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 “Inappropriate ? Now, that Lord Pei is also here, do you have something else to say?” 


 Pei Zheng hooked his lips, “General Zhao has been guarding the frontier for many years, so he probably doesn't know what the bestowed imperial token is.”


 Zhao Litang clenched his fists and smiled, “Wasn't Lord Pei with the Fourth Prince just now? You came quite fast.” 


 “This Minister just said hello to the Fourth Prince, don't know if it somehow got in the eyes of General Zhao?”


 The sentences exchanged between the two people were full of stabbing knives and were filled with sarcasm.


 Pei Zheng said that, and he buried Qi Changyi's head in his chest.
He just didn't want anyone to see this little man tear stained beautiful face (2) which is very likely to cause people to be lost in unlimited and wild fanciful thoughts. 


 Zhao Litang clenched his fingers.
He didn't expect that when he mentioned Qi Changfeng in front of Pei Zheng, the person in front of him would be capable of not changing the expression on his face, and that he wouldn't have the slightest amount of reaction.
It made him wonder if the news he got was wrong.


 “Lord Pei should better think about how to explain the matter of the marriage to the Emperor and the Ministers in the Morning Court.”

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 Zhao Litang glanced at motionless Qi Changyi, who was obediently attached to Pei Zheng's chest, and said in a low voice, “Changyi, Tang-Gege has something to do, I'll come to see you another day.”


 After speaking, he left in the moonlight.


 After the surroundings quieted down, Pei Zheng pulled the person in his arms away.
His chest was already wet with his tears. Is this little fool made of water?


 He (Pei Zheng) just left for a while, but he (Qi Changyi) was with Zhao Litang hugging, and he also was crying so pitiful and lovably.


  Pei Zheng increased the strength in his hand unconsciously.


 “Your Highness really completely disregards my words!” (3)


 Pei Zheng's tone was ice-cold.
He holded his fair, slender and weak wrist in his hand, and strode towards a certain place somewhere in the Living Quarters. 


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Notes :


(1)亲密无间 (idiom) 

• close relation, no gap

* intimate and nothing can come between


(2)梨花带雨 (idiom) 

* like raindrops on a pear blossom 

* tear-stained face of a beauty


(3)当耳旁风 (idiom)

*to treat (what sb says) as wind past your ear

• to completely disregard

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