31 Makes people want to bully him

    Bai Yueguang’s thinking is actually understandable.

    In some respects, the education he received from childhood was no different from that of Bai Yueguang.

    In fact, if it wasn’t for Qiao Mo, Jian Luozhi would have used the method that Bai Yueguang said at the very beginning, but he already has Qiao Mo, and he doesn’t want her to suffer even a little bit of grievance.

    Living in a big family like Jian’s, Jian Luozhi understands more than anyone what a title means.

    “You can change your proposal, you don’t need to get married, and I can also help the Bai family.”

    Bai Yueguang is now barely his ally, and Jian Luozhi doesn’t mind pulling her in together.

    Bai Yueguang was extremely surprised and couldn’t understand why Jian Luozhi would refuse.
Since she made such a proposal with Jian Luozhi, she did not consider short-term interests, but long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
There is nothing better than marriage.
A solid and useful bond of interest.

    “But my proposal is the best for you.” Bai Yueguang earnestly analyzed with Jian Luozhi, “Being an omega, no one understands your situation in the family better than me.
There will be a day when your gender will be exposed and the power in your hands will be shaken.
The big families like ours are the most conservative ones, especially the Jian family.
Jian Luozhi, you should know, the Bai family will help you to keep the power of the Jian family in your hands.
The second wife of your family will be more cautious even if she is suspicious of your identity.”

    “So what.”

    Jian Luozhi responded lightly, “In short, it is impossible for me to agree to this proposal.”

    “Do you really plan to confess your gender one day?” Bai Yueguang was puzzled, and could only thinking of such a possibility, but thinking of it she was stunned and surprised, “You are crazy, what benefits can confessing your gender get you, except than adding trouble to yourself.
If I were you, I would definitely try to hide it even for an extra day if I could.”

    Seeing that, the corner of Jian Luozhi’s mouth suddenly evoked a sneer, his tone sharper than ever before, “So what?”

    Bai Yueguang stared at Jian Luozhi in astonishment, just like the first time she found out that Jian Luozhi was actually an omega, her mind was greatly shaken, and she couldn’t speak for a long time.

    She didn’t understand why Jian Luozhi was so firm and confident.
He was obviously an omega.
Why could Jian Luozhi ignore these difficulties so lightly? Is it because Jian Luozhi was brought up as a heir since he was a child?

    So Jian Luozhi can stand firm and do what he wants to do, while she can only seek benefits by relying on her omega gender.

    Bai Yueguang was speechless.

    She originally thought that her proposal will be guaranteed, and she had even thought about how to distribute the benefits after cooperation, but she never expected that Jian Luozhi would react like this.


    Bai Yueguang really didn’t know what to say.

    Seeing this, Jian Luozhi got up and said, “If there is nothing else, let’s meet again later.”

    He and Qiao Mo had just played around in the office, and he was not feeling very comfortable at the moment.
He really wanted to go to the bathroom and take a wash.
If he knew what she wanted to discuss, he wouldn’t have come out to talk nonsense with her.

    At this time, Qiao Mo, who was strolling outside the reception room, had already heard the conversation between the two of them.

    When she first heard Bai Yueguang’s proposal to marry Jian Luozhi, she was immediately furious.

Qiao Mo gritted her teeth secretly, her heart was sour, and her brain in a mess, thinking, oh wow, he really wanted to secretly engage in OO love behind her back, they really deserved to be the male and female protagonists.
The fate will still try to bring them together, and sure enough, her precaution is correct.

    Even she was a little nervous in her heart, because she had to admit that what Bai Yueguang said seemed to make sense.
If Jian Luozhi wanted to maintain the fake identity and control the Jian family, then Bai Yueguang was indeed the best match for Jian Luozhi, at least on the surface.

    During the time she spent with Jian Luozhi, although Jian Luozhi was occasionally a bit different and cute, he was still a boss who thought about interests.
Up till now, Qiao Mo still remembers Jian Luozhi’s coldness after being marked for the first time and throwing out a dozen contracts.

