42 Nothing to do with his gender

Jian, what should we do now?”

    Although Secretary Zhang can usually handle the affairs around Jian Luozhi properly, when he really encounters a major event, he still needs Jian Luozhi to call the shots.
After he finished talking, he looked at Jian Luozhi anxiously.

    However, Jian Luozhi, who was at the center of the incident, did not change his face at all, just glanced at Secretary Zhang and said lightly, “What are you panicking for?”

    Jian Luozhi’s calmness affected Secretary Zhang, and his mood also calmed down.
Seeing Jian Luozhi tidying up his cuffs, he said casually, “Since they want to see me, then let’s meet.”

    Jian Luozhi walked towards the door.

    Here, Qiao Mo had also simply put on her clothes.
Seeing Jian Luozhi walking towards the door, Qiao Mo said with a little worry, “Is Luoluo really okay, do you need me to go out with you?”

    Jian Luozhi turned his head to look at Qiao Mo and smiled at her, “Just wait for me here, we’ll have breakfast together later.”

    “It is fine then.”

    Qiao Mo didn’t insist too much.
Jian Luozhi is a very thoughtful person, since he has the confidence to handle these things, then Qiao Mo will not participate in it.

    In fact, except when the two get along, Jian Luozhi will become sensitive because of emotional matters, in other cases he is a very ruthless and cold person.

    Jian Luozhi took Secretary Zhang directly out of the hotel’s main door.

    This hotel was originally his property, so it should have been relatively safe, but maybe the second wife still has some connections, or some people have changed their minds when they see the change in Chuangshi.
A group of media reporters had blocked the door of the hotel.

    In the eyes of these media reporters, on could literally see hunger, the hunger and thirst for an explosive news, as they all wanted to rush into the hotel.
If the hotel hadn’t arranged for a large number of security guards to block the door, then these people would have directly appeared outside the door of Jian Luozhi’s room.

    Jian Luozhi glanced up and found that there were many familiar names.
He couldn’t help sneering in his heart.
This circle is really cruel and dirty, anyone who shows a weakness will attract attention.
This frantic biting of each other, even if this weakness is not really a weakness, but the some people always wants to give it a try to see if he can bite down a piece of meat.

    But as long as he, Jian Luozhi can still stand and speak well, he will never allow anyone to make a fuss about Qiao Mo.

    The media blocked at the door was thinking that Jian Luozhi would not go out.
After all, no matter which omega was blocked by the mass media after opening a room in a hotel, it was not something that could be announced, at least one had to take into account his or image and avoid the limelight.

    After all, although the requirements of modern society for omegas are not as conservative as in the past, in terms of marriage and love, an omega is still on the side that is more strictly restricted by social morality.
For an alpha, it may just be a romantic past, but for an omega, this kind of scandal can destroy the other party, even if this omega is someone like Jian Luozhi.

    However, when these people saw Jian Luozhi, they couldn’t help but doubt their own guesses for a while.
Is this Jian Luozhi really an omega? Are there such omegas in the world.
Just experienced a hearty mark of indulgence, but could still come out tall and straight, looking cold and stern, as if everything is under his control?

    If Jian Luozhi is really an omega, then what kind of alpha can subdue this omega?

    When Jian Luozhi’s cold and jet black eyes stared at the doors of the hotel, the excited reporters who had been surrounding the hotel door suddenly felt a chill rise from the soles of their feet, and they involuntarily took half a step back, for fear that Jian Luozhi will give them his usual sneer.

    These people originally thought that Jian Luozhi would say something to explain when he stood at the door, but Jian Luozhi just stood there indifferently, looking at everyone without saying a word.
His appearance made the reporters who had prepared countless drafts to suddenly become speechless.

    It’s not that these reporters aren’t articulate enough, it’s just that in the face of such simplicity, they felt that their whole momentum was suppressed for a while, and they couldn’t utter a single word.

    There were many alphas among the reporters, and these alphas also felt a suppressed chill, and they couldn’t help but mutter again in their hearts, just which idiot was it who said that Mr.
Jian was an omega, could it be a misunderstanding?

