Dragon Lord Erotic MMO

Chapter 6: Dave, Shove Your Crappy Job!

Zell seemed dazed the moment she vanished. He flicked his gaze toward that small white computer to finish the last question.

”Lord Zell, will you finally complete this last section? ”

He slumped down onto his chair, feeling tired after withstanding that beautiful womans pressure. Zell didn respond, quickly pressing his fingers to open his last choice.

Suddenly, the last screen popped in front of him.

—|Please Choose Two Bonus Add-Ons|—

—Special System

You will be reborn with a system customised for you. This system will be your servant and under your complete control.

— Random Skill

You will receive a random skill above Tier one from the start. This skill will be both unique and bound to your existence.

—Mystic Aura

A special aura that hides your strength from others. Stops people in the real world from noticing changes in you; looks, money, ability, attitude.

Aura will cancel upon criminal activity or extreme actions.

—Double EXP and SP Gain

The amount of experience gained from quests and combat will double. Skill points gained from feats of strength and levelling will also double.

— Soul Weapon

You will receive a weapon that is bound to your soul and can grow alongside you. No matter how powerful you become, this weapon will follow you!

Zell looked at the screen with a tired expression. He saw more abilities further down, like endless stamina and other status. If you completed the last dungeon before the merger, you could gain these skills for free.

—Zell: He thought the stamina would be fun with women. Although the soul weapon sounds really amazing. This is something his class already had.

—|Magia Knight Facts|—

A Magia Knight uses two weapons, one black gauntlet with a crystal embedded inside and a core which forms their class specialisation.

Greatsword – Forms a gigantic sword nearly 200cm long.

Longsword – Forms a sword 120-150cm long.

Spear – Forms a spear around 220cm long.

They use the gauntlet to channel quick spells with the runes embedded within the gauntlet, cutting down required chant times by 80%. Useful for both defence and offense. The gauntlet is a powerful weapon itself.

”No matter what I choose, there will be regrets. Thats just the person I am. ” Zell said to himself. ”If possible, I would love three or more, but since its not possible… I will consider properly. ”

A long silence followed. Even his breathing became shallow as he focused on the screen. Various scenes played in his mind.

”Lord Zell, this support angel could certainly help your choice! Please rely on me more! ” Veronica said with an eager voice. But he ignored her completely.

Zell slowly crossed off various choices, his hair now messy from how much he rubbed and scratched it. Such glossy hair ruined by this idiot!

—| Exp and SP gain doubled|—

He selected this first; levelling in the game was very slow. He only knew the basic details of his new class. Somehow hoping for the old taming class back.

—|Zell: I hope that my second class is not random, or they grant me the same one as before.

Suddenly, having chosen his first add-on, the list vibrated and a new skill rushed to the top. Many others turned grey and vanish. He wondered if the skill differed from the normal one. It felt like someone was guiding this.

Maybe, Veronica?

—???? System

The ultimate system created for you. Built to fulfil all your desires, cover any short comings and save your life in times of need.

”This kinda feels like a scam, where they take your money. You get the first half of your gold premium coins, then the rest are regular coins anyone can use. Say, Veronica, is this system worth me losing those cool add-ons? Or should I file a complaint? ”

He smiled despite his words. Something about this screamed fateful. He wondered if his words about the second class caused this? His special desire to meet those cute pets again surpassed being some cool OP magic swordsman.

—|Zell: Well its not like I can choose anything else. Lets just get this over with.

”It seems you already decided without my input? Well, its not like I cared, anyway! Hmph. ”

Suddenly, moments after he pressed enter on the last screen, the white room shuddered, like an earthquake happened. Before his eyes, the computer faded out of reality, his hands passed straight through the area it used to be.

He tried to sitting before falling to his ass. The damn chair vanished too! Zell tried to steady himself as the shaking became worse and he fell down once again.

Until silence, no more earthquake or noise.

His room filled with since, only the indistinct sound of Zells soft breath as it calmed down from the stress.

”Veronica? ”

A few moments passed. He felt like they scammed him for real. He was still here despite the computer and chair being gone. Zell dropped onto his back, looking into the sky as he contemplated his life in that horrible world.

Melancholy filled his gaze.

Zell joined the game almost a year later, once the game was already in full swing and its economy was steady and most guilds already formed their own fierce markets. As a solo player, Zell lacked any support and would often get ripped off.

—|Zell: The first few levels were difficult. Why didn my class become on that evolved into tamer at level 10, like a summoner?

His class was called Tamer, which sounded really cool. Zell liked to train pets in games, then unleash them on his enemies. The most important thing was these would evolve into 3D humanoid women. He could even customise before they evolved, which he spent hours doing!

He spent hours trying to catch up to everyone else. Yet his pets were not for combat with only some niche special abilities. A fox that could find secret paths, wolf that could dig for treasure, badger that emitted a healing aura.

Briefly, he considered giving up but thanks to his cute girls and Rika, the single combat pet who cost his entire months wage in real money event. Zell reached level five and unlocked the pet battle function. This allowed him to make some progress.

By the time he got to level ten, it was too late.

His world ended forever.

Slowly, his eyelids fluttered, each time growing heavier. It was like someone forced his eyes shut as he drifted into a deep sleep. Unaware of a beautiful rabbit woman with glossy white hair, down to her waist and two floppy rabbit ears, with thick fluffy tufts of fur.

”Its been so long master, you still care about us even after we failed you? ”

”This time we can fight! ”

She was Rika, his beloved Blaze rabbit and only combat pet. Her fists crackled with a dark red flame. As she watched the beautiful young man fade into a mirage, her body shortly followed him.

Several hours passed, inside a small room with dirty pots and cans on a cheap Ikeda desk with two monitors and a mini VR headset.

A small, makeshift bed that tucked under the desk, with the bedding of a certain vegetable monkey prince, as a handsome boy, lay in a deep sleep. His black glossy hair, completely out of place in this room. His sharp brows, beautiful peach lips.

He had fallen out of a movie or novel. Why was he so handsome? Yet In a trashy room with a funky smell?

On the wall was a calendar. It stated todays date

—| Jani 1st, 2173 |—

Today is the release of Astral Online! I booked three weeks off from work. Lets grind and have fun!

Happy 19th birthday



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