Dragon Lord Erotic MMO

Chapter 3: Recreating Myself [Part 2]

Say you died to protect someone and imagined you would awake inside heaven to rest. Then you woke up in a strange white room with a single computer. Tell me. Would you touch the computer or wait?

Many would easily touch it, while others feel too scared and wait for some kind of instruction.

Zell would have chosen the second option in the past, before he experienced that hell and apocalypse. Without thought, he sat on the white chair and soft cushion and opened the Windows 7 style browser.

The screen read

”Welcome, Zell Turner! Please answer the following survey with only your own desires in mind! ”

He believed this must be his chance.

That girl with wings? Maybe she allowed him to be reborn? It had been 5 years since humanity fell and his idea of normal long changed from hugging pillows and waifus.

His pure white room lacked any windows or exits.

On the screen of the computer was one of those survey type sites with a 3D image of himself, reminding him of Astral Onlines character creation screen.

He filled out the survey because whoever brought him here was no longer around.

——| Edit Your Character |——

”Let me see. They filled the name, Sex? ” Zell browsed the options available. He noticed a new question would pop whenever he answered.

”Male, Raven black hair… Very long. I am tired of brown. Getting that item was sheer luck. ” The average-looking boy said with a chuckle, scratching his short hair.

Once he pressed the enter key, his head felt extremely itchy as his brown hair fell out in clumps. Zell panicked. He would hate to be bald more than impotent!

Moments later, a painful feeling throbbed in his scalp before his head flicked back. Long, lustrous black hair grew from his head, glossy and strong, smelling like strawberry milk.

Zells face was still average, however, now his beautiful black hair down to his waist added several points of charm. He was like a hair model, and it made his heart throb with excitement.


After this choice appeared, the hair question vanished. His mind became focused and ready to complete the questions.

Zell cracked his neck, opening the second question. It was the usual template. From the beginning, he had one colour in mind.

——| Choose Eye Colour |——

— Hazel

— Green

— Grey

— Brown

— Blue

— Red

— …

”Well, I am an avid fan of one colour. It was the only type not available when the game merged with reality. This is a must have! ”

With little thought, he chose red.

This colour was always his favourite, black hair and red eyes, with a handsome face and pointed ears. It reminded him of those hot original characters back before the fall he would see in the discord sometimes.

Zell went through the various choices; weight, height, built type, skin colour. He cleared them all quite fast. It was like his mind had already created a clear image. The change, unlike the hair, did not start yet.

”There are probably more body choices. ”

——| Face Type |——

— Ugly

— Plain

— Passerby

— Average

— Cute

— Sexy

— Rugged

— Handsome

— Male God

— Wuxia Villain (Pretty)

— Wuxia Hero (Handsome, masculine, sword eyebrows)

”These are some good choices. I love how it remembers my past personality and type. ” Zell spoke to himself, his voice rebounded like someone spoke back to him.

”I will go for Male God. Onto the next one! ”

——| Race |——

— Human

— Dwarf

— Demihuman

— Demon

— Zombie

— Vampire

— Dragon

— …

— …

— Half Race / Custom Combination

Zell felt nothing strange. When the world fused with Astral Online, many people suddenly changed races, because they drank strange items that changed their looks, sex or race. He wanted to choose a mixed race because they were best suited to solo play and could learn a sub job.

The only downside was their total bonus stats were 2 lower.

Zell was hoping to live long and humans were not interesting. His affection for humans long passed in the end times. He did not forget their evil nature and foul schemes in the early days of the fall.

Slowly, he took time to choose. It displayed each race on a mini 3D picture of him.

”I will take the Crimson dragon as my secondary race. I want to get a crucial pet. She won join anyone who isn a member of the Red dragon flight. ”

— Crimson dragons are an offshoot of the red dragon. They specialise in magic, with lower physical power. This race allowed him to cast up to the max tier of spells, even as a hybrid class.

”Well, my major race… Human would be a little too boring since the races I choose are humanoid. Can I just role play a human race? To be a fantasy race playing a human is ironic. Haha! ”

After 6 years in the apocalypse, Zell found his sense of humour even worse.

A thought passed through his mind as he browsed through the races quickly like a bolt of lightning, faster than if your mother knocks on your door when mid fapping session.

”Its there! Let me see… Proficient in melee combat, body built to be superior because of the races nature. Perfect! Lets go with this! ”

— Incubus (Zelgan Breed) an offshoot of the Incubus/Succubus race. They lose most of the magical charm. In return, they hone their bodies with half of their mana. Which increases all combat attributes by a certain amount. (50% for pure, 40% for hybrid)

The races natural boost to manhood size was not the reason.

”Really! ”

Moments after he read this, he came to the next screen.

——| Manhood Quality |——

— Monster girls delight

— Centaur slayer

— Minigirl connesuier

— Average Joe

— Hung

— Versatile (Grows to the perfect size of your womans insides.)

— Micro

— None

”We can remove the bottom two. Versatile basically means all sizes, right? Not all women like massive ones, but they sure as hell don want tiny ones either. A healthy balance over 23cm and some extra firepower if needed! ”

— Versatile chosen!

The boy suddenly fell back onto his chair. A sense of disturbance sounded in his mind. His bones, muscles, skin and PP all tingled and contorted.

”Fuck…! ”

His world shattered at that moment. Beyond the torture of a demon brute shattering his entire right arm in a raid defence battle, Zell floundered on the floor as if he was a fish on the beach in summer.

He gasped, begged, and tried to hope for mercy.

But nobody was there

As his body underwent earth-shattering changes.

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