    At that time, Qiao Mo was angry, but now in addition to feeling a little angry, she was also feeling very sour.
She was really worried about whether she will agree with Jian Luozhi’s way of thinking.

    This kind of fake marriages in the wealthy family, didn’t they exist even in her previous live?

    At the same time, what makes Qiao Mo’s heart even more sour is that if Jian Luozhi was not an omega but an alpha, then these so-called omegas would have been very ecstatic, and in a hurry to climb into his bed.

    But what Qiao Mo didn’t expect was that Jian Luozhi would refuse directly, that to so neatly, as if he hadn’t even thought about this possibility.

    When she heard Jian Luozhi’s follow-up words, the sourness in Qiao Mo’s heart gradually subsided, her mind suddenly became clearer than ever before.
Jian Luozhi refused because of her.

    To be honest, Qiao Mo has lived in Jian Luozhi’s villa since she first crossed over.
After so many days of getting along with him, plus the system’s complaints, she can also see the mess of Jian’s family.

    If Jian Luozhi wants to admit his omega identity, or even if he does not admit his omega identity, as long as he is an omega, he will face the risk of power instability.

    He worked hard to conceal his gender, and even to the point of self-mutilation, he is very serious about bringing the Chuangshi Group to new heights.
He also likes to have everything in his control.

    But now because of her, Jian Luozhi doesn’t care about it anymore.

    He would rather let go of his power than make her feel wronged.

    Qiao Mo’s eyes suddenly became watery, and an impulse suddenly surged in her heart, as she walked into the conference room without thinking, and stood beside him under the surprised expressions of Jian Luozhi and Bai Yueguang.

    She smiled at Bai Yueguang, “I’m sorry, Miss Bai, it’s not just that Mr.
Jian himself disagrees, but that I also don’t agree.”

    Her current attitude is completely opposite to the attitude she had when she first met Bai Yueguang, as it is absolutely impossible for her to give up Jian Luozhi now.

    No matter what kind of thing is the male protagonist, female protagonist, male and female supporting roles, Jian Luozhi is now hers.
As long as Jian Luozhi doesn’t let her go, no one can take Jian Luozhi away from her.

    Bai Yueguang looked at Qiao Mo and instantly understood, and she immediately looked at Jian Luozhi, “Because of her?”

    Bai Yueguang was puzzled, “She is also an omega, what’s the point of using someone like her, not to mention that her identity is not convincing.
Do you think that since Qiao Mo is someone you brought out by yourself, so you trust her more than me.”

    How is her identity unconvincing, Qiao Mo’s heart was suddenly full of anger, and her face also showed a bit of displeasure.

    She used to think that Bai Yueguang had a bit of courage as the female protagonist, but now it seems that Bai Yueguang is nothing but a sucker for power.
If it weren’t for Bai Yueguang being an omega, she would have never been polite to her.

    “No matter what her identity is and whether she has any so-called persuasive power, I will not let Qiao Mo suffer any grievances.” Jian Luozhi looked at Bai Yueguang and said, “Also, I don’t need anyone’s identity as a foil for me.”


    Bai Yueguang looked hesitant.

    “Bai Yueguang, there’s nothing to talk about, that’s it.” Jian Luozhi interrupted Bai Yueguang decisively.

    Jian Luozhi wanted to pull Qiao Mo away.
The interests in his circle are intertwined.
He doesn’t want Qiao Mo to listen more.
Unlike the people in this circle, his little girl is clean and warm.

    However, Jian Luozhi did not succeed in pulling Qiao Mo away.

    Qiao Mo stood steadily at the same place.
She looked at Bai Yueguang and said earnestly, word by word, “There is no possibility, because Luoluo is my lover.”

    “If I can’t even endure this, then I don’t need to stand by his side.”

