Dragon Tales: Reincarnation

The Library and The Book of Wisdom.

”Sooo….. ”

”What now? ”

”Should I move on? ”

Its not my fault, okay? I didn know it was going to be this destructive!

”if I think too much about it ill fell more responsible… yeah! Lets abandon this responsibility! ”

”The path on my right seems blocked…. and..in front is what I blowed away… so the left one is the way I should go. ”

”I hope the exits this way… ”

” I wanna get out of here… ”

I keep walking peacefully and lose the sense of time.

after some time while lost in thought about what will happen when I get out….

”Screeeeeeech!! ”

”Asbdfjkl! what the f–!! Fudge! ”

Yeah! I meant to say fudge!

”What the hell!! ”

Trying to figure out what made my bones shudder, I look around..

To find…

A frickin dinosaur lizard like monster charging from the front…

Well, it would come from the front because theres no way it would be back there.

The paths blocked that way.

”Eeeeep!! ”

[Few Moments Later…]


”Save me!!! ”

”Someone! ”

”I don wanna get eaten! ”


”what?! It can shoot fireballs too?! ”

I still can get used to my voice…

Why though..?

Meh… must be the fantasy stuff in play.

Matter on hand…

”Why the hell are you chasing me anyway?! ”

e taking away all my progress I covered after walking for so long! ”

”Im going the opposite way now! ”

”Im a dragon, you know! ”

Wait?… a dragon?… oh..

”Yeah! Im a dragon! ”

”You better go away or Im gonna obliterate you! ”

”Im Very, VERY strong! ”

Calling my self strong is a bit… its embarrassing.

First to figure out how to get behind him…

or above maybe?

i can use my breath like this…

Wait… I had wings, right?

Should I try to use them…?

I spread my wings and start flapping…

”Ugh! Please! ”

After some moments my feet rise and Im in air…

”hoooooh! im flyiiiing! i can fly! ”

I maneuver over him… Its not easy because this cave has its ceiling too and its underground so not much to fly in…

I stall a bit and try to balance myself out…

”Take aim and! ”

”Dragon breath! ”

”[Shweeeeen!] ”


”Whered you go! Come at me! ”

I try to look for that frickin dino-lizard….

”What the- heeeeh? ”

His heads gone…?

”I guess that normal.. no no no.. this isn normal… this just proves the point how I blew away the rocks and made a fresh path in front of me when I used it for the first time ”

I look around.. observing the motionless body of the dino-lizard…

Should I call him headless?

”The attack was so powerful that it blew away the head and… roasted the half of the body? ”

”Growl ”

”I don know what i should do… Im hungry… its like i haven eaten in ages! ”

”hmm? roasted?… ”

”No no no NO! Im not gonna eat this! ”

”Groooowl ”

”Please don make me do this! ”

”Grooooowwwl! ”

”Curse you hunger! AH! Survival! ”


”hmm?.. it … tastes like… chicken? ”

”I guess he was a chicken after all he-he ”

nom nom nom

[A while later]

”haah! Im full! i couldn eat any more than that… its raw anyway. ”

”Im not brave enough to eat this raw. ”

”Ive got my breath but… Im not gonna risk bringing the whole cave down with it… ”

”Im full anyway, so lets move on… ” I stand up..

”Lets see whats in store for me after this! ”

I walk again, hoping to never have an encounter like that again..

”but maybe i should stay on guard that i will get chased by something again.. ”

”But Im kinda excited.. its boring walking in a straight direction with nothing to do. ”

”Hmm? i can fly, can I? ”

I open my wings..

”This is going to be fun! ”

I flap and after a few moments Im in air flying in the direction Ive been previously walking…

”Wait! Extra speed! ”

I use my skill and speed up quite a bit… Maybe its going to be better this way that I can cover more distance?

”whooooaaa! Stop! Stop! Stooppp! ”

”hah-hah-hah That was scary! ”

I went too fast…

”Im gonna fly normally.. well, this isn normal anyway.. ”

”hmm? whats over there? ”

I see a pretty big silhouette in the distance.. I use clairvoyance..

”wha-? Frog? ”

”Its big and everything, but thats definitely an oversized frog, isn it? ”

”Ribbit ”

”Whoa! it makes the sound too.. Ive never seen a frog in real life but.. I never imagined i would see one this big though.. ”

”Dragon breath! ”

i charge dragon breath while closing in..

”[Shweeen!] ”

”[Booom] ”

”Eradicated he is.. hehe ”

”Should i taste him too? ”

”i don want to but.. my curiosity is bugging me.. ”


”Mm? its not that bad… tastes like.. a weird fish? ”

nom nom nom

”that was kinda good ”

”Lets move on! ”

”What would I get to eat when go even further? My motive just changed all of a sudden… ”


[New skill accquired: Gluttony]

”Huh? Gluttony? ”

”Dunno what it is… Ill probably find out later… ”

I keep flying forward hoping to find something…

But theres nothing..

I travel for about an hour or so that i find something interesting…

Its a tile…

”Hmm? there something written on this tile.. ”

”its different from Japanese though.. ”

”i can.. read it? ”



”So mysterious.. fantasical… ”

”So this road?… hmm?.. ”

i look closely with my night vision and clairvoyance and see there is indeed a path carved well enough to say that its a tiled road… it is very old though…

”Why white though? it would get dirty easily… ”

”Should i head there? its the only way forward… ”

”I should fly… its probably gonna take a bit… ”

I fly toward the road but..


”ouch! what now? ”

i move closer to the road flying and try to go forward…

”Hmm? A wall? its invisible… ”

i get down on the floor… and try walking forward..

”I can go on foot but not by flying? What kind of logic is that! ”

”can do anything anyway… better fly again.. ”

”I can fly now?! seriously! what kind of logic is that! ”

”move on, move on, this wall is going to make me crazy.. ”

I fly for about fifteen minutes and what i find is beautiful and purely… fantastical.

I see a gate… double ones.. and big…

Two huge knights stand at each side as if blocking the entrance so no one could get in…

”Its that right?… that trope?.. I have to fight them head on to gain entrance? ”

”But I don wanna! ”

”Wait.. ”

”Dragon Breath! ”

Im going to snipe him!

” [Shweeen!]

” [Boom] ”

”Thats one down.. ”

the other one starts moving immediately as I attack…

”Its that sorta mechanism, isn it? like mobs? they don attack you if you don get too close?… ”

”Well.. the person who designed these knights must be a bit dumb.. or he didn think that these knights would face me.. ”

”You can have one too! ”

”[Shweeeeen!] ”

”[Booom} ”

”Its kinda anticlimactic that they cant put up a fight… i don wanna fight them any way ”

At the moment i struck down the second one, the stone-like door with a lot of designs on it, starts opening up…

i walk towards it…

i enter the apparently an enormous place but its dark… i can see with night vision though…

What happens next blows my mind.

[Ting] [Ting] [Ting] [Ting] [Ting]…

The lights in the big room get switched on turn by turn…

Exceedingly bright all of a sudden.. I look closer..

”huh–?!!! ”

I see a library filled to the brim with silver books and a single beautiful and huge book on a pillar like surface emerging from the ground.

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