Dianxia Qingcheng – Chapter 4

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 The sedan chair traveled all the way, taking advantage of the faint moonlight to shuttle within the high wall of red bricks and tiles.


 The space inside the sedan chair was small.
When reclining on the soft couch, Pei Zheng's tall body and slender figure took a lot of space. 


 Qi Changyi could only curl up as much as possible to avoid touching the person beside him.


 The sedan chair shook suddenly and stopped.


 The leader of the eunuchs called quietly through the curtain , “Lord Pei, we have arrived .”


 Pei Zheng opened his eyes slightly and responded indifferently.


 The little man beside him seemed to be asleep, breathing lightly.
His plain white face was buried in a splendid robe, and looked pure and lovely.


 Long and slender fingers caressed his cheek.
Qi Changyi felt itchy on his face, his long eyelashes fluttered twice, and he opened his misty eyes.


 ” Pei-Gege.”

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 Pei Zheng retracted his fingers, his eyes were cold, “Your Royal Highness is really in a good spirits, you are still in a mood to sleep.” 


 After hearing this, Qi Changyi raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, forcing himself to wake up quickly.


 Just when he lowered his head, a black shadow suddenly came down and covered him from the top of his head, all the way down, bringing a faint smell of sandalwood, which was so good that it was slightly dizzying.


 Qi Changyi raised his eyes from the wide blanket, not knowing why.


 “Wrap tightly, if someone finds out…”


 Pei Zheng leaned over and added something.
Qi Changyi was immediately frightened.
Timid, he trembled and shrank back.
He wrapped himself tightly with a long blanket from top to bottom, revealing only a pair of brilliant, shining and glittering peach blossom eyes.


 Pei Zheng looked at his eyes for a while.
And as if feeling that it was not enough, he stretched out his hand to cover his seductive eyes.


 “Follow closely behind me.”

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 After speaking, Pei Zheng opened the sedan curtain and got off the sedan first.


 Then the curtain was pulled open again, and a tightly wrapped figure followed.


 The people carrying the sedan chair bowed their heads, not daring to look or say anything.


 When two figures, one big and one small, walked towards the brightly lit palace, several people stared at each other in dismay.


 Pei Zheng was tall and had long legs, so he could walk fast.
Qi Changyi had a hard time following behind him.
In addition, his legs were also wrapped by a long blanket, so he could only jog *to keep up with the person in front of him.


 Entering the gate of the palace, one have to pass through a long winding corridor, with two or three steps from time to time.


 The long blanket that Qi Changyi was wrapped in was a little loose and was dragged on the ground.
When he was stepping on the steps, he accidentally tripped over and slammed into the front.


 He didn't have time to react, so he screamed in fright, and then closed his eyes tightly.


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 The expected pain did not come.
In its place come a hug, bringing the smell of sandalwood .


 Pei Zheng picked up his whole body with one hand, and wrapped his strong arms around his slender waist, placing him by his side.


 “Your Highness, you are continuously throwing yourself into my arms like this.
Emperor is waiting urgently to clear my crime, will you help me to plea for leniency ?”


 Pei Zheng's tone was teasing.
He let go of the man in his arms, and pulled the blanket over him again. 


 Qi Changyi's expression was serious.
He seemed to have thought about it for a while and replied in a soft voice, “If the Royal Father really blames you, Pei-Gege, don't worry.
Yi'er will definitely intercede for Pei-Gege.”


 Pei Zheng's eyes moved slightly.
Those foolish words of course can't be counted at.
The dignified prince pleaded for the Prime Minister, and the reason was unclear.


 It's just that this little fool always agrees and consents to no matter what he asks for, it's really and thoroughly stupid. 


 The two waited for a while in the Long Corridor.
The voices of several people came from not far from the originally silent corridor, and the voices were getting closer and closer.
The two of them couldn't dodge in time, so they collided head-on with a few people who came.


 The leader of the people on the opposite side was also wearing a brocade robe with gold threads and had ink-black hair.
The jade bundles were unusually beautiful.
If one looks closely, he is somewhat similar to the tightly wrapped prince Qi Changyi.
Especially the equally captivating pair of peach blossom eyes.

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 Pei Zheng's eyes darkened, he bowed slightly towards the opposite side, and the corners of his mouth twitched coldly.


 “Greeting to His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince.”






*also: trot


* Jade bundles 

If you want to know how 'jade bundles' look

-Google it 玉束

(In Chinese,not English) 


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