Dianxia Qingcheng – Chapter 18

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 Fortunately, Cheng Feng quickly stretched out his legs and kicked Qi Changyi's scattered robes and jade belt to the hidden place behind the door.


 The Fourth Prince seemed to be here specifically to find Pei Zheng.
As soon as he came in, he went straight to the desk where Pei Zheng was sitting, and questioned angrily,


 “Lord Pei walked very fast.
Before I could discuss the result, Lord Pei left everyone behind and ran to the study alone.
It's really not caring about other people!”


 The several officials who followed behind were also full of resentment, nodding their heads in agreement.
If there was no support from the Fourth Prince, they would never dare to attack Pei Zheng in such a group way.


 “Your Highness, the Fourth Prince, Wei Chen thinks that the Emperor has said it clearly enough, and the matter of marriage is a certainty.
If you have any dissatisfaction, you can directly submit a memorial to the emperor.” Pei Zheng sat upright without raising his eyelids. 


 Outsiders can only see him sitting neatly dressed, but they don't know that his fingers are kneading the soft and tender earlobe somewhere under the desk.


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 “Present the memorial?” The Fourth Prince asked back, “I'm afraid that the memorial about the barbarian tribe will be thrown aside by the Emperor.
You are the only one who can persuade the emperor to take back his order, Lord Pei.”


 Pei Zheng raised his lips slightly, “Oh? What if This Minister is unwilling?”


 The tone was a little contemptuous and provocative, and the atmosphere in the study instantly became tense.


 The Fourth prince's handsome face darkened.
This Pei Zheng really didn't know the good and bad, and how to weigh the pros and cons.
He listen but do not hear, and is stubborn as if he had some special intentions. 


 Several officials also wanted to open their mouths to continue arguing with Pei Zheng, but were interrupted directly by him, “If everyone wants to stay and drink tea together, I will naturally accompany you, but if you want to discuss this matter, we might as well go to meet the Shengshang (1) together.


 He glanced at a few people, and those officials obviously shrinked back.
They didn't have the courage to really argue with Pei Zheng in front of the Emperor.


 Those officials looked at each other helplessly (2), and said to the Fourth Prince together, “Your Highness, this…”

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 The Fourth Prince stood up straight and closed his eyes, “You withdraw first.”


 Those people hurried out of the study as if they had received an 'exempt from punishment' order.


 The study suddenly became quiet.
Qi Changyi, who was still lying under the desk, listened carefully.
Everyone should have left.


 His legs were already numb from kneeling.
But with the corners of Pei Zheng's robe covering his body, he didn't feel cold anymore.
He even felt the heat from Pei Zheng's legs, and couldn't help leaning towards the source of the warmth. 


 At this moment, Pei Zheng withdrew the fingers that kneaded the earlobe.
The skin that was white and almost transparent now turned red, as if it was about to drip blood. 


 Qi Changyi secretly moved on Pei Zheng's legs.
Pei Zheng moved back slightly, looking under the desk with his eyes down.

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 The little man was lying on his lap with half of his body, and happened to raise his eyes to look at him.
Together with the white clothes on his body, he is very well-behaved like a little rabbit who people are fond of. 


 Pei Zheng's line of sight was involuntarily attracted by his small red earlobes, which were his masterpiece.


 Qi Changyi moved his mouth, asking “Pei-Gege, can I go out?”


 As a result, before Pei Zheng could answer, the sullen voice of the Fourth Prince in the study sounded.


 “Lord Pei, This Prince is still standing here and you just ignore it without even looking at This Prince? What good things are there under the desk that can make Lord Pei look so fascinated?”



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• courtier's or minister's form of address for the current Emperor



(2)你看看我 我看看你

-lit.”You look at me, and I look at you” 

– Describes people staring at each other out of fear or helplessness, not speaking.



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