    Jian Luozhi saw the reactions of these people and the corners of his lips curled slightly looking sarcastic, and then he withdrew his eyes coldly and indifferently, and turned around.
Walking towards the hotel, as if too lazy to deal with these boring people outside.

    Seeing that the reporters were about to leave, the people arranged by the second wife desperately raised their voices and shouted, “Shouldn’t President Jian give us an explanation?”

    This sentence finally stopped Jian Luozhi’s footsteps.
Jian Luozhi turned his head to look at the speaker, his icy black eyes were like deep wells whose depth couldn’t be seen and the reporter arranged by the second wife was chilled, causing his momentum to greatly reduse.
Jian Luozhi lifted his eyes and said calmly, “Explain to you, and who are you?”

    The reporter was immediately stopped by Jian Luozhi’s rude words, blushing and speechless for a long time.

    At this moment, a sharp female voice said rudely, “Then I can always ask you to explain.
Jian Luozhi, no matter what, I am also your second aunt, someone recognized by your father.
As an elder, shouldn’t you give me an explanation, an explanation to the family?”

    The second wife wearing a red dress and heavy makeup came over, looked sharply at Jian Luozhi.

    The appearance of the second wife made the atmosphere suddenly noisy.
This was the first-hand news of the secrets of the rich and powerful.
It would definitely make headlines.

    The crowd immediately looked at the second wife and Jian Luozhi excitedly, as the cameras in their hands kept clicking.

    Jian Luozhi did not stop the actions of these people, but looked at the second wife coldly, “What explanation does the second wife want?”

    The second wife’s face was full of disbelief, as if she was looking at a traitor to the family, she pointed at Jian Luozhi with her fingertips, and laughed sarcastically, “You still have the face to ask me, Jian Luozhi , as an omega, you took away the rights of the Chuangshi group, and drove your uncle and alpha brother out of Chuangshi.
You hold such a large group of Chuangshi, but you are casually messing around outside with that wild alpha and even tried to open a room.
You still ask me what explanation I want? Don’t you think you should give an account to the family? Why does an omega like you hold the right to the Chuangshi Group, isn’t it because of your father’s favor? Are you planning to completely hand over the Creation Group to an outsider.”

    The reporters were excited to record all the second wife’s words, and they couldn’t help but think about it.
Just the fact that Jian Luozhi is an omega and that a omega will marry sooner or later, and give birth to a child, who knows if Jian Luozhi will hand over Chuangshi to outsiders and make the entire Chuangshi Group become his dowry.
It was really unfair to Chuangshi employees and the elders who worked hard to create it.

    Moreover, Jian Luozhi’s actions are so insane that he even drove away the shareholders.
This way of doing things is too ruthless, and even his private life is not clean.

    Jian Luozhi laughed when he heard the words, but the smile didn’t reach the his eyes at all, which made him look a little intimidating, so that the second wife could not help but habitually quiet down.

    “Second aunt?” Jian Luozhi said slowly with a bit of irony, “I took the controlling stake in Chuangshi and it has nothing to do with whether I am an alpha or an Omega, or do you think I should be the same as you, depend on others for two bites of food?”

    The second wife’s face became ugly.

    Jian Luozhi chuckled coldly, “You don’t really think that I’ve been sitting in this position for so long, relying on some illusory favor to drive away the shareholders.
Or that an omega is unworthy to control the Chuangshi group, that’s fine, I can step down as the President…”

    The pupils of the second wife suddenly dilated, and the reporters all quieted down.

    Jian Luozhi continued, “I can step down and create another company but the projects I successfully acquired with my own hands will follow me.
I would like to know that after I leave, who else will dare to accept the rest of Chaungshi?”

    There was a dead silence, and both the reporter and the second wife suddenly realized that the rise of Chuangshi’s fame seemed to have only happened after Jian Luozhi took over.
If Jian Luozhi steps down and opens his own company, then Chuangshi is very likely to collapse, that is to say, no matter whether Jian Luozhi is an omega or an alpha, without him, other people really do not have the ability to be take the position as the head of Chuangshi.

    The second wife angrily trembled, “You… you did it on purpose.”

    Jian Luozhi lowered his eyes and looked at her, “If I were like you, Chuangshi would have collapsed long ago, and you and your son wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the glory and wealth that you do now.”

