aster Jeon had put his arms in a rectangular tub made of smooth stones.
“Are you angry?”

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His sudden words bewildered the woman who was in a daze.
I blinked my limp eyes.
General Jeon beckoned Yasmine to come to him.

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“It’s my sister’s duty, isn’t it? To wait for me in the bath.
But when you just heat up the water and run away, I can’t help but think that you’re angry about being scared at the door.”
“No, it’s just… another company…I thought it would be okay for someone else to serve.” She mumbled her way to him.
As she approached the back of the General, Yasmine took out a towel from the basket and soaked it in water.
She sat on the bathtub stool, staring at his statue-like back.

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