19 The most embarrassing thing is that Jian Luozhi supports Qiao Mo

    Qiao Mo pushed open the door of the villa and walked out.
She was a well-bred lady, even if she was very angry, she didn’t do anything like slamming the door shut.

    Qiao Mo, who was carrying the suitcase, stopped in the vast darkness, and for a while she was a little dazed.

    Since transmigrating here, she has been living in Jian Luozhi’s villa, and was never worried about food, clothing, housing, and usually had the sand sculpture system to amuse her.

    In just one night, she has not only lost the sand sculpture system, but also lost a warm and stable source of income, and even lost her home in this world.

    She just found out now that although she always talks about the male lead and the female lead being together, that she will leave Jian Luozhi sooner or later, and she had even planned to submit her resignation to Jian Luozhi.

    However, when she really left this villa where she had lived for just a few days, and when she left Jian Luozhi, the first person she got to know in this world, she couldn’t help feeling lost.

    It’s not that she’s not independent enough, it’s just a subtle mother-chick effect.

    Especially when she and Jian Luozhi were so close just now.

    She stood at the door of the villa for a few more seconds, wondering if Jian Luozhi did regret even a bit, but the door of the villa behind her was still as silent as when she left.

    Qiao Mo was feeling even more angry at the bottom of her heart, and was aggrieved because of her momentary weakness and Jian Luozhi’s ruthlessness.

    She gritted her teeth secretly and said in her heart that she would never come here again, even if Jian Luozhi begged her, she would not come.

    With this thought in mind, Qiao Mo didn’t stop, but dragged her suitcase and left in a random direction.

    Not far away, Jian Yuezhi was talking to the Scarface and his group.
The group suddenly saw a slender figure walking out of the villa, and they looked at it again.
The other party was the soft-faced Qiao Mo that they were talking about.

    A playful and malicious smile suddenly appeared on Jian Yuezhi’s face, with eagerness in his eyes, he planned to seek advice from Qiao Mo.

    No matter if his eldest brother was a real A or an O who was pretending to be an A, this little white face must have a lot to say.

    Such a vain and cowardly A, who worships money, must not be able to hide anything.

    Jian Yuezhi knew what he threw at Jian Luozhi today.
He threw the pheromone stimulant, which not only stimulated the pheromone of people, but also forced people to enter their most violent susceptible period.

    No matter what his brother’s gender is, he will definitely not feel well tonight, and this little white-faced A must have been tortured enough by his eldest brother.

    With his eldest brother’s temperament, if he was A, he would definitely use this little white face to quell the fire.
In the end, the her body would not be able to contain all those pheromones, and would definitely leak some out.

    If his eldest brother was a O, even if this little white face was a A, after his eldest brother finds out, he will never stand her.

    And looking at the other party’s appearance, 80% probability was that she was just kicked out by his elder brother.
At this time, the other party must be full of anger, and will be easiest to bribe.

    “Let’s go and meet her.”

    Jian Yuezhi immediately started the engine, intending to block Qiao Mo, but the group of people with Scarface were a little hesitant.

    “Second Young Master, this Qiao Mo seems a little strange now.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to get your hands on her.”

    However, Jian Yuezhi just treated Scarface as a coward and turned a deaf ear to his words.

    After all, Qiao Mo rushed out of the villa in a rage, still wearing those cute bear pajamas, her hair was scattered softly because of the uproar just now, her small white face was full of grievances, and her big eyes were filled with water.
Simply an appearance that says ‘Come and bully me’, but in fact the reality was exactly opposite.

    Jian Yuezhi drove the car in front of Qiao Mo and directly blocked her way, “Hey.”

    He shouted out to Qiao Mo, his handsome face full of frivolity, “You are my eldest brother’s girlfriend, right? Tell me, what is the price to follow me.”

   Qiao Mo was hurrying down with her head full of anger, but her road was unexpectedly blocked by a moron.
She stopped to look at Jian Yuezhi, and before she had time to say anything, she heard Jian Yuezhi forcefully making an offer to her.
Listening to him, Qiao Mo immediately laughed angrily.

    She remembered this person.
This person was the one who attacked Jian Luozhi at the banquet, and the culprit who made her and Jian Luozhi become what they are now.

    Qiao Mo was originally angry because of Jian Luozhi’s offer, but now that Jian Yuezhi had blocked her way unreasonably, opening his mouth without thinking, Qiao Mo’s anger peaked.

    She glanced at Jian Yuezhi coldly, and blankly said two words, “Go away!”

    Before Jian Yuezhi even had time to react, he felt an extremely terrifying pheromone pressure pressing him down, as if a giant hand was pasting him directly to his seat.

    The Scarfaced and the others who were huddled behind Jian Yuezhi’s car were also pressed down on the group.

    After Jian Yuezhi and the others calmed down, Qiao Mo walked away without looking at them while dragging her suitcases.

    Jian Yuezhi stared at Qiao Mo’s back, and it took a long time for him to spit out a word, “Fuck.”

    How much did his back ached today, because of being pressed by this pair of dog couple with terrifying pheromones.

