Desiring the Cursed Demon’s Heart

CHAPTER 3: The Twin Sister

that, ” Aella said with a cool tone, not at all disturbed by the towering men staring down at her.

”Your sister stole something from our madam and we were ordered to take her with us, ”

”Stole? What exactly did she steal? ” Aella raised an eyebrow and turned back to look at her sister.

”How preposterous of you to lay such an accusation on a noble lady like me!! I never stole anything! I simply picked it up!! ” Aurelia bellowed from behind her sister.

”That differs from what Lady Caramel informed us. We must take her with us, ” the men moved to take Aurelia who hung onto Aellas frock desperately.

”Stand back! Who is your madam? ” Aella asked as she blocked her sister from their hold.

”Lady Lumen Caramel. The infamous witch in town, ”

His answer seemed to have stunned the impassive Aella as she bulged her eyes out with surprise.

She could hardly believe her ears. Did he just say the witch?

In the entire kingdom, you wouldn be labelled a burgess without knowing who the Great Lumen Caramel was.

She was practically the only witch in town who still practised ancient witchcraft despite the Kings restrictions on her.

People said she basically controlled the entire kingdom with her dark potions to her whims and desires.

She was highly feared by most and getting in her bad books was as equal to being sentenced to death. No, even worse.

Now Aella was being told that her obnoxious younger sister was involved with the wicked witch and bewilderment was too little to describe the look on her face.

Aella turned towards her sister as she gave her a questioning look.

Aurelia looked up sheepishly with an innocent look, telling Aella all she needed to confirm.

”On second thought, she is not my sister, ” Aella said to the men before she spun around.

”Oh, no!! No, Aella, please do not leave me all alone, they would kill me and take out my intestines for potions and use my eyeballs for supper! You need to help me!! ” Aurelia grabbed her wrists as she cried.

”Maybe you should have thought of that before stealing from a witch! ” Aella hissed out as a matter of fact.

”Please don do this, think of Mother and Father, they would be devastated to see their favourite daughters dead body laying on the floor, ” Aurelia pouted with her reddened face.

Aella gritted her teeth and Aurelia smiled knowing she had brought out what her sister could never reject.

”We must take her with us, ” the men said and moved forward to grab Aurelia.

”My sister will not be accompanying you, ” Aella stepped in and pushed Aurelia who sighed with relief behind her.

”But we have ordered- ”

”Tell your madam that the debt will be paid soon enough before the end of the week, ” Aella muttered and looked up at them.

”But- ”

”I said the money will be paid. If it isn by the end of the week, then I will hand my sister over to you myself, ” Aella promised.

”What are you saying? ” Aurelia hissed from behind her.

”You better keep your mouth shut and move! ” Aella dragged her sister away.

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