o I’m just fantasizing about sucking blood…”

0513: Nameless adventurer

A lily.
my god is here

0514: Nameless adventurer

“Until now, no mention has been made of the male twin elves.” You guys are too loyal to your desires.

“Yuri Tetenja”

(The following is a lily discussion for a while)




0870: Nameless adventurer

“Even though this is a general thread, it’s become like an individual thread.” I should make a separate thread

“Do it in moderation so that it doesn’t look like you’re exposing yourself

0871: Nameless adventurer

In the meantime, I’m sorry, but that child is currently appearing on the official live stream filmed in Valhallant’s battlefield.

(URL omitted)

0872: Nameless adventurer


“Is this your second PvP today, or is the potato girl busy?”

0873: Nameless adventurer

“Isn’t it the directly connected kitchen night of the opponent?” What, execution?

“But the atmosphere isn’t that bad.
Have you reconciled?”

0874: Nameless adventurer



0875: Nameless adventurer

Good job!

“If it’s a black string…!” ?

0876: Nameless adventurer

“Woooohoooo!!” Yeahhhhhh!!

0877: Nameless adventurer

A trap that can be seen in the landing time if you aim for the neck of an opponent with a rush-type combat technique and a physical difference.

“Hey, this kid, just like when you were dropping the throne a little while ago, isn’t the guard on your skirt too lenient?”

thank you! ! !

0878: Nameless adventurer

“Peach drop is grass.”

“But if you can hold me between those thighs, I’d like you to change the place of the guy whose neck was broken.”

0879: Nameless adventurer

“While I’m looking away, two of the other guilds have fallen w

“The magician’s support isn’t bad, but Potato-chan’s movements are just awful.”

0880: Nameless adventurer


0881: Nameless adventurer


“Wait, what just happened?”

“Knight-sama surrender?”

0882: Nameless adventurer

“No, if you surrender, you’ll become that kind of light that won’t disappear, suicide?”

“What did you say to your friend Elf-chan Knight?”

0883: Nameless adventurer

“Dear Knight, you looked like the end of the world in despair.
It’s a little pitiful.” What the hell did you say w

“Even so, it looks like you’re comforted by the potato child, so you’re reconciled after all.”

0884: Nameless adventurer

“Isn’t the potato girl really strong?”

“At that point, Knight-sama was incapacitated, and the remaining two were accurately critical.” I practically sank three of my opponents by myself.

“Now that I think about it, that happy throw was also a critical hit.”

“Leave the youkai head?”

0885: Nameless adventurer

“No, I don’t know.”

“I didn’t do much damage to the vanguard knights, so maybe that’s all I can do.” I feel like I’m fighting by deceiving and deceiving low firepower with criticals, and I wonder if it will lead to the top waste that is taking countermeasures…

“Personally, I want you to do your best, but I have the impression that you’re a bit strict.”

0886: Nameless adventurer

“That’s why I know you guys are very interested in Potato-chan, so since this is the thread, go to the official live chat or PvP commentary thread!”

(Hereafter, it ends without much new topics while being rough)

(ChatGPT: This text appears to be a conversation thread in a forum for an online game called “Destiny Unchain Online.” In the thread, players discuss the defeat of a boss called Battering Ram, which was the first in the game to be defeated by players.
They also talk about a guild called “北の氷河” (Kita no Hyoga), which seems to be led by a powerful player named “角の生えた銀髪黒衣の二刀流” (literally “Silver-haired, black-clothed, horned two-sword style”), who is said to be a formidable opponent in PvP.
Later in the thread, players discuss a video of a player’s character defeating others in PvP, which generates a lot of excitement among the forum users.

In conclusion, the thread provides a glimpse into the gameplay and culture surrounding Destiny Unchain Online, particularly the competition among players to defeat bosses and excel in PvP.)

(Bersleid: The video is about Crims PvP.
Good job GPT!)

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