s worn next to the skin left.
Now it was wet and wrapped tightly around the fair and tender skin.


 Together with the slight trembling of the little man, he looks extraordinarily weak and delicate, making people want to see him shedding tears when being ruthlessly bullied and pressed to the bed. 


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 Pei Zheng's eyes became darker and darker, his hand was attached to the layer of white silk and he  groped it for a few times.
The exceptionally good feeling when touching made people want to get more.


 But before he could continue to do anything, Cheng Feng suddenly broke in.
When he saw Qi Changyi who was disheveled in the study, he lowered his eyes quickly.


 When he withdrew, Cheng Feng had already changed into clean clothes, and said with his hands folded, “Master, Your Highness, the Fourth Prince and several other officials are coming to the study, and they will be there soon.”


 During the conversation, there were a few people talking on the Long Corridor outside the study, and the voices were getting closer and closer.


 What should be done, Qi Changyi has no clothes to change to, and this kind of appearance must not appear in front of outsiders.


 He became anxious, looked at Pei Zheng for help, and blinked his innocent big eyes sincerely.

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 Pei Zheng looked around, the study is such a big place, but there is really no place to hide.


  He simply grabbed Qi Changyi's slender and weak wrist with one hand and pulled him over like a little rabbit.
He strode to the highest desk in front of him, and shoved the little man into the space under the desk.
Then he sat down and covered the man inside the desk with his legs. 


 The space under the desk was limited, so Qi Changyi had to kneel between Pei Zheng's legs.
The posture is awkward and weird, but he knows that he must not be found now, so he tightly covered his mouth with his small hands. 


 Pei Zheng lowered his eyes and glanced at the little man.
He covered most of his body with his robe, patted it lightly, and then raised his head to look at the person who came.


 The robe with gold embroidering was the first to step into the door, and the Fourth Prince Qi Changfeng walked in with a grim face, surrounded by several officials.



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