Dragon Lord Erotic MMO

Chapter 4: Zell Turner | Blessed By Fate!

opeful desire. How far can you go? Allow me to watch your life until my fated end! I alone will watch you grow and reach my heights! This goddess blesses you, in the name of Astra Goddess of Fate!

Suddenly, all his wounds restored when he looked up. The sensation of charm and madness faded, now replaced with a sense of rivalry and desire to surpass her. Zell could not see, but a small golden ring with the words ”Astra ar Teleh manat Sadrial, Zell Petras! ” written on it replaced his limbal ring.

The loose translation was : ”Zell, Blessed by the Goddess of Fate, Astra. ”

He could feel this was thanks to her benevolence and gave her a respectful bow. What he didn know was, he was the only person to receive her blessing, despite her endless time as the Goddess of Fate.

”Zell, you don need to treat me as a goddess. I am your goal to surpass, right? You also desire to make me your wife. Fufu! The day you can defeat me and save my sister once again. I will give you my everything. How is that? ”

It dawned on Zell. This woman could read his mind and suddenly, a sense of embarrassment filled his body. He wouldn blush like a child, instead, shaking his head at his loss.

”Ah, I accept. You cannot go back on that promise. I will surpass you and save your cute sister again. I assume it was that little girl, right? She survived. Thats all that matters. ”

Astra stopped speaking for a moment, her eyes were a little stunned. For all her life, she met countless humans; some called kings, warriors, heroes, and emperors. Yet inside their hearts were dirty and insidious thoughts.

This boy, was honest, admitted his faults and truly was happy for a girl that doesn even exist in this world yet. He knowss in his heart that world is gone. Still, Astra took these feelings and stored them close to her heart.

—|Astra: This boy is dangerous. My little sister may get charmed by him. Well, lets see how he performs. Fufu! His thoughts are on my breasts. Should I shake them to tease him? Oh! He noticed my eyes… Hahaha! He caught me, oh no!

Zell shook his head. Dealing with women was hard. When they could read your mind, it was even worse. He waved his hand in surrender at the pretty goddess that was far more humane than the humans he met during the end.

”Goddess Astra, please tell me. What is the task you wish for me to complete? ”

Astra placed a finger on her lips and pondered. Her hips swayed as if to catch his attention as her lips curved into a catlike smile. Zell covered his face with his palm and kept his hands closed. Still, those perfect curves appeared in his mind.

Then her words sounded. Words that would decide his future fate.

”I wish for you to live your life to the utmost happiness. My only desire is for you to smile in the short time that remains. Please forgive me. I cannot bring you back to a safe world without war. That power is beyond me, beyond any of the gods. ”

Astra placed her hands underneath the breasts, not trying to tease him, and leaned forward with a faint bow. He wouldn tell her to stop like a hypocrite. Instead, Zell felt gratitude towards her. That girl could have escaped on her own, yet she still thanked him sincerely.

”Is that all? If so, I promise to do my best to life my second chance with no regrets! ”

Zell gave a sneaky grin and ruffled the back of his hair, unsure how to continue. Astra chuckled once more, a hearty laugh that caused her body to shake.

”Hahaha! ”

”Delightful, not a single lie. Then please, accept my two last gifts. Your beloved Rika, she will meet you soon after you are reborn. Second, I have borrowed the power of various gods and goddesses to create a special system for you, who fought with his cute beasts against the fierce demon hordes. ”

”Infra, Goddess of Beasts and great harvest, wished to thank you. All your efforts to protect even the most powerless of your pets. We saw everything you did! Oh, kind and benevolent Beast master! ”

Her words gave him a sense of great pride. He couldn say the dark thoughts, horrible memories, were gone.

”I cannot promise to be a nice man. My actions may seem evil, villainous or wrong to you. I need to put my happiness first. ”

”Zell, why would I ask you to sacrifice more? Have you not already sacrificed your life for the world? Then, do as you will. There is no good or evil. Live as you desire, I Astrea. Goddess of Fate will support you, even if the entire world turns against you! ”

”Ah!? ”

Astrea exclaimed as her body broke into small pieces of white light and floated above. Her eyes filled with disappointment. She got the last laugh and blew him a kiss.

”Ill await your efforts to reach me, my little erotic champion! ”

—|Zell: Ah, don worry. I will do my best. My future woman!

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