You are the only one that can save our family, Aella

H-Help us

A sharp gasp shot up in the air as her sapphire orbs popped open to stare widely at the bleak sky above her.

Her chest rose in a misporportioned rhythm, desperately trying to catch some air into her lungs to be able to breathe with ease.

Realizing it was only one of her dreams or nightmares, whichever synonym fitted it best, she picked her body up from the sandy ground.

She ran her fingers through her golden locks which was splayed all over her shoulders to rid them of the beige grains that found their way in her skull from her short nap.

A deep sigh escaped her thin, parched up lips when she noticed she had fallen asleep in the middle of nowhere for the fifth time today, but then again, when last had she slept like a normal person?

She dragged her weary eyes over the vast land of toom which stretched about a dozen miles away from as far as her eyes could see.

It was a domain covered in nothing but delicate hills of fine gravel which were higher than one another.A complete desert with not a single living thing within hundreds of radius.

On a norms, she would marvel at the beauty of the region in which she was the only moving object in sight, feeling as though she was the queen of this abstract base, but she had lost all life in her to sink into such groundless thoughts.

She had no idea what time it was but judging from the cold air blowing against her face and the dark sky blocking her view to see clearly, it was just past sunset.

28 sunsets.

She had been counting ever since she left the comfort of her home and town. It might not be accurate due to the drowsiness taking over her body many atimes but she had counted 28 sunsets ever since she embarked on the meaningless journey which had shown her nothing but abyss.

A dark, hollow and terror-filled abyss.

She would often wonder how they were faring at home since her absence, her thoughts would take her so far that she hardly remembered where she was but as always, she would stop herself from going too far as it would only cause her more misery and agony.

Stretching her hand across the soft caress of the sand, she searched for her backpack which its contents seemed to lessen with each passing day.

She took out the golden round locket and flicked the cover open to see the red line in the compass shooting towards her right, nudging her to the direction she needed to take.

”Bootless object! ” she hissed under the calm of the breeze before she picked her bag and stood up, trying to stabilize her weight amidst her tottering limbs.

Just as she swung the hands of her backpack over her shoulder, she felt a strong gush of wind coming from behind her in a raggedy rhyme that made the hairs on her neck erect with alarm.

Her blue eyes enlarged as her entire form proved to be a sturdy edifice while her ears picked up the continious breaths coming from behind her.

She began to sweat even when standing with the harsh breeze blowing over her face.

No, this can be. She was supposed to be the only living thing here. Why can she just get a day off? Just

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