“The Imperial Physician Jiang is here.” The eunuch's announcement came from outside the door.

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 Pei Zheng hugged the little man and didn't move.


 Jiang Yubai stepped into the door of the Resting Hall.
He was wearing imperial doctor's uniform.
His appearance was delicate and pretty.
He coughed softly after seeing the two people on the bed.


 “Greetings to Lord Pei.”


 Pei Zheng then stepped aside calmly, “Imperial psychician Jiang, thank you for your trouble.”(1)


 Qi Changyi originally leaned comfortably on Pei Zheng's chest, but all of a sudden he lost his support.
He pouted in dissatisfaction, but sensibly cooperated with Jiang Yubai's pulse diagnosis. 


 “His Royal Highness is just infected with the cold, It's not serious.
While waiting for me to write a prescription, let people grab the auxiliary medicine.”


 Jiang Yubai withdrew his hand and turned around to write the prescription.


 Just now, people from the Palace of the Prince bursted into the Imperial Hospital under the name of Pei Zheng.
Looking at this style , they thought that the Prince had some incurable disease.
Jiang Yubai was frightened and ran over in a hurry, but it the end it was nothing more than just a little cold.


 “Wait, there are other injuries on his body.
Imperial Doctor Jiang should treat them all in one go.”


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 Pei Zheng said suddenly.
Those were obviously caring words, but from his mouth it sounded more like ice-cold ordering people around.


 Jiang Yubai pouted.
He had to go to the bed again to carefully examine Qi Changyi.


 “The injury is in the knee, and other places don't need to be checked.” 


 Pei Zheng said faintly again.


 Jiang Yubai really couldn't help turning around and giving him a roll of eyes.
If he don't want to let him touch His Highness, better just be straightforward.
There's no need to beat around the bush(3) and insulting his personal integrity as a doctor.


 But he was afraid of the cold-blooded Prime Minister's methods, so he carefully lifted Qi Changyi's trousers to check.


 The fair and thin knees were really red and swollen.
Some places have even become bruised, which makes people's hearts hurt.


 The lonely Little Highness really fell into the bloody hands of Pei Zheng and depended on him.
Jiang Yubai came to treat him from time to time on normal days.
Some injuries were caused by bulling of other people in the Living Quarters , and some were caused by Pei Zheng.


 After hurriedly writing a few prescriptions for the cold and injuries, Jiang Yubai retired.


 He ordered the people in the Living Quarters to take the medicine and cook it.
Pei Zheng sat on Qi Changyi's bedside and picked up a handbook beside his bed.

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 It is full of careful and neatly handwriting, which is too orderly to look at and even looks a bit old-fashioned.


 This is the effect of him asking Qi Changyi to read more books and writing more characters on normal days.
Now it seems that he is really obediently practicing.


 However, when the manual was turned to the last few pages, there was actually Zhao Litang's name written numerously and close together.
The strokes were written especially earnestly and with particular care.


 Pei Zheng raised his hand and at once tore the handbook in half and threw it under the bed.


 After the medicine was prepared, the palace maid respectfully brought it up.
She wanted to go forward and feed it to Qi Changyi.


 Pei Zheng stretched out his hand to take the medicine bowl and sent the palace maid back.


 Qi Changyi was still lying on the bed with his eyes closed and with expression of feeling a little painful.
His cheeks were flushed red like a rouge that a woman had specially ordered.


 Pei Zheng helped him up and made him lean on his shoulder, but his movements were not gentle.


 “Drink it.”


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 But the medicine was really too bitter.
The dazed little man spit out all the contoction with a flip of his tongue, and took in a breath, “It's so bitter, so bitter.”


 Pei Zheng became impatient, he directly raised his head and took all the black medicine from the bowl into his mouth.
He then pinched Qi Changyi's cheeks with his fingers, forcing him to open his purple-red lips.


 Qi Changyi was in pain and his eyes were slightly moist.
Before he could react, his lips were tightly sealed, and then the bitter mixture poured into his mouth.


 He instinctively wanted to spit out the concoction again, but his tongue was firmly suppressed by another softness.
He could only swallow the bitter black medicine into his throat while whimpering.


 After he swallowed the mixture , Pei Zheng didn't move his lips.
He attacked the city and plundered the land as if he was punishing, as if he was going to tear the little man apart and swallow him whole,leaving his marks in every place before giving up. 


 Before parting, Pei Zheng bit his teeth on red and alluring little lips and the bloody taste entered the mouths of the two of them.
Qi Changyi hissed in pain, pretty and flirtatious blood flowers bloomed on his lips.


 Pei Zheng stretched out his finger and wiped it for him, and said in a cold voice, “Your Highness, please take care of your illness.
You must not be late in the study for class tomorrow.”


 After he finished speaking, he got up and left.


 Qi Changyi lay down on the bed softly, covering his mouth and staring at the bed curtain above his head.


 Is Pei-Gege a dog? Otherwise how could this bite hurt him so much?

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• (polite) thank you for your trouble 

– also used when asking a favor or after having received one



• to boss people around



• going round the curves and skirting the corners 

• to speak in a roundabout way

• to equivocate

• to beat about the bush


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