ust rolled his eyes and chuckled. ”Yeah yeah, see you ” he hung up and quietly walked on.

A few humans going for a night walk quickly crossed the street to avoid him, Hector kept his gaze to the ground as he passed the mysterious man in a straw hat and shaggy clothes who whistled throughout the neighborhood. No monster nor man ever looks at the mysterious whistler due to people disappearing shortly after seeing him. No one knows what he is but Hector would rather not find out. He saw a few figures fly across the night sky but couldn tell what they were. After trying to figure it out he just assumed they were Pegasuss and left it at that.

After walking for ten minutes he finally saw the signs that lead to the beach. In the distance he saw Josephs car in the empty parking lot. There were signs everywhere that warned people of mermaids, sirens, some other creatures that control the oceans. Hector began to jog over to the car and saw a man sitting on the hood. He had dark brown skin, dreadlocks that were pulled back into a ponytail, and a white shirt with grey sweatpants and a thin jacket tied around his waist.

”There you are! Took you long enough ” Joseph chuckled, sliding off the hood of his car.

”Yeah yeah, have you spotted Finn yet? ” Hector asked but Joseph shook his head no. ”Well lets go find her then ” Hector smiled and grabbed his arm, dragging him towards the water. They heard soft, angelic singing far from them and Joseph froze. ”Joe? ” Hector looked back at him but Joseph had gotten free from his grasp and began to walk along the shoreline.

Hector just shook his head and followed, the singing having no effect on him whatsoever. He followed his entranced friend until they reached a large grouping of rocks. They saw a figure laying across the rocks, singing. Joseph slowly went over, the figure sat up and slid themself off the rocks. The singing slowly came to and end as they gently reached for Josephs face. ”There you are my baby ” she smiled. A girl with a short, choppy hair that barely came down to her pointed ears. She wore a white top that just covered her chest and wrapped around her shoulders loosely. She wore loosely fitting shorts made out of woven sea weed. White tattoos of tentacles, different sea creatures, and the staff of the king that controls the oceans covered her beautiful tan skin.

Joseph looked around confused for a moment, trying to figure out how he got here but that thought was quickly subsided as he hugged her. ”Hi! Hi! ” Joseph smiled brightly, ignoring how cold she felt. The mermaid hugged him back, gently kissing his forehead numerous times. ”I missed you handsome ” she chuckled and Joseph just melted against her touch.

Hector quietly scoffed with a teasing smile. ”Ewwww I don wanna see that ” he teased, stepping to the side of Joseph. His buddy just looked away embarrassed while the mermaid looked at Hector. ”Hey Hex! ” She smiled and ruffled his silky hair. ”How ya doin Finn ” he chuckled but avoided to hug her due to her being wet and cold from the ocean. ”Ah, if you are going to smile I better see fangs. Just because theres all the bullshit going on don mean you hide from me. ” She told him and Hector sighed and smiled brighter for her. ”Theres my other handsome boy ” she grinned, her yellow eyes glowing in the darkness.

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