Qi Changyi's knees hurt even more.
He was dragged energetically by Pei Zheng in front of him, so he could only expend a great deal of effort to catch up with him. 

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 Pei Zheng was displeased with the little man behind him walking slowly.
When he looked back and saw him limping, he asked loudly, “What happened to your legs?”


 Qi Changyi didn't want him to worry, and explained in a low voice, “It's nothing, it's just that I accidentally knocked against something hard with it.”


 Pei Zheng snorted coldly, thinking that he was making a fuss, and said angrily, “If it's nothing then let's go quickly.
Tomorrow's Morning Court can not be delayed.”


 Then he continued to walk forward with quick steps, the strength of his hand wasn't reduced in the slightest amount. 


 After stepping into the Living Quarters where Qi Changyi lived, the two eunuchs at the door closed the door with their heads lowered, as if they were not surprised that Pei Zheng appeared here in the middle of the night.


 Stepping into the Resting Hall Li Yu and others were already waiting early.
When they saw Pei Zheng, everyone in the Resting Hall hurriedly bowed and saluted.


 Pei Zheng raised his eyes indifferently, “You all withdraw.”


 Everyone agreed and exited the door one by one.


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 The Resting Hall suddenly became quiet.


 Pei Zheng released his hand.
He walked straight to the desk in the hall and sat down, closing his eyes and pinching his eyebrows.


 Qi Changyi stood there, not knowing what to do.
(1)He stretched out his hand and fumbled his wrist twice, where it was already full of red.


 Pei Zheng raised his eyelids and looked at the little man in front of him.
Thinking of the scene just now, his teeth itched with anger. 


 “Still not coming here?” 


 It was an extremely cold tone of voice.


 Qi Changyi walked over cautiously, but he was moving a little crookedly.
His knees were so unbearably and piercingly painful.
He didn't dare to look at Pei Zheng, so he obediently walked over and stood still.



 Pei Zheng looked at him with dark eyes.
He suddenly stretched out his hand and shoved him to the ground, Qi Changyi sprawled on the ground with his bottom part, gleaming with tears.


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 Before he could react to what was going on, Pei Zheng's tall figure squatted down.
His long and slender fingers lifted his outer trousers, revealing his fair lower legs.


 Pei Zheng pulled up his trousers again, and then his eyes turned cold.


 Qi Changyi's knees were red and swollen, forming a very strong contrast with the snow-white skin.
There were still red blood streaks in several serious places, which looked a bit scary.


  “How did this happen ?”


 Qi Changyi shrank his leg back, trying to cover the injury, but Pei Zheng grabbed his ankle.


 “Tell me, how did it happen?”


 His tone was a little impatient.


 This is not the first time that he found scars on Qi Changyi's body that he didn't know about.
This little fool lives in this eating-people harem only by himself.
If he didn't protect him openly and secretly on normal days, he was afraid that he wouldn't even know how he died.


 Qi Changyi was frightened by Pei Zheng's fierce eyes, and his language was a little awkward, “I, I hit it myself, just at the banquet, it's fine, it doesn't hurt at all, really, Pei-Gege, don't be angry……”


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 He is not afraid of pain or being hurt, but he is most afraid of Pei Zheng being angry with himself.


 Pei Zheng snorted coldly and pressed his fingers hard on his wound.
Qi Changyi gasped abruptly, his eyes watery.




 “Didn't you say it doesn't hurt?” Pei Zheng retracted his fingers and stood up, looking down at Qi Changyi, “When will Your Highness's defect of mouth saying yes and heart saying no, will be corrected? (2) Don't tell me that it is also like this in front of General Zhao?”


 Qi Changyi opened his mouth but he didn't know how he should answer.
He could see Pei Zheng's anger, and just wanted to follow along with his heart wishes to help him calm down. 


 Thinking of what Pei Zheng did when he came to his Living Quarters at night, Qi Changyi stood up with a great effort.
He slowly moved closer to him, and stretched out his fair, delicate, and tender hand.


 Pei Zheng felt those as soft, as if boneless hands, and took a few deep breaths.
The hands moved with no method, and he only knew how to move back and forth at random and mess around.
But it still made Pei Zheng's body tighten, and the blood all over his body surged up violently.





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(1)不知所措 (idiom) 

-not knowing what to do

-at one's wits' end

-embarrassed and at a complete loss


(2)口是心非 (idiom) 

*mouth says yes, and heart no

-to say one thing but mean another

-what one thinks is different from what one says






Resting Hall = big hall with bedroom / hall in which one rests/sleeps 


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