    She held Jian Luozhi’s hand and said this to Bai Yueguang.
When Jian Luozhi heard the last sentence, he couldn’t help but clench Qiao Mo’s hand tightly, as the two of them clasped their fingers together.

    There was an indescribable sense of sweetness in Jian Luozhi’s heart.
Although Qiao Mo said that she wanted to talk to him and give it a try, he knew that Qiao Mo’s heart had always been a little bit resistant to what had happened at the beginning.
It had left a very deep impression on Jian Luozhi, which has always made him slightly uneasy.

    This was also the reason why he never showed his relationship in front of outsiders even though he told Qiao Mo that he wanted to have a formal relationship with her.
He was afraid that Qiao Mo would not like it and that she would leave one day.

    But now Qiao Mo has officially recognized his identity in front of another person, and said his position in the other person’s heart.
Jian Luozhi was very happy.

    Bai Yueguang looked at the two of them and still couldn’t react, but then she suddenly realized something, the subtle things from the past flew through her mind, as she looked at Qiao Mo and exclaimed in a low voice, “You are an alpha.

    Bai Yueguang finally realized where Jian Luozhi’s troubles came from.

    Now that she understood the key points, she look at Jian Luozhi again.
Where are Jian Luozhi’s eyes full of coldness, his aura deep and inaccessible, it is clear that there is a hint of warmth in the corners of his eyes, looking a bit gentler than before.

    This man, who usually looks even more like an alpha than an alpha, looked at the petite and beautiful girl beside him at this time, and there was a bit of omega’s shyness and sweetness between his eyebrows.

    But…no… it is not possible.

    How can there be such a cute and good-looking alpha, not rude and arrogant at all, but instead gentle and considerate?

    “Yes, I am an alpha.”

    Qiao Mo admitted it generously.
This Bai Yueguang said that she wanted to marry her man under her nose.
If she didn’t say anything now, she would be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle [1].

    Qiao Mo used her pheromones to confirm Bai Yueguang’s guess.

    Bai Yueguang was immediately stunned, she understood everything that she didn’t understand before, her face instantly became pale, as she looked at the two people in front of her with embarrassment.

    These two people are really interesting, let her stand here and eat a big meal of dog food [2].

    What’s wrong, is it amazing to have a partner.

    If you have a partner, you can treat a helpless single dog like this.
This is too much.

    She really didn’t expect that Jian Luozhi would be such a person.

    On the surface, he looks like a calm and reliable boss, but behind his mask is a love brain who secretly shows off and sprinkles dog food.

    Bai Yueguang’s face suddenly turned ugly, as she sneered, and threw the contract directly.
Then without looking at the two of them, she strode away.

    When she reached the door, she stopped again, turned her head to look at Jian Luozhi and said, “Remember the promise of favor you said, and I will find a way to convince the Bai family to support you.”

    Hmph, she wants to see how far Jian Luozhi can go.

    Although she thought of the difficulties that Jian Luozhi was going to face, she still felt a little sour in her heart.

    Hey, it’s good to have someone to care for.
Jian Luozhi is really a winner in life, he has a good career and a lover who protects him.
But she, what about her? She can only maintain the dignity of an omega, pulling resources for the Bai family everywhere, so that the Bai family does not crumble.

    After Bai Yueguang left, Jian Luozhi was still thinking about interests.

    The arrival of Bai Yueguang today has also accelerated Jian Luozhi’s determination.
He had wanted to do it since some time ago, but now he intends to do it as soon as possible.

    A long time ago, Jian Luozhi’s options were not considered so decisive.
In fact, before he met Qiao Mo, he also taken into account the situation where his gender would be revealed, but at that time he planned to do that operation.
As long as he did it, even if his gender as an omega is exposed, it’s impact will not be too big, because it is his lifelong happiness that he exchanged for complete power, and it will not have much impact on the Jian family itself, but now that there is Qiao Mo, this variable, he needs to think more carefully.

