Desiring the Cursed Demon’s Heart

CHAPTER 5: The Selfishness

rom a young age since she saw how people venerated brave knights when they returned from war, she found herself wanting to be like them.

She trained herself using a branch from the tree in the backyard and she would normally peep in when the guards were sparring so she could imitate their moves on her own.

Her years of hidden dedication paid off when she won a battle in the streets recently.

Her parents weren exactly pleased about it but that was Aellas one and only victory in her mundane life.

So knowing that Aurelia knew about her bank and the fact that she was shamelessly asking to give away her longtime savings baffled her to the core.

”You want me to pay off your debt with the money I plan to use for my future? I see you have clearly lost your marbles, Aurelia. Get out, ” Aella pointed to the door with glaring eyes.

It enraged her that her sister could even think of such a thing.

Her selfishness was enough to disgust Aella up to the point she didn want to see her anymore.

”No, Aella, please!! This is the only way to save me, to save our family! ” Aurelia clasped her palms together with a plea.

”I was trying to help you but I won drag myself down just to rescue you. Leave my room immediately!! ” Aella grabbed her sister and pulled her up, about to throw her out of the room.

”No!! If you don do this for me, our family will be ruined and it will all be because of your selfishness! Think of Mother and Father, you don want to see them miserable after the witch takes me away, no? Please, Aella! ” Aurelia clutched her sleeves direly as she implored.

Aella let out a breath filled with agitation and resisted the urge to slam her head against a wall.

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