one day, was it too much to ask?

Reeling herself from the tears about to spurt out of her eyes, she took gentle steps as she twisted her body just enough to take a slight peek into what she had coming for her.

That little glance made her stomach churn untill she felt like spewing out bile.

The creature standing right behind her was so big that she wondered how it was able to sneak up without her realizing or hearing a single footstep.

It was far more gigantic than any other monster she had slain in the miserable ride for 28 sunsets now.

Its thick black fur was coated over the rippled enormous limbs as it stood on its four paws.

The enormous head staring her down had two large horns at either side which stretched to the derriere where a long tail lashed out across the sand, sending storms of dust in the air.

Compelled by the gravity of what awaited her, she craned her neck up to meet the monsters red-rimmed bulging eyeballs staring down at her with the hunger it desired displaying out.

Then as though struck by a hot cane, the monster opened its mouth wide enough to let out a horrifying sound similar to the cry of a dragon.

The wings which had remained hidden sprung out to its full capacity blowing everything within proximity.

She had no idea how she was able to still stand on her feet after that loud outcry which blew her hair to shape into a birds nest but when she blinked back into reality, her mind could only register one thing.


Her limbs followed instructions as she whipped as fast as her tiny body when compared to the monsters could take her, storming down the millenial of sand which dragged her boots to slow her down than her usual pace.

The sword which was hanging on her waistbelt flew in the air, waddling to and fro but she knew taking it out to fight the beast on her tail would only end up in its demise and hers.

She could only run and hope to find somewhere to hide from the monsters sight.

The heavy thuds coming from behind her were enough motivation to push her further and warn her to not turn back even for a second because one look at her death wouldn sit well with her at all.

”Ahhh!! ” she let out a sharp wince as her body came rolling down a hill while she tumbled like ball on the field.

She dropped to the end of the hill with the pain screaming all over her body as though she had been beaten up by five giants ruthlessly.

Coughing out the sand which slipped into her mouth, she laid on her back just in time to see the monster flying in the air, with its large wings, heading right-

With no time to defend herself, she brought her arms over her face in a futile effort to protect herself just as her eardrums nearly burst from the loud noise of the monsters landing which blew dust over her face.

She took her arms down gradually as the tears in her eyes clouded her vision to see the monsters countenance hanging dangerously close to her face which made her entire veins go dry from lack of blood flow.

Struck by the intensity of the moment, she did the only thing her body could do at this point.

She zapped into a dark slumber.

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