――The days of an aging society with a declining birthrate are now decades behind us.

Generations have changed, and the domestic demographic is much smaller than it was at its heyday

Furthermore, with the popularization of VR technology, the option of working from home is now common.

For these reasons, the once problematic trend of excessive population density in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area was now becoming a thing of the past.

In the midst of all this, in the suburbs of one of the northern Japanese cities where people had been flowing in, that corporation existed.

The former site of a company called 『Arcs VR Technology』 that used to operate 『Worldgate Online』 in the early days of VRMMORPG.

The new company that was built there is called 『NTEC (Neurocommunicating Technology and Entertainment Company)』 , or commonly known as NTEC.

Prior to the official service of the VRMMORPG 『Destiny Unchain Online,』 the first of its releases, there was suddenly a lot of commotion in the area around the company.

Then one boy, who was not an employee by any stretch of the imagination… someone who had just finished junior high school, appeared with a briefcase in his hand

From his point of view, he would like to have a little more muscle, but he has a slender figure that is not easily fleshed out.

The boy, whose face is feminine and looks like his mother’s, even caused a commotion when he was forced to dress up as a woman during a cultural festival.

His name is 『Mitsuki Kou』

He is the only son of 『Mitsuki Amari,』 the representative of NTEC, and 『Mitsuki Sora,』 the main programmer and hardware designer.

「I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ve been called to see Mitsuki Sora, my name is Mitsuki Kou…」

He rings the intercom and states his business.

He could hear the sound of busy people scrambling about, so he took a patient wait-and-see attitude, wondering if he would have to wait a little longer.

『Ah, Kou-kun, come in.
Director Mitsuki is currently in his usual room, so please come in.』

「Ah, Akane-san, thank you for your hard work.」

The person who responded back was Akane Furuya, who is also his father’s assistant.

She is also the mother of the twin sister and brother he has known since childhood, and Kou often helps her with things around their home in place of their parents, who rarely returns home.

He bows to her through the camera, then goes through the unlocked automatic door and enters.

「I’m sorry, at this busy time when this company is finally starting up in earnest.
It’s time for the first release, right?」

『Of course, it will begin at noon today, and I’m in the middle of my last equipment check.
Sorry for the flurry of activity, okay?』

Switching directly from intercom communication to the NLD’s call mode, he walks down the corridor of the office where people are busy moving about, talking to Akane.

He is a frequent visitor to the Objective Chamber, the workroom of his father, the Chief Technical Officer, who knows most of the NTEC employees, so no one pays any particular attention to Kou.

『And by the way… Kou-kun, I’m glad for you for getting the recommendation.』

「Haha… are Hijiri and Subaru in some sort of trouble right now?」

『That’s right.
They both said they were going to the same school with Kou-kun, so I was not able to talk to them.』

「Well… when I get home today, I’ll bring you something to eat.
Oh, well, I just got here, so here I am.」

He hangs up the call and knocks on the door in front of him.

Since there was no answer, as usual, he walked in, unconcerned.

When he entered the room, which he knew well, he found that… as expected, his father, Mitsuki Sora, was staring at the display with a serious expression on his face and tapping the console.

His father, a childish-looking man who looks like he’s in his mid-twenties, even though he’s nearing the end of his forties.

He grew out his beard because he didn’t want to be seen as young, but Kou honestly thought it didn’t look good on him.

He was that kind of father… Kou loved the way his father was single-mindedly devoted to his work.

But now is not the time to be admiring the image of his father’s devotion to his work behind his back.

「Look, Dad, your lunch box.
You left it at the front door again.」

「Mmm, I appreciate it, Kou-san.」

When Kou calls out to him, he finally notices his presence and lazily removes his gaze from the display.

Seeing the dark shadows framing the bottom of his eyes… he let out a sigh.

「Here you go.
I also added your favorite sweet egg omelet, Dad, so make sure you eat it.
I know it’s the day of the release and you’re busy with work, but if you don’t eat, you’ll collapse, okay?」

「…I’m ashamed.」

When his father muttered with drowsy, sleepy eyes, Kou shrugged his shoulders, judging from his own experience that he was not listening.

「Un, it’s delicious.」

「Thank you very much.
I’m trying to learn how to be a middle-schooler.」

After washing his hands and face once, my father gobbled up his lunch, wondering how long he neglected to eat.

Kou replies to the compliment in a curt manner while pouring tea from a teapot into a cup.

Since neither of his parents could do any housework, Kou naturally started to make lunch boxes for his family.
This is all because he was concerned about the health of his absentminded father, who was not concerned about his own surroundings.

Kou is also self-consciously aware that he is somewhat of a fathercon… He is in the midst of puberty, and although he is happy when his father praises him, he cannot be honest with him.

But his father, who turns kind eyes on him as if he can see through all that, returns favorable comments about how delicious and tasty the food is.

「I’m a bit of a jerk, Kou.
Sorry for asking such a thing to a student preparing for an entrance exam.」

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