    “Second wife, the so-called shareholders that I have driven away were all worms who were just trying to fill up their pockets with the company’s money without giving anything in return.
Such people are economic criminals no matter where they are, they should thrown into the prison, and as for your good son…Heh, what he did to me was enough to keep him in prison for the rest of his life.”

    The second wife turned pale in an instant and almost fainted on the spot.

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes and looked at the reporters standing outside.
The reporters were instantly quiet like quails.
Indeed, as Jian Luozhi said, no matter what gender Jian Luozhi was, as long as he was in power, then Jian Luozhi was not something they can afford to offend so casually.

    Jian Luozhi’s face was expressionless and his tone was indifferent, “I will only say it once, I am Jian Luozhi, the current President of the Chuangshi Group.
You are right, I am an omega, but the reason I am standing here is because I am Jian Luozhi, and it has nothing to do with whether I am an alpha or an omega.
So, don’t try to do anything funny in front of me, or the consequences are not something that you can afford.”

    “Since you are all here today, it just happens that I want to announce one thing.
In a week’s time, my alpha partner and I are going to have a wedding, and my alpha is the one who was misunderstood by you to be opening a room with me casually.
I’m already engaged, and I’m already preparing for the wedding.
The ones who are willing to come to the wedding are my guests, so don’t blame me for taking strict actions against those who will try to maliciously sabotage the wedding.”

    “As for why we are here…”

    After speaking, he looked at the second wife sarcastically, “For that I have to thank my good brother.”

    The reporters were stunned.
They were all very curious about Jian Luozhi’s alpha partner, but Jian Luozhi had really covered him/her up too tightly.
Whether he/she had three heads and six arms, so that he/she could subdue such a powerful omega as Jian Luozhi, whose worth is incalculable, really is a question worth pondering over.

    However, the security personnel arranged by Jian Luozhi quickly invited the reporters away politely, and the reporters could only leave with this doubt.

    However, the security personnel drove away the reporter, but not the second wife.

    The second wife seemed to have just regained her senses, and with a pale face, she chased after Jian Luozhi and stopped him.

   Jian Luozhi stopped, his black eyes stared at the second wife coldly, with a bit of impatience on his face.

    The second wife pleadingly looked at Jian Luozhi, “No matter what Yuezhi did, since you have completely taken over Chuangshi now, Yuezhi is no longer able to fight against you.
Please let him go.”

    There was no expression on Jian Luozhi’s face, but he said indifferently, “Then do you know what Jian Yuezhi did?”

    The second wife shook her head, but looked at Jian Luozhi in panic.

    Jian Luozhi raised his lips, “If I really care about what he did, it would be enough for him to get shot right now.”

    The second wife’s face suddenly turned pale, but she still looked at Jian Luozhi firmly, “Mr.
Jian, let him go, he is your brother after all, as long as you are willing to let him go, I will take him back to the countryside to hide there forever.
I will never dare to disturb you again and I am willing to pay any price.”

    “Oh.” Jian Luozhi sneered, “Are you willing to die for him?”

    The second wife replied almost without hesitation, “I am willing, he is my son, how could I not be willing.”

    Jian Luozhi didn’t speak for a long time, but just looked at the second wife with unpredictable eyes, and as the second wife started to feel cold in her heart, she heard Jian Luozhi gently ask, “The reason you care so much about him is because he is your son or because he is the most legitimate alpha male heir?”

    “Then do you know that Jian Yuezhi has now become an omega, a male omega just like me, he no longer has any advantages, do you still want to sacrifice yourself to save him?”

    The second wife was confused and couldn’t help but say sharply, “I’m his mother, how come I don’t know what gender he is…”

    However, the second wife looked into Jian Luozhi’s dark eyes, and suddenly realized that Jian Luozhi was not a person who would make such jokes, she was confused for a while, and then quickly reacted, “I am willing, I am willing.
Since he has already become an omega and is no longer a threat to you, can you let him go?”

    However, when Jian Luozhi heard the second wife’s words, he walked away and did not respond to any request from her, as if he had just asked the second wife a boring question.

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