g behind Qi Changfeng, when passing by the person wrapped in the blanket, got an inspiration.
As if inadvertently, he hooked his fingers and pulled.
Qi Changyi couldn't react, and the blanket was just hooked and pulled off.


 Qi Changyi cried out in surprise and following his exclamation several people who had already left turned to look back at the same time.
But they only had time to see Pei Zheng's flashing robes.


 Qi Changyi stood there and didn't move.
Pei Zheng pulled him under his robe to protect him.


 Under the shining moonlight, the corridor was silent as if in mourning and nothing was said for a while.


 Qi Changfeng turned around without any hesitation, and his hands under his large sleeves clenched into fists, “Lord Pei, please go and take your seat as fast as possible.
Don't make everyone wait for you for a long time.”


 After speaking, he walked away quickly.


 After a few people walked away, Pei Zheng's eyes suddenly became cold.
He pulled the person in his arms to the side and his tone of speaking become full of chillines.
“Don't have strength in hands? Can't even put on a blanket? What did I tell you, if someone finds out, do you know what the consequences will be? En?” 


 Qi Changyi looked at Pei Zheng's ice-cold and frost-like eyes.
He was anxious and afraid, but he didn't dare to show it.
He only knew to pull his (Pei Zheng's) sleeve and bow his head to admit his mistake.


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 “Pei-Gege, Yi'er was wrong.
It's all because Yi'er is not good.It's because Yi'er himself didn't grasp it firmly.
Pei-Gege, don't be angry with Yi'er…”


 Pei Zheng snorted coldly, threw off his arm, pinched his chin and said fiercely, “When it's time for the banquet, know your place.
If I find out that you dared to have anything to do with Zhao Litang, just wait for him to die in battle.


 Qi Changyi's jaw hurt, and his eyes slowly turned red, but he didn't dare to break free, so he nodded in agreement.


 Only then did Pei Zheng released his fingers and let go of his chin.
As he continued to walk towards the brightly lit glorious Palace he found that the little figure behind him was still standing foolishly in the same place.
“Still not catching up?” 


 Qi Changyi quickly held back his tears and followed with quick steps.







(1)各执一词 (idiom) 

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-each sticks to his own version 

-a dialogue of the deaf


(2)  He reversed it


(3) literally :



-to stand in silence (in mourning)



 – to remain silent

 – to have nothing to say




-to be a yes-man

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