    Jian Luozhi was thinking about the company’s equity that will be in a mess, how to design the uncles who might just be waiting for his resignation, when suddenly his whole being was pressed on the small table in the reception room, as a hot kiss fell down on him, causing him to be dumbfounded.

    He had just been messing around with Qiao Mo in the office, and his body had just calmed down.
The pheromone exchange was only halfway through before being forced to stop, because of which he could be provoked by unwanted thoughts at any time.

    At this moment, Qiao Mo suddenly pressed him on the table and kissed him directly.
Jian Luozhi didn’t react at all, so his face blushed and his body instantly softened again.

    This reception room is more dangerous than the office.
Someone will come in at any time.
Jian Luozhi was extremely nervous.
He didn’t know why Qiao Mo suddenly turned so dominating.

    It was obvious that Qiao Mo used to stick to her bottom line, and even he was not allowed to touch her randomly.
Even a mention of the complete mark would make Qiao Mo blush for a long time.
This time… what happened this time?

    At this moment, he really felt that his little girl was an adult alpha.
Once the opponent became strong, he would have no power to fight back at all, and was instead controlled by his little girl without any place to resist.
He could only be powerless and embarrassed.
Finally, he decided to let the little girl handle it at will.

    Qiao Mo stared at him deeply, her sweet and beautiful face was no longer as gentle as it used to be, as she reached out her fingers and rubbed Jian Luozhi’s lips, and said in a low voice besides his ear, “The previous thing was interrupted, do you still want to continue, this time I will definitely satisfy Luoluo, okay?”

   “Not…not yet, Qiao Mo, let go…let go, I can’t let others see me…”

    Jian Luozhi wanted to stop Qiao Mo intermittently, but just as he stretched out his hand to push Qiao Mo, his wrists were tightly buckled on the top of his head by Qiao Mo, and he could only sob in grievance and wet his eyes.

    Because he was too scared and nervous, there was a bit of forced humiliation on his face, struggling to avoid Qiao Mo in a panic.

    But Qiao Mo turned a deaf ear and even squeezed between his legs.

    There were voices of conversation outside.
Several department heads had just finished the meeting and were passing by.
Their voices were getting closer and closer, and they were about to approach the reception room.

    When Bai Yueguang left, the door of the reception room was kept open.
As long as these heads passed by, they would definitely see Jian Luozhi who was pinned on the table.

    Jian Luozhi’s nervous body tightened, but Qiao Mo lowered her head and rubbed his neck lightly, with a bit of dissatisfaction, lightly rubbing his neck with her teeth, “Luoluo’s charm is so great that even an omega would like to marry you.”

    “Qiao Mo, I have already refused.”

    Jian Luozhi was really scared.
This feeling of being on the verge of losing control made him unable to calm himself down.
He could only beg his alpha wholeheartedly.
For the first time, panic appeared in his normally indifferent and black eyes, looking very seductive and tempting, making one want to bully him even more.

    “What is Luoluo afraid of, is he afraid of being seen by others, but if someone sees it, no one will dare to covet Luoluo again.”

    Qiao Mo stared at Jian Luozhi.
Normally, she would have let go of the other person because of her distress, but today her heart was full of bitterness because of the talk of marriage, and the possessiveness of an alpha erupted.
Many complex emotions including anger, jealousy, possessiveness impacted her, making her out of control, agitated and impulsive, wanting to rub Jian Luozhi into her body, or simply swallow him, making her no longer like her usual self who stuck to the bottom line.

    She even whispered in Jian Luozhi’s ear on purpose, her sharp teeth almost piercing Jian Luozhi’s skin.

    The voices of the conversation had reached the door, and Qiao Mo’s teeth finally pierced his skin, making Jian Luozhi let out a groan, trembling all over because of the excessive stimulation, as his eyes became blank.

    Qiao Mo licked his tears and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, Luoluo, they can’t see us.
My pheromones contain spiritual power.
If I want, I can prevent others from snooping.”

