Player Killer

In the real world, it was mid-afternoon, but in the game, it was a pleasant morning with a cool breeze.
Although it wasn’t something that pleased Crim, the current weather was clear.

Crim was joined by Frey and Freya on the peaceful streets of Evergreen, where few people were present, and they were walking leisurely.

However, unlike yesterday, there was another member added to their group, a young fox girl.

“Oh, so you became her mentor?”

“Yeah… I couldn’t refuse her”

“Haha, that’s just like you, Crim-chan.”

Crim awkwardly answered Freya’s question while scratching her head.

By the way, the young fox girl initially wanted to call Crim “mentor,” but she was too embarrassed and was stopped.

“Sister, hurry up, hurry up!”

Leading the way, the young girl called out to Crim while walking with her ears perked up and her large tail wagging.
The heart-warming sight caused Freya and the others to loosen up and wave their hands as they walked side by side.
They explained this morning’s situation to Frey and Freya while walking together.

“So, were you hanging out with that girl? When we first met up, I was surprised to see a new face.”

“Why were you worried?”

“Well…I was worried that you might have to say something like ‘I’ve been thinking of doing this someday’ during the interview.”

“That’s terrible!?”

Crim protested as she lightly punched Frey’s arm, not causing any damage, while he laughed and made a ridiculous comment.

“So, about that girl…uhh, what was her name again?”

She belongs to the Silver Fox tribe, which is a rare species of werbeasts.” (Bersleid: For some reason, she introduced herself with her irl name, her player name, according to the character sheet, is “Chrysanthemum”.)

According to the girl’s explanation, the Silver Fox tribe has a unique skill called [Blue Flame], which consumes HP to increase attack power and allows damage to be dealt to spirits.
However, this ability is like a natural enemy to Crim, with triple weaknesses to fire, holy, and magic.
Therefore, she was secretly anxious that the flames might be directed towards her.

“So, what about her other skills?”

“Well, surprisingly good for her age.
Apparently, she played this kind of game because of her mother’s influence.
She also received training in sword fighting.”

As she praised her, she wondered who her mother was.
In fact, she had spent a short time in the morning helping the girl improve her skills, and she had already become proficient in handling the single-edged two-handed sword she had lent her.
She was absorbing knowledge like a sponge and rapidly improving her abilities.

Furthermore, she had already been doing some solo activities and had developed her skills to a certain extent.
With the addition of Frey and Freya, they could now safely go to the nearby [Highland Caleur Realm Plateau], as suggested by Crim’s judgment.

As they chatted, they crossed the bridge where they had done PvP yesterday and headed towards the end of Evergreen.

Area transition… In a moment, their field of vision went dark, and then it switched from hills to plateau.
Suddenly feeling a chill down his spine, Crim quickly summoned her weapon.

“…It’s dangerous!”


Driven by a bad feeling, she cut in front of Hinagiku, who walked ahead of her, and she interposed herself between her and the figure lurking in the blind spot of the area change, catching their attack with a shadow dagger she had swiftly drawn.

Hinagiku looked surprised, holding her two-handed sword in her arms… Fortunately, she had no more than a scratch, and she was relieved inside.

“…Tsk, you noticed me.”

“You’re a player killer, aren’t you? It’s not a commendable hobby to lurk in an area right next to the no-PK zone for beginners…!”

Moreover, the attacker aimed at the youngest, Hinagiku, without hesitation.

With a contemptuous look, she glared at the attacker.

…By the way, in this game, it is impossible to steal items through PK.
It is only “possible” and is an act that is not recommended and does not bring any benefits. (Bersleid: Lets found the “Police” guild, and hunt them to extinction.
Those legit players who are bored or idle, feel free to join in the trashing… Or something like that.)

However, to engage in PK like this… Especially, those who attack at the exact moment when their opponent is off guard, right after an area transition, are often sadistic criminals who enjoy tormenting others purely for pleasure. (Bersleid: Yeah, never understood the type.
My motto is to treat others the way you want to be treated by them.
Otherwise, give them the same treatment, if they treat you badly… Though not to the one who actually pays you, kay? Not a good idea, quit that job instead, if they treat you badly.)

Furthermore, they deliberately targeted a clearly young girl.
There is no room for justification. (Bersleid: The sentence is: The most brutal passive death there is, starvation.
Yeah, talking about passive deaths, starvation and suffocation are two of the most painful, irritating, mind breaking ways to go out.)

“Hey hey, PK is a legitimate playstyle allowed by the game system, don’t get so worked up about it.” (Bersleid: Just because it is allowed, doesn’t mean it is right.
If it happened to you, what would you do?)

“I’m not denying that…but it’s a separate issue for me to despise people like you.”


“It’s just one of the playstyles, don’t get so upset.”

“…This damn [censored], I’m gonna [censored] him!!” (Bersleid: GPT auto-censor function, great.)

He threatened them, mixed with prohibited language.
The enraged man with bulging veins raises his hand, and behind him, his companions appear.

In the back, there is even a person holding a crossbow.

(Oh no.)

Recognizing the presence of a projectile weapon, Crim immediately warns them from behind.

“Frey, I need you to hold a bow! Freya, protect Frey and stay on defence!”

“……Got it!”

“Be careful, Crim-chan!”

While cutting off the arrow from the crossbow that came flying with a “shwoop”, they give instructions to the two who came with them and moved to the new area.

Relieved that they quickly understood the situation and organized their position, they focus on the PKs who are closing in on them.

They should hide behind cover, but the area around Crim and the others is an open grassland, so they can’t.
Of course, they must be aware of this on the other side.
Crim clicks her tongue in frustration.

“That’s… the Player Killers.
Hinagiku-chan is behind me…”

Glancing to the side, there was the pitiful sight of Hinagiku cowering and trembling.
It was daytime now, and while the penalty for being under the sun was effective in contrast to the fair conditions of the PvP battlefields, Crim’s abilities had still slightly decreased.
However, he stood before Hinagiku, who was still a child, to protect her from malice…

“We have to kill the Player Killers…”


She felt like she heard words that didn’t suit the polite girl from behind her.
Crim had just stepped forward to strike the PKs, but in a rare occurrence, she was stiff in this situation.
However, the girl stood in front of her, drawing her two-handed sword, which seemed to emit a suspicious light, or actually ignited with the effect of [Blue Blaze]. (Bersleid: Go little fox, give ’em hell.)

“My mother always said…’Kill PKs, mercy is unnecessary.
Rather, they are useless parasites and must be exterminated.’” (Bersleid: Right, right! You have a good mother kid.)


Dragging the sword wrapped in blue flames, the girl with her highlights gone pulled up the corners of her mouth.
Crimson inadvertently raised her voice with… various feelings.

(What kind of thing are you teaching your daughter?!) (Bersleid: The right kind.)

Although Crim herself disliked PKs, she respected them as a style of play.
She was not swayed by extreme ideologies like the girl. (Bersleid: Well, then hunting PKs is a legitimate style as well, no? If you acknowledge one, you have to acknowledge the other.)

Thus, Crim silently protested to the girl’s unknown mother about the dangerous education that she was providing her daughter with. (Bersleid: You are worrying too much.)

(Bersleid: Next time on Bersleid translates: PK vs Fox Girl (and other less significant existences).
JK, I am going to translate this one today as well, I am just too excited for the fight.)

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