Desiring the Cursed Demon’s Heart

CHAPTER 9: The Outrage Of The Baroness

”No, what are you doing?! ” the frail lady waved her hands in the air as the attempt to try to stop the men from taking away her assets proved futile.

”Please, don do this, the Baron isn home yet! ” Her voice came out as a slight plea.

”No, don take that!! Not the ancient painting!! ” she moved down the room to hold the men from taking her prized treasures.

Baroness Meleena was in a state of deep sorrow and dumbfoundment.

She had just returned from the event with the high ladies of the society when unknown men barged into her territory to claim they were about to lose all their properties.

The guards couldn even hold them back as they showed them a letter with the symbol of Lord Mandeur, the aristocratic possessor of their assets.

It stated that he was taking back all that he kept with them, and that included the Glatimors estate and all that they ever owned.

The Baroness was trying her best not to collapse from the sudden shocking news when she saw her eldest daughter bursting into the Castle.

”Aella! Oh, my dear daughter!! ” She picked up her skirt and glided to her daughter as she gripped her hands tightly.

”Mother, where is Aurelia? ” Aella asked with haste, obviously not grasping the situation that there were stranger men in the Castle.

She was so caught up in the anger of what her younger sister had brought onto their family that she couldn see anything other than the fury burning in her chest.

”A-Aurelia? I don know, Aella, forget about that, someth- ”

”Mother, I need to speak with that ignoramus daughter of yours! ” Aella hissed before she walked past her mother.

She was about to climb up the stairs when she saw some men taking away their goods.

”Hey, you! What in the heavens are you doing?! ” She asked with narrowed eyes.

It was only then she turned her eyes to the lavish main hall to see that the paintings on the walls and bronze candleholders had gone missing.

”That is what I have been trying to tell you, Aella. T-These men are taking our stuff away, they are saying nonsense!! ” Baroness Meleena ran down to her daughter and she grabbed her arms.

”What? Why? Why would they do such a thing? ”

Aella couldn understand what was going on here.

She had come to scold her younger sister for the mishap she had set on their family and she was being told something else. She felt at loss.

”I don know, Aella. From the letter, they said that Lord Mandeur had forfeited the agreement between your Father and him. He claims your dear Father had disobeyed the hornage! ” Baroness Meleena said hurriedly.

”What?! ” She screeched.

Aella could hardly believe what she had just heard.

The Lord who had given her father this land to build his estate claimed her father had been disloyal to him?!

What type of treacherous statement was that?! Her father was the most diligent and loyal Baron in the entire Grand Mandeur!

How could something so sudden happen out of the blue?! Aella found it hard to get her bearings.

”Aurelia!!!! ” She shouted at the top of her lungs before she marched up the stairs as her blonde locks bounced with each step she took.

This could only be happening because of the curse the witch had mentioned.

That was the only explanation Aella could give to the abrupt events going on in her home. It was all because of her foolish twin sister!

Aella was fuming as she stormed into the second floor, her blazing blue eyes set on her sisters bedroom.

She pushed the doors open and saw Aurelia seated by the mirror, humming a light tone as she beautified herself with some pieces of jewellery.

It seemed she was still unaware of the commotion going on downstairs.

”You little dunderhead!!! ” Aella took large strides into the room and did the first thing that came to her boiling mind.

She grabbed her sister by her hair as she pulled her up from the stool aggressively.

Aurelia screamed from the unexpected attack but that didn sway Aella one bit.

”How could you sit here so calmly after the disaster you have rained on our family?! ” Aella hissed as she pushed her sister by her locks.

”Aella!!! Let go of me!! ” Aurelia slapped her hands away but Aella didn budge.

”Do you have any idea what you have done to us?! We are ruined and that is all because of your inability to think like a normal being!! ” She gritted her teeth menacingly, not at all feeling pity for her wailing sister.

”My lady!! My lady, please halt immediately!! ” the servants moved into the room, trying to tear apart the twins from each other.

”This is all because of her!! ” Aella yelled as she pulled on her sisters strands even harder.

”Aella!! What in the glorious earth are you doing?! ” Baroness Meleena walked into the room wide-eyed at the fight going on between her daughters.

She was quick to intercede but her furious eldest daughter wasn going to have it.

”Let go of your sister right this instant!! ” She tried to peel Aellas hands away from Aurelias head but Aella had a death grip on her.

”This is all happening because of her!! ” Aella gritted and laid a few slaps on her sisters head as though that would knock some sense into her.

”Help me!! ” Aurelia cried underneath her sisters vicious claws.

”Have you misplaced your marbles, young lady?! Behave like a dignified maiden for once! ” the Baroness spat.

”My lady!! My lady!! ” A servant came running into the chaos but he was naturally disregarded.

”My lady! I come with dire news!! The Baron has collapsed!!! ” He let his voice ring out loud and the whole room went silent immediately.

”What?! ” Aella shrieked as the news that her father had fainted settled in.

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