Therefore, she summarized it in a way that is easy to understand on her own.

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‘In other words, wearing a dress, meeting a man, and having a child?’


She glanced down.
Bound and kneeling, she is wearing a dress.
The first of the three steps has already taken place.
Finally, the eyes lit up.
After all, it was right that the younger sister wanted that ‘third stage’.


‘The rest meet men, children begets.’

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“… I order you to marry him.”


“I obey your majesty’s orders!”


“Long live His Majesty the Merciful Emperor!”


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While she was lost in thought for a moment, suddenly applause erupted from here and there.
Someone forced her to hold her head, who was bewildered because she did not understand


ah pressed It seems that the verdict was given to her as well.

‘What did you say? marriage? Are you going to marry me?’


As she forcibly bowed her head and took a bow, a red color appeared on her face.
Even if it wasn’t, the story was unraveled in a moment when it was difficult.
Since it was the emperor’s order, she seemed to meet a certain man and become a proper couple.


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‘Even if He is not a good man, he can give me a child.’


Even though I lived as a man, I didn’t know about sex.
A child is produced only by the occlusion of a man and a woman.
Because of this, the last of the tasks left by her younger  sister was the most difficult for her.
But it was.
She is a prisoner of a ruined country, so the emperor of the enemy country has ordered her.


She had to get married in her own house.
Since the name is from a royal family, the other person will never treat her poorly.


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And as a man, of course, he likes beautiful women.
Of course you wouldn’t Before the fall, she was called the beautiful Crown Prince, and she has gained quite a bit of confidence.


‘I can do it, Julia, I can live a normal life too.’


Even then, I thought so.
With her head bowed, she did not realize how sympathetic the applauding nobles were.
In the end, whoever ordered the marriage of the emperor is also a figure.


She had a very bizarre marriage without a groom and …

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