I almost dropped the dagger I had hidden away.
But in spite of her emotional shock, the face of the Archduke begging for forgiveness in front of her eyes was supremely sincere.

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Desired reparation promise.
What is it really? Julia couldn’t understand why he came out like this.
Assuming he really didn’t notice, she was Theo’s prisoner.


The assassination attempt was also misunderstood, and if it was clear that he didn’t even notice her identity, the need to use the dagger in her  sleeve was gone, which was good.
However, when a man like that is coming out with a low profile, I was puzzled.
Excessively against prisoners of war who are merely denials on paper… feeling of respect heard.


“Why do you have to do that… … … … .”

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And in a bewildered heart, the inside came out.
Then he answered without hesitation again this time.


“I’m more grateful than anything for you to survive.”


Julia narrowed her brow.
What kind of trick  is it? Thank you for surviving?

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“Are you kidding me?”


“It’s not like that.”


“Or? At least it wouldn’t be something you would say to a prisoner of war… well.
No, it only sounds like a joke.”

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“I’m serious.
I hope you’ll listen to me.”


Julia quietly touched Theo’s face.
She looked up and  he looked kind of tired.
It was Julia who fought the assassins without even being able to sleep all night, and it was as if he had fought a battle.
Judging from his expression alone, he didn’t seem to enjoy the situation or find it interesting.


A  frown, a hard voice without highs and lows, and big shoulders that were stiff and  without a single inch of disorder.
I couldn’t find anything like the beast-like ferocity I had seen on the battlefield.

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Julia picked up the messy hem of her dress and sat down on the chair.


“… Let’s hear it first.”


She was a prisoner, and there was no way that he would ever kneel until I was dignified.
if others saw

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