wed to Minister Pei, who has made outstanding achievements in assisting the government.
In the entire Imperial Palace there isn't a person who wouldn't know it.


 All the guards hurriedly knelt to the ground when they saw the token.
After seeing the holy face holding the token,no one dared to speak again for a while.


 Pei Zheng looked at the guards kneeling all over the ground, and his ice-cold voice finally sounded again.


 “Okay, all of you withdraw.”


 The guards bowed their heads, stood up and walked out in a line. 


 When the leader walked to the door, he fixed his eyes on the direction covered by the curtain.
Although the surroundings were very dark, he seemed to see a corner of his robes exposed in the moonlight.
The edge of the corner of the clothes was outlined with gold thread patterns.


 This is a material that only the royal family can wear, so the person under the curtain is…


 Pei Zheng raised his eyes, turned sideways to block the desk without a trace, and commanded in the direction of the door, “Order someone to prepare a sedan chair. I will go to the banquet place.”


 The leader of the guards responded and turned to go out.


 The Living Quarters suddenly returned to darkness and silence.

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 The person in the curtain were still obedient and motionless.
He didn't even dare to let out the breath.


 Pei Zheng curled the corners of his lips, and slowly opened the curtains one by one.


 As soon as Qi Changyi's blushing face that was covered was revealed, he opened his mouth and took in a big mouthful of air .It seemed that he had been holding his breath back for a long time, and it took him a while to calm down (recuperate) .


 Pei Zheng stretched out his hand to tidy up the somewhat messy collar for him.
When his hand feeled the soft and smooth skin underneath, he couldn't help reaching forward and exploring inside again.


 Qi Changyi shivered when touched by the ice-cold hand, and shrank back unconsciously.


 Pei Zheng's eyes suddenly turned cold, his five fingers gently pinched his slender neck, and he whispered in his ear.


 “You dare to hide from me?”






(1) 大人 daren

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*Title of respect towards superiors 

*I translated it as “Lord” 



*good action, deed, thing or work 

*(also sarcastic, “a fine thing indeed”)


(3) 本相 benxiang

° 'I' 

*He's using this phrase 

*It is similar to benzuo (This Venerable One) – the 'ben' is the same 

*'xiang' is the second character from 'prime minister'- 'chengxiang' 

*So it can be translated as “This Minister” 

*For the better flow of translation I am using I, but where it is needed I will use “This Minister” 


(4) 小的 xiaode

– 'I' (when talking to a superior /to the person of higher rank/ or to the person one is afraid of)

– 'me' (humble) 

– polite way of speaking 

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