    Jian Luozhi’s spirit finally returned to his body and he gave Qiao Mo a vicious look, but because of the water in his eyes, there was only a seductive look without any sense of deterrence.

    His voice was hoarse as he said, “This joke is too much.”

    Jian Luozhi also found out, as Qiao Mo said, those department heads turned a blind eye to the two of them and walked away from the door of the reception room.
His pounding heart finally calmed down.

    “Doesn’t Luoluo like it, isn’t it exciting?”

    Qiao Mo asked Jian Luozhi back, as she felt that Jian Luozhi was a little bit inconsistent, he obviously lost his mind just now because of desire.

    Jian Luozhi was at a loss for words as his cheeks became red.
The moment just now was really exciting.
In an omega’s nature, there is an instinct to succumb to a strong alpha.
Although Jian Luozhi is a top-notch person with a strong mentality among omegas, and usually no one can tell him to give in, but that’s just because he has not meet the right person.

    In just a split second, under the enticement of Qiao Mo, his instinct hidden in his gender was driven out, and for the first time in his life he realized what it meant to climb the peak.

    Usually Jian Luozhi always deliberately irritates Qiao Mo, and likes to see Qiao Mo blush and lose her temper, but this time Qiao Mo suddenly changed her tactics to fight back, and his self-esteem as the President of the Chuangshi began to collapse at that time.
He glared at Qiao Mo, then barely supported his body, leaned against the wall and walked towards the door, intending to go back to the small room in the office for a brief wash.

    Qiao Mo chased after him in two to three steps and ignoring Jian Luozhi’s embarrassment, she took the initiative to hAsold his hand, “Okay, Luoluo, don’t be angry.
I was so happy to hear what you said just now.
Luoluo, I like you very much”

    Jian Luozhi’s steps paused, as the corners of his mouth involuntarily raised a faint smile, and he held Qiao Mo’s hand back.

    A few days later, Qiao Mo received a reply from the professor, who sounded very excited on the phone, “Qiao Mo, I will take you to the exchange meeting in a few days, and will help you publish your manuscript in N1 magazine.
The editing of the manuscript is done, you can take a look when you have time, the professors in several circles are full of praise for the quality of the manuscript, and they even asked me where I found such a student.
They want to meet you at the exchange meeting.”

    “It is good.”

    Qiao Mo had been waiting for these words, and naturally would not refuse.

    She also knows about N1 magazine, which is a very authoritative magazine in the circle.
Qiao Mo accepted the e-version sent by the professor, and found that the professor and her own signature were below.

    Regarding this the professor explained embarrassedly, “After all, you have no reputation before, so I added myself to the position of the advisor just to facilitate your manuscript review.
When you publish more high-quality papers in the future, you can sign it yourself.

    This was also in Qiao Mo’s expectation.
She wanted to take a quicker way, so she could only do this, first use the professor’s network to pave the way for herself.

    “Actually, thank you for your support.”

    Qiao Mo smiled softly and thanked the professor.

    Although the professor signed her paper, she also borrowed the professor’s status and contacts, so she had to be polite.

    The professor was also very happy, and he liked Qiao Mo even more.
Most of the young people in the circle nowadays were arrogant and had eyes above their heads.
It was hard not to like someone like Qiao Mo who knew how to be grateful.

    “This exchange meeting is also an important exchange meeting in the circle.
Since you specialize in the same direction as me, you should also know the origin of the gender in our world.
It is said that there were no three genders of ABO at the beginning.
It is because of the disaster that almost wiped out the human race that human beings have evolved three genders.
This time, the discussion will be about the origin of genes and gender.
It is said that someone has found various materials that are suspected to have been present at that time.
Come and have a look, anyway, there is only good and no harm to you.”

    Hearing the professor’s words, Qiao Mo was stunned for a moment, as many vague thoughts flashed in her heart, and she finally nodded.

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