Desiring the Cursed Demon’s Heart

CHAPTER 9: The Outrage Of The Baroness

ys fighting and at each others neck! Even at this crucial moment when your father has fallen sick!! What are you?! Cursed ingrates?!! ” Baroness Meleena blasted out with clear exasperation.

Aella had never heard her mother talk out so brutally in her life, even when she had disobeyed her in the past.

The misery she found herself must have been too much to bear, resulting in the full blown anger.

”I-I didn do anything! She is the one who always behaves like a total riffraff!! ” Aurelia spat and hid behind her mother.

”Nothing you say? You are the one who touched a gem that was not yours and gifted us with a curse!! ” Aella hissed out to the shock of both females in front of her.

She didn want her mother to find out like this but since Aurelia was hell bent on playing innocent till the end, she figured there was no need to hide it anymore.

Maybe now they would understand why she smacked her sister mercilessly.

”P-Pardon?! ” the Baroness held her chest and narrowly escaped collasping just like her husband.

”Yes, Mother. Your daughter touched a jewel that belonged to the Great Witch, Lumen Caramel while we were out today and that gem lays a curse on whoever holds it without prior notice to the owner, ”

”I-Is that credible? ” Baroness Meleena turned to her younger daughter.

”Y-Yes but I didn know it was a curse! ” Aurelia let out, slightly shaken by the information her sister had not so kindly said.

”That still doesn change the fact that you touched it and brought a damnation on our family, Aurelia! ” Aella gritted.

”N-No, that can be, ” the Baroness shook her head, not wanting to believe the dreaded truth.

”Do you think it is such a coincidence that we lost everything the same day she touched the jewel? I visited the witch earlier and she told me that this is only because of her! What more are we going to face because of her stupidity? ”

”I should just kill you to end this misfortune!! ” Aella stepped forward to grab her sister but her mother held her back.

”You will not lay a finger on her! If you what you say is true then we should be finding a way to resolve this, not clammering on each others necks! ” the Baroness rebuked her daughter.

”Y-Yes! She is right! ” Aurelia chipped in meekly from behind her mother as Aella glared at her.

”How? How is she going to fix this? ” Aella threw her arms in the air.

”Can you go back there to ask the witch? There should be a way to this, maybe to sacrifice an animal or anything, there always is a way to reverse a curse, ” the Baroness said.

”Why should I be the one to go? She is the reason behind this so she should go and find out herself! ” Aella bellowed.

There was no way she was going to the witchs den twice in a day! What was she? A regular customer or what?!

”I-I can go there! Do you want her to kill me and use my bones to make a flute? ” Aurelia shook her head vigorously.

”I hope she does- ”

”Aella! ”

Aella clamped her mouth shut when her mother threw a warning look at her.

”You know your sister is too faint-hearted for that, and she is right, the witch might try to harm her if she goes there. You must do this for us, ” her mothers eyes were pleading.

Aella tightened her hold on her dress as she merely gritted her teeth without an answer.

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