29 Kiss me right here

Jian is in a good mood today.

    This is the most intuitive feeling of every employee who walks into the Chuangshi Group Building today.

    Even if Mr.
Jian’s expression is still as cold as usual, and his whole body still emitting coldness, but the employees who have spent countless hours with Mr.
Jian in this building can realize that Mr.
Jian’s mood is very good today.

Jian is good.”

    When Jian Luozhi walked over to his office, the people in the corridor nervously bowed to him to say hello, as Jian Luozhi nodded slightly and responded, “Hello.”

    After Jian Luozhi walked over, that person immediately took a breath of air and stammered, “Mr.
Jian seems to have replied to me just now, and if I read it correctly, the corners of Mr.
Jian’s mouth are not drooping but rising today…”

    Yes, because Jian Luozhi is usually more serious in his work and doesn’t show much expressions, so the employees have learned to observe his micro-expressions.

    That person looked at the colleague next to him being stunned silly, obviously that colleague was just as surprised as he was.

    “What day is today? Mr.
Jian is so happy.”

    The person muttered to himself and looked at his colleague, asking questions from the bottom of his heart.

    In fact, in addition to these small staff, Jian Luozhi’s chief secretary was also very puzzled.

    Because Jian Luozhi had just entered the top-floor office, and he raised his chin towards the secretary beside him, “Clear your seat.”

    The secretary: “???”

    The secretary was shocked, “Mr.
Jian, what mistake did your subordinate make? Do you want to kick me out of the Chuangshi Group?”

    Seeing that the secretary’s face was full of sadness, and that he was just short of kneeling down to prove his innocence, Jian Luozhi said lightly, “I will let the logistics make a separate office for you, just downstairs.
You can go downstairs to work in the future.”

    The secretary: “…”

    He is President Jian’s personal secretary.
Why does he go downstairs to work?

    With a belly full of puzzlement, the secretary began to clean up his own little office in the top-floor of the building.

    In fact, the chief secretary should have his own independent office, but this workaholic boss of his, Mr.
Jian, simply made him stationed in the top-floor office for efficiency.
While he was packing up his things there was a subtle sense of abandonment in his heart.

    The secretary was aggrieved as packed up the last thing, and opened the door of the office with his file bag in his arms.

    Then he and the staff’s confusion today was all explained.

    A woman who looks eighteen or nineteen, at most in her early twenties, entered the top floor of the building with a bit of curiosity in her clear eyes.
The secretary felt that the other party was either an omega or a beta, but the biggest possibility was of being an omega.

    A young and beautiful girl with black hair and drooping shoulders, wearing a pure white dress, floated in like a light and dreamy cloud.

    She looks so beautiful, just like a top star, but she doesn’t wear the jewels usually worn by the stars.
She is like the purest elf born by the nature, the gentleness and purity in her eyebrows is just like the clear springs.
The eyes of the people who looked at her also softened.

    The other party was carrying a schoolbag and looked a little shy.
Contrary to these corporate people in suits and leather shoes, she looked like a particularly well-behaved student.

    The secretary stared at the beautiful girl twice, then couldn’t help turning his head to look at his boss, and finally couldn’t help staring at the girl again.

    It turns out that this sister is the reason for President Jian’s mood changes today?

    Those department heads who were gossiping yesterday were not wrong.
President Jian is really in love.

    It’s just that this sister is too young.

    The secretary was heartbroken.

Jian actually learned the trick of a wealthy old man.

    It’s really going downhill, it’s going downhill!

    He also kicked his secretary out of the office for the sake of this little sister.
What are they going to do in the office?

    The secretary looked at her for a long time, and Qiao Mo couldn’t help but look back with a puzzled expression, “Excuse me, is there anything wrong with me?”

    The secretary’s eyes showed a bit of pity, this little sister is so innocent and ignorant , she will definitely be deceived by their President Jian.

    However, the secretary had no chance to say anything, because Jian Luozhi had already coughed suggestively and said lightly, “Xiao Zhang, it’s time for you to go out.”

    Secretary Zhang choked for a moment in grievance, and glanced at Jian Luozhi resentfully, like an abandoned wife, holding the folder and turned back to leave.

    Forgot the old after getting the new.

    He is the abandoned old man now, and thanks to the fact that he used to accompany Mr.
Jian in this office day and night, now he doesn’t even have a place.

    Wait until Secretary Zhang closed the door of the office with his last thoughtfulness.

    He heard the cute little sister in the office ask Mr.
Jian suspiciously, “He looks sad, Luoluo, does he have something to say?”

    Then his family’s Mr.
Jian said in very simple and rude words, “He is not sad, you don’t need to worry about him.”

    Secretary Zhang almost vomited out a mouthful of blood as walked into the elevator with heavy steps.

Jian who is in love has no humanity, and single dogs like him don’t want to get goosebumps by hearing such a bizarre nickname as ‘Luoluo’.

    When the secretary walked out of the top-floor office building, everyone knew why Jian Luozhi was in a good mood today, and that they might have a Mrs.

    At this moment in the office, Qiao Mo blinked “Luoluo, where is the vacant desk you said?”

