Dragon Lord Erotic MMO

Chapter 4: Zell Turner | Blessed By Fate!

The boy shuddered on the ground, unconscious. His evolved muscular chest slowly moved with his light breathing. His body stirred for a few moments as he rolled around.

Fifteen minutes later, his eyes opened wide, his long, luscious eyelashes fluttered. The bright room caused him to feel dazed as he rolled other pressing his hands upon the cold flooring.

—|Zell: Fuck, it feels like a hammer smashed my stomach and bones…

After stretching his body and testing his limbs, he found everything was alright. No, that was a blatant lie. His body became amazing. Tight muscles, tall height, perfect balance.

—| Zell: I look better than those male gods in women aimed novels… Like a supermodel. So cool!

Obviously, as a man, he tried out his new partner. It could change shape to a womans ideal size, but could also take on his idea shape. After adjusting, it became a nice size that wouldn affect intense battles.

—|Zell: Wow… This is definitely a shower! Life with a grower was not nice. Now I don need to worry. This worlds average erection size was 12cm… Even flaccid, Im 8cm above that.

—|Author wishes no one to fear NTR! So he nerfed the worlds men|—

There were several things to do, despite his perfect body. He needed to answer more questions about his desired class. This made him confused, as you would select your class in the game.

—|Zell: Let me see, would you strike down your foes with powerful magic…|—

—| Class Selection Quiz |—

Would you prefer to use martial, magic, or special skills to vanquish foes?

— Brute Force

— Great Magic

— Special Artes

— Versatile Hybrid

—| Arte: A word for techniques or skills in the game Astral Online! |—

Below the question was another one. He moved past the first and would come back to it afterwards.


Should the enemy overrun your allies, what would you do?

— Abandon them. My life is worth more.

— Protect them and hope for reinforcements to arrive.

— Destroy the enemy, create a bloody path to save your allies!


In the darkness, what compels you to move forward?

— Family

— Friends

— Honour

— Love


”Lets think about this carefully. I don want to ruin this chance because of a rushed choice. Even that cute angel would laugh at me! ”

Zell stood and moved away from the computer. His powerful muscles tensed as he practised the basic greatsword techniques he learned in the previous life.

After a loud burst of air from his kick, he realised over thirty minutes had passed. He really enjoyed this sensation of endless stamina.

Although his mana and racial skills seemed sealed before reincarnation. So it was only his powerful muscle.

—|Zell: I wonder if I will get a cool half dragon form or a demon dragon form! So exciting, some people could turn into a tiger, or werewolves during battle… Sadly, I only had a cute group of pets; foxes, rabbits, ferrets and cats… Those little girls fought so hard for me.

It didn take long before he concluded and typed his choices. Because he knew deep inside, there was only one path to avoid being countered by the various demon forces.

—| Are you sure these are your choices? We will select a class for you soon |—

Would you prefer to use martial, magic, or special skills to vanquish foes?

Should the enemy overrun your allies, what would you do?

In the darkness, what compels you to move forward?

— Versatile Hybrid

— Destroy the enemy, create a bloody path to save your allies!

— Love

After a few moments, he once again hovered over the confirm button. He chose these options for various reasons.

A Hybrid would allow him to fight against any foes, no matter if they were melee, ranged or casters. This class would be weaker than the others if he didn select the Crimson dragon.

—| A Hybrid Magic class can only use a tier lower than maximum for spells. |—

The penalty for choosing a Hybrid Melee class was something different and didn affect skills but status directly.

—|A Hybrid warrior class gains less physical attributes per level compared to pure classes. |—

His special breed of Incubus was one that he read about in a lore book he found in an old ladys house on the quest to gain his beloved rabbit, Rika. It spoke of charming demons that used mana to empower themselves and stored the energy of the opposite sex.

—| Confirm |—

— Yes

— No

Zell pressed the confirmation and waited for something to show up. His fingers tapped a melodic beat while idle. He leaned his cheek on his palm and watched the rectangular blue bar fill up to slowly.






”Finally! Show me the money! ”

His voice sounded as a terrible wav sound of fanfare played. Its audio quality like the 80s.

—| Congratulations! Class Gained! |—

Creating Character Sheet

You will use this for both the game and the real world. Please do not disclose the existence of the game, future events, and the demons. Otherwise, we will erase your existence with no chance of rebirth.

— We Will Destroy Your Soul!

Name: Zell Turner

Age: 19

Race: Human [Crimson Dragon | Incubus (Zelgan)]

Class: Magia Knight (Greatsword)

——| Attributes |——

STR: 6 |Attack: 12

MAG: 5 |Magic Attack: 10

VIT: 4 |Defence: 8

SPR: 3 | Magic Defense: 6

Strength (STR) – Increases Physical Attack and muscle power

Magic (MAG) – Increases Magic Attack and Mana

Vitality (VIT) – Increases Physical Defence and maximum Health Points

Spirit (SPR) – Increases mana regeneration and Magic Defence.

Crimson Dragon: [SPR +1 MAG +3] Per level

Incubus (Zelgan): [STR +3 VIT +2] Per level

——| Skills/Spells |——

Flagen – Enchant sword with flames and empower strength for 5 minutes [5 Fire Damage, STR +1]

Wurgen – Enchant Sword with Wind and gain Haste for 10 minutes [2 Wind Damage, Haste]

Flamra – Cast a Bolt of flame towards an enemy within 30 metres. [10 Fire Damage] [Homing]

Glacira – Hurl a shard of ice towards an enemy within 30 metres [5 Damage, Slow Effect] [Homing]

Zell wanted to check almost everything possible before he moved on. There was a bonus section displayed showed on the computer. But, he wanted to check the status properly.

”It seems my elements are a mix of wind, fire and ice to start with. No bad, I wonder if I can eventually mix them together. Would be cool, like that girl in the past life. She could mix fire, wind and earth to form an amazing Magma Storm attack. ”

After several moments of checking, He found it was all good and prepared to click onto the final section. His mind was a little tired from all this hard work.

Although it seemed like he was doing fine, the trauma and effect of dying still haunted the back of his mind, and being alone in this white room didn help. He thought logging into the game when he returned might help ease this discomfort.

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