someone who can stay by my side .
And what you need to survive in this empire?”


Yulia’s head, who was about to get angry, cooled down.
She narrowed her eyes.
He didn’t avert his gaze and met him head on.


“…you know what I want?”


“Whatever you want.”


He also gave meaningful answers to meaningful questions.


As he noticed her identity, the suspicion that he was pretending to be ignorant was weighted.
However, Julia could not openly ask questions As she really don’t know anything

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