    Jian Luozhi paused, then pointed at the position where Secretary Zhang used to sit with a nonchalant expression, “This is it, you can sit here.”

    In the past, Jian Luozhi was a person who paid attention to efficiency.
For the convenience of office work, he designed the position of the secretary very close to him, which was very convenient for the two people to communicate with each other.

    Now that Secretary Zhang is gone, and Qiao Mo sits there, Jian Luozhi only needs to raise his head a little to see her.

    Qiao Mo walked over with her book in her arms with her eyes sparkling.
She could see the traces of being used on the desk at a glance, and thinking of the expression of the person who left the office before, Qiao Mo instantly understood.
Understanding everything she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
She really didn’t expect Jian Luozhi to be such a boss.
In order to trick her into coming to work together, he actually drove away the little friend in the same office.
No wonder that person was so resentful when he left.

    However, after being in contact with Jian Luozhi for so long, she also found out that Jian Luozhi occasionally has a very cute side, and he is not always cold and difficult to approach, just like yesterday…

    Thinking of yesterday’s Jian Luozhi, Qiao Mo’s face couldn’t help turning red.

    Although Jian Luozhi also sat at his desk after Qiao Mo came in, he kept looking at her.

    Seeing that Qiao Mo’s face was a little red, he stood up and said, “Are you still feeling uncomfortable, should you rest, or should I call a doctor?”

    Qiao Mo shook her head, “I slept well last night and sweated a lot.”

    Her physical fitness is still good.
The gender of alpha seems to have given her physical fitness a positive boost, making it even better.
So she didn’t even have to take medicine this time, and got better soon.

    As the two talked, Qiao Mo smiled at Jian Luozhi, and put away her thoughts to complete yesterday’s thesis.

    After Jian Luozhi left yesterday, she retrieved the content of the thesis, but there were still some details that needed to be revised.
She planned to contact the biology professor this week, and then go to the laboratory as soon as possible, so as not to sit idle.

    After all, although Jian Luozhi’s outfits look casual, everything is of high quality.

    As a girl who occasionally pays attention to entertainment gossip, Qiao Mo can barely make out that everything Jian Luozhi wears is very expensive.

    Just… it’s quite stressful to fall in love with such a boyfriend.
The gifts that can be given don’t match Jian Luozhi, and she can’t afford to buy things that Jian Luozhi uses.

    After entering the Chuangshi Building today, she had a deeper understanding of Jian Luozhi’s worth, and she probably figured out why those people in the Jian family fought so hard.
Such a Jian Luozhi, he was willing to give it all to be with herself.
Qiao Mo felt that she at least had to live up to his efforts.

    What a sweet burden.

    So Professor Qiao, who originally planned to be a salted fish, wanted to struggle again for her boyfriend.

    But why is Jian Luozhi feeling so uneasy?

    With his status and wealth, he should have gained a lot of insight, and he should have come into contact with many people who wanted to give their bodies and hearts to him, but the deeper the relationship, the more Qiao Mo can feel the other party’s uneasiness.
In the villa garage a long time ago, she had seen Jian Luozhi’s unintentional vulnerability.

    Qiao Mo was sitting in front of the computer, while writing the thesis and thinking about these messy things, but she didn’t know that someone sitting next to her couldn’t help grinding his teeth looking at her being so concentrated, feeling a little unhappy in his heart…

    “How is it?”

    Qiao Mo had just finished writing the last sentence of the thesis, and Jian Luozhi, who had been quietly staring at her, suddenly spoke up.

    Qiao Mo was stunned for a moment, and replied in confusion, “It’s okay.”

    Jian Luozhi got up and walked to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass, with his hands in his pockets and turned to look at Qiao Mo.

    Behind him is the clear blue sky, with floating clouds, and occasionally the light white marks left by the plane crossing the sky.

    All the buildings in Xicheng are not as tall as the Chuangshi Building.
Looking down from the luxurious office building on the top floor of Chuangshi, all the buildings have become a blurred background used to set off Jian Luozhi’s charisma.

    He is the most handsome and youngest person holding the economic lifeline of the city.
Whether it is his career or his life, he has added an unspeakable mysterious charm to him.

    Aloof, alienated, inaccessible and fascinating.

    “Many people say that standing here and looking down will give you a dazzling sense of control, as if the entire Xicheng City is in your hands.
I also like standing here very much.”

    It was the first time that Qiao Mo saw how Jian Luozhi’s looks while being in the office.
She was surprised by Jian Luozhi’s ambition, but also involuntarily attracted by Jian Luozhi’s words, and walked out from behind the desk unknowingly.
Walking to Jian Luozhi’s side, she followed Jian Luozhi and looked down.

    The pedestrians below look like ants, and the cars look like small peas.
Only the person standing at the top is like a god, overlooking everything below.

    This is indeed a very dazzling position.

    However, what made Qiao Mo even more dazzled and fascinated was the aloof and stern god, who in a low and intoxicated voice, uttered the most seductive and demonic words, with a bit of temptation and playfulness, like a devil whispering in her ears, “Some people say that kissing in such a luxurious office is both addictive and exciting, Momo, would you like to give it a try?”

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