Qi Changyi still had the power to struggle at first, but the harder he struggled, the louder the jeers on the shore.

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 Later, he gradually felt that his arms lost strength, he was deeply dizzy and the ice-cold pool water slowly covered his head.


 Is he going to die? Why does my chest hurt so much?


 The Second and Third Princess on the shore saw Qi Changyi stop moving, but they still watched from the sidelines.


 Anyway, he is a fool who no one cares about.
They just make fun of him, and no one will blame them.


 With a plop, a man in black suddenly appeared out of nowhere, jumped directly into the lotus pond and fished the already unconscious bright yellow little figure. 


 Cheng Feng holded Qi Changyi and flew out of the water directly.
When he landed on the shore, he splashed the water on the faces of the two Princesses.


 He glanced coldly at the people around him.
Actually, he had learned a little from Pei Zheng.
He then placed the person gently on the open space on the shore, and pressed his hands together on the little man's chest.


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 After a while, Qi Changyi suddenly opened his eyes, coughed up a big mouthful of water and then desperately took a deep breath.
After panting for a long time, his violently heaving chest gradually calmed down.


 Cheng Feng asked, “Your Highness, can you stand up?”


 Qi Changyi nodded lightly, and stood up with Cheng Feng's support.


 Cheng Feng helped Qi Changyi to turn around and they left, ignoring the two pretentious Princesses.


 The Third Princess, Qi Yirou, saw that a small guard dared to neglect her like this.
Her arrogant and domineering temper came up again, and she walked in front of the two to stop them.


 “How dare you! You are a dog slave.
You are not only rude when you meet This Princess, but you also dare to take people away under my eyes.
Who gave you the courage! Believe it or not, I will have you dragged out and beaten to death with a cane!”


 Cheng Feng gave a salute without being arrogant or rude, and said, “Third Princess, this low official is on orders, you really can't delay me.
Princess, please let me pass.”


 “Who? Who dares to snatch someone from This Princess?” Qi Yirou stared at him with a completely unreasonable look.

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 “Pei Zheng, Lord Pei.” Cheng Feng said.


 Qi Yirou was stunned for a moment, and the arm she used to block was slowly retracted.
She really didn't expect it to be Pei Zheng.


 Cheng Feng didn't stay any longer, and left with drenched all over Qi Changyi in his arms, who was trembling continously. 


 Qi Yirou, who was staring at the backs of the two of them, clenched her fists slowly behind her.


 With every step Qi Changyi took, he seemed to get a little colder.
His cold and his condition was not very good at first, but now the whole light as feather person, resembled cotton being stepped on. 


 Cheng Feng was also soaked wet, but his body was strong, and it was if he didn't feel it at all.


 When they finally walked back to the study, Pei Zheng was already waiting inside, drinking tea while sitting on the carved red-wood chair.


 After Qi Changyi saw Pei Zheng, the grievances in his heart and feeling of being wronged secretly came up again and again.

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 Seeing that both of them were in a state of embarrassment, Pei Zheng frowned and asked, “What's the matter? You didn't stay in the study obediently, and after running out for a while, you made yourself look like this ghost.”


 Qi Changyi grabbed his wet sleeves, bit his lip and didn't speak.


 Cheng Feng told the truth about what he had seen and heard just now.
Pei Zheng held the teacup and listened silently.
The more he listened, the more complicated his eyes became.


 Qi Yirou, the Third Princess who has been favored since childhood, is arrogant and domineering.
She is quick to take offence and at any time she will bestow death (1) on maids and eunuchs.
But her bad reputation is still not above Pei Zheng.


 After Pei Zheng finished listening, he flicked his sleeves and let Cheng Feng withdraw.


 In the huge study, at this time, apart from the desk and huge mat all over thre floor, there were only Qi Changyi standing aside with his head lowered, and Pei Zheng staring at his soaked clothes.


 A gust of breeze blew, and Qi Changyi couldn't help shivering.
He was really cold and uncomfortable.
He wanted to go back and change into clean clothes, but he didn't dare to speak.


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 “Take it off.” Pei Zheng said suddenly.


 Qi Changyi raised his head in astonishment, his mouth slightly opened in surprise.


 Pei Zheng's eyes darkened as he looked at the little man and said word by word, “Your Highness, take off your clothes.”








• to commit suicide on the orders of a superior 

– bestow death


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