ing something to Pei Zheng.


 Seeing that the two were slowly approaching, Qi Changyi quickly squatted down, covered his mouth and didn't make a sound.
In fact, he was so heartbroken that he was about to pass away.


  Pei-Gege and his fourth brother are very intelligent and smart people.
They can discuss the world's important affairs together, but he himself doesn't have that kind of talent.
He is like an ordinary weed, that was thrown into the wasteland and no one cared or even took a glance at it. 


 The sound of the conversation between the two gradually faded away.
Qi Changyi still did not stand up, he sat silently by the window sill, his head buried in his knees.


 It is unknown how long he had been sitting already, but Pei Zheng still hasn't come to the study.


 Has he forgotten?


 No, he must have been delayed by more important things, and he will definitely come after a while.


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 Qi Changyi's eyes slowly became wet, tears that seeped into his knees faded away and disappeared.


 His legs are already numb. How come Pei-Gege hasn't come yet.


 After waiting for a long time, Qi Changyi stood up and slowly, like a lonely soul walked out of the study.


 Outside, the sky was clear and sunny, and the light breeze was blowing.


 Qi Changyi was walking aimlessly in the huge garden.
He felt wronged and bitter in his heart.
But no one spoke or told him anything.


 Just like this, he walked to a pond full of lotuses.
The fragrance that came out, made people feel relaxed and happy, but the little man with his head bowed seemed to have no mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery at all.


 From behind come out a few bell-like laughters.
The Second and Third Princess were playing with a group of servants beside them.


 When they saw Qi Changyi, they said, “Hey, little fool, why are you here alone? Come and play with us.”

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 Qi Changyi said, “I'm not a fool.”


 The Third Princess smiled sarcastically, “Alright, alright, Your Royal Highness.”


 Qi Changyi didn't want to pay any more attention to them, and turned to leave.


 The Third Princess suddenly walked up to him, stretched out her hand and pushed him hard.


 With a plop, the unsuspecting Qi Changyi fell straight into the water.


 He kept struggling, the ice-cold pool water filled his mouth.


 The people on the shore laughed loudly while pointing at him, “The Honorable Prince has fallen into the water, why is no one here to rescue our Highness, hahahaha.”



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