It would have been nice, but the face she glanced at was unreadable from the beginning until now.

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It’s like that.”


“… Perhaps?”


It was a shocking sound from a position where they had already completed their wedding vows and had a fantastic first night.
Even though she was bloody, she was still wearing a wedding dress.


“There is no reward in surviving hard work.”

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Julia, who was muttering to herself, looked directly at Theo.


“Did I just pour cold water on your plans…?”


The assassin’s attack is, of course, the result of a groom who doesn’t like his new bride.


I thought it was a gimmick, but when I met Theo, it didn’t seem like that was the case.

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We don’t know each other deeply because we only met eyes on the battlefield, were hostile to each other, and fought fiercely… He wasn’t such a mean-spirited person  as he could feel in martial arts.


Presuming that he had returned in a hurry early in the morning, whether it was for marriage or an assassination, he seemed to be in an unexpected situation.


Of course, apart from the assassin, it was uncertain how he would come out from now on.
Julia glanced at him and imitated her younger sister’s voice as much as possible.


“Even if I’m in trouble because I’m not a corpse, first of all I apologise…”

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“I’m here to get married, I’m not here to be buried… … … … .”


“I’m sorry about last night.”


He apologised before She even finished speaking.
She blinked.


“I’m serious.”

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Thought she wouldn’t believe it, he said again and again.
She even lowered herhead.
At this point, She was confused.
Was the monstrous Archduke Astorf really not aware of her identity?


“Are you just saying sorry? I…”


“I promise you the reparation you want.
I am responsible for all the bad things you went through last night.”


Julia’s hands are full of power.

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