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Hahaha, this shows how worthless these chapters are.)



0117: Nameless adventurer

“Battering gram seems to have been hit…”

0118: Nameless adventurer

“Kukuku… he’s the weakest among us Area Bosses…”

0119: Nameless adventurer

…Someone please explain, I just got here and I don’t understand

0120: Nameless adventurer

“Just now, I got a message saying that Batteringrum has been subjugated for the first time in all worlds.”

“Battering Ram… I wonder if it’s a battering ram and a ram.”

0121: Nameless adventurer

“It’s the area boss of the lowland Caeruleum Plateau, two places north of Evergreen.”

“The sightings were reported, but have they already been destroyed?”

0122: Nameless adventurer

After defeating the boss at the Caeruleum Plateau in the highlands next to Evergreen yesterday, the boss at the Caeruleum Plateau in the lowlands beyond was also subjugated today, so it didn’t last a day.

“Although the first Evergreen boss subjugation was slow, the pace was quite fast.”

0123: Nameless adventurer

According to the information, both of them defeated the same guild alone.
It seems like they’re also hunting bosses while heading north from Evergreen.

0124: Nameless adventurer



0125: Nameless adventurer

“Northern Hyoga” is a guild, but from a distance, the leadership isn’t very good.
I don’t know what army you are in.
But more than that, Gilmas himself is a jerk.

“He’s tanking by himself and shaving 60% of the boss’s life, right?”

0126: Nameless adventurer

“The Guilmas of that guild is, if I’m not mistaken, a silver-haired, black-robed guy with horns and a dual-wielding cook.”

“In the PvP thread, he’s probably the strongest player out there at the moment, he’s the topic of discussion.”

0126: Nameless adventurer

“First of all, it’s dangerous when you can use two swords…”

“In this game, you can’t cut a sword without sharpening it.” If it’s a mace, it’s fine, but blades are retired one after another.
Who the hell is that guy who is mastering it?




0224: Nameless adventurer

“You guys have been confirmed to be potato chicks!”

 Reprinted from the PvP thread

(URL omitted)

0225: Nameless adventurer

“Seriously!” ? “I don’t see it too much, and I think it was really good because there was a lot of talk about retirement.”

0226: Nameless adventurer


Instant kill

“Wow, that sucks.” What is this movement? My eyes slip.

“But I don’t mind if you break my neck, so I honestly want you to replace me.”

0227: Nameless adventurer

“Being caught in that absolute realm is nothing but a reward…”

0228: Nameless adventurer

Happiness Throw www

“I can see the contents of his folded skirt, I envy you.”




0506: Nameless adventurer

“In the unlimited exchange city, I encountered a white and cute creature that was talked about.” Are the twins who are together friends?

(URL omitted)

0507: Nameless adventurer

“It looks like it’s fun.” It’s so hot with teary eyes.

“Did you go shopping?” Good job to the person who decided on the outfit.

0508: Nameless adventurer

“A child who used such a throwing technique was worried that she wouldn’t be able to see her panties, so she was holding her skirt and walking around.”

“What on earth did you change your shoes for?”

0509: Nameless adventurer


“Honestly disgusting

0510: Nameless adventurer



0511: Nameless adventurer

“Pants aside, the elf girl in the photo is cute too.” Let’s connect lovers between girls

0512: Nameless adventurer

Kimashi Tower

“It’s rumored that the potato child is a vampire, so I’m just fantasizing about sucking blood…”

0513: Nameless adventurer

A lily.
my god is here

0514: Nameless adventurer

“Until now, no mention has been made of the male twin elves.” You guys are too loyal to your desires.

“Yuri Tetenja”

(The following is a lily discussion for a while)




0870: Nameless adventurer

“Even though this is a general thread, it’s become like an individual thread.” I should make a separate thread

“Do it in moderation so that it doesn’t look like you’re exposing yourself

0871: Nameless adventurer

In the meantime, I’m sorry, but that child is currently appearing on the official live stream filmed in Valhallant’s battlefield.

(URL omitted)

0872: Nameless adventurer


“Is this your second PvP today, or is the potato girl busy?”

0873: Nameless adventurer

“Isn’t it the directly connected kitchen night of the opponent?” What, execution?

“But the atmosphere isn’t that bad.
Have you reconciled?”

0874: Nameless adventurer



0875: Nameless adventurer

Good job!

“If it’s a black string…!” ?

0876: Nameless adventurer

“Woooohoooo!!” Yeahhhhhh!!

0877: Nameless adventurer

A trap that can be seen in the landing time if you aim for the neck of an opponent with a rush-type combat technique and a physical difference.

“Hey, this kid, just like when you were dropping the throne a little while ago, isn’t the guard on your skirt too lenient?”

thank you! ! !

0878: Nameless adventurer

“Peach drop is grass.”

“But if you can hold me between those thighs, I’d like you to change the place of the guy whose neck was broken.”

0879: Nameless adventurer

“While I’m looking away, two of the other guilds have fallen w

“The magician’s support isn’t bad, but Potato-chan’s movements are just awful.”

0880: Nameless adventurer


0881: Nameless adventurer


“Wait, what just happened?”

“Knight-sama surrender?”

0882: Nameless adventurer

“No, if you surrender, you’ll become that kind of light that won’t disappear, suicide?”

“What did you say to your friend Elf-chan Knight?”

0883: Nameless adventurer

“Dear Knight, you looked like the end of the world in despair.
It’s a little pitiful.” What the hell did you say w

“Even so, it looks like you’re comforted by the potato child, so you’re reconciled after all.”

0884: Nameless adventurer

“Isn’t the potato girl really strong?”

“At that point, Knight-sama was incapacitated, and the remaining two were accurately critical.” I practically sank three of my opponents by myself.

“Now that I think about it, that happy throw was also a critical hit.”

“Leave the youkai head?”

0885: Nameless adventurer

“No, I don’t know.”

“I didn’t do much damage to the vanguard knights, so maybe that’s all I can do.” I feel like I’m fighting by deceiving and deceiving low firepower with criticals, and I wonder if it will lead to the top waste that is taking countermeasures…

“Personally, I want you to do your best, but I have the impression that you’re a bit strict.”

0886: Nameless adventurer

“That’s why I know you guys are very interested in Potato-chan, so since this is the thread, go to the official live chat or PvP commentary thread!”

(Hereafter, it ends without much new topics while being rough)

(ChatGPT: This text appears to be a conversation thread in a forum for an online game called “Destiny Unchain Online.” In the thread, players discuss the defeat of a boss called Battering Ram, which was the first in the game to be defeated by players.
They also talk about a guild called “北の氷河” (Kita no Hyoga), which seems to be led by a powerful player named “角の生えた銀髪黒衣の二刀流” (literally “Silver-haired, black-clothed, horned two-sword style”), who is said to be a formidable opponent in PvP.
Later in the thread, players discuss a video of a player’s character defeating others in PvP, which generates a lot of excitement among the forum users.

In conclusion, the thread provides a glimpse into the gameplay and culture surrounding Destiny Unchain Online, particularly the competition among players to defeat bosses and excel in PvP.)

(Bersleid: The video is about Crims PvP.
Good job GPT!)

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