    After Qiao Mo left, she originally wanted to call Su Shu to ask if she could stay overnight, but just after she took out her phone and dialed a number, she suddenly remembered that she was in the world of ABO, even if they were both women, they shouldn’t casually live together.
And Su Shu was very likely to be an omega, so it was very impolite to crash at her place tonight.

    Realizing this Qiao Mo wanted to cry but had no tears.
She put away her mobile phone in frustration, and found a hotel to stay temporarily, planning to go to the university the next day to go through the check-in procedures for the dorm.

    However, the next day was the weekend, and the school did not go through the check-in procedures during these days, so Qiao Mo called Su Shu.
Su Shu, proving to be her best buddy, invited Qiao Mo to go walk around to relax.

    “You broke up with Mr.

    Su Shu drank milk tea while looked at Qiao Mo with concern, “I was worried that Mr.
Jian was a scumbag who played with people’s body and mind…”

    Su Shu was very indignant for Qiao Mo, “It seems that I did not guess wrong.
Momo, don’t worry, there are many tress in this the world that you can hang on.
I think senior Ke Mo is quite good, I originally wanted to persuade you to think about giving him a chance, but at that time, seeing how you spoke up for Mr.
Jian, I didn’t say anything.”

    Qiao Mo was originally just nodding her head to Su Shu’s words, but the more she listened, the more wrong she felt.
She looked at Su Shu dumbfoundedly, “You misunderstood.”

    No wonder Su Shu’s expression was always somewhat wrong when she looked at her and Jian Luozhi.

    However, in the world of ABO, Jian Luozhi does indeed look very fierce for his gender.
She didn’t know her gender before, so it’s no wonder that Su Shu misunderstood that the two of them were dating.

    Su Shu pouted, “Momo, you like him so much, even after being kicked out of the villa, you still speak for him.”

    “It was really not Jian Luozhi who drove me away.”

    However, no matter how Qiao Mo explained, Su Shu had an expression of disbelief on her face, so Qiao Mo had no choice but to stop and change the subject, “Forget it, you can accompany me to buy some daily necessities.”

    Su Shu naturally agreed, and she also gave Qiao Mo her opinion, “You are a senior now, haven’t you thought about where to go for an internship, and you don’t need to live on campus in your senior year, the student dormitory is not so comfortable.
If you find a company for internship, you can apply for a housing subsidy, it’s not good to rent a house by yourself.”

    Qiao Mo was stunned, yes, she could rent a single apartment to live by herself, and the balance in her card was enough for her to do so.

    Hearing that Qiao Mo approved her proposal, Su Shu was very happy, “Let’s go, let’s find a house first and then buy daily necessities.”

   The two of them spent almost a whole day roaming around, and finally settled on a cheap small apartment very close to the university.
After paying the deposit, Qiao Mo was very happy and took Su Shu to dinner.

    Su Shu was also very happy that Qiao Mo was able to get rid of the abusive relationship between the rich and powerful, and took her for two drinks.

    “Sister, you should look forward, there is no A that you can’t conquer in the end of the world.”

    Su Shu drank wine and shouted slogans to relieve Qiao Mo.

    Qiao Mo shook her head helplessly, but she couldn’t explain it clearly, so she had to drink two glasses with Su Shu.

    She has an easy-to-drunk physique.
After two sips, her face turned red, so she apologized to Su Shu and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

    Standing at the door of the bathroom, Qiao Mo instinctively went to the women’s toilet.
When she saw the doors in two different directions, she was completely dumbfounded.

    She is a girl A, which toilet should she go to?

    Qiao Mo’s eyes fell on the toilet with a standing urinal, and her expression was extremely hesitant.

    Although she is a female A, it seems that A is a recessive gender.
When she doesn’t want that, there will be no penis, so she shouldn’t have to pee standing up, right?

    Thinking of this, Qiao Mo felt a little unhappy.

    If she went to a public toilet earlier after transmigrating, she wouldn’t have to wait to know her gender till Jian Luozhi’s susceptibility period.
She could only blame her for being too lazy to go out, and the distinction was not so clear with the toilet in the villa.

    When a person drinks a little too much, his or her thoughts are not so clear.

    Qiao Mo stood at the door of the toilet and hesitated for a while, then decided to randomly pick a toilet and go to it first

    Just as Qiao Mo squatted in the toilet, she heard a pattering sound coming from the next door because of poor sound insulation.

    After a while, she pushed the door open at the same time as the next one.
The two of them bumped head-on, causing both of them to be stunned.

    However, what stunned Qiao Mo, who was a bit drunk, was the other party’s always cold and tyrannical aura.


    Qiao Mo was speechless for a while, so she could only point at Jian Luozhi, then looked up at the toilet sign, “This is… this is toilet for A.”

    Jian Luozhi looked calm, instinctively stretching out his hand to support Qiao Mo, who was shaking, and said calmly, “It’s the men’s toilet.”

    “Male…male A…but…”

    Qiao Mo stared at Jian Luozhi’s face, the scene of last night flashed in her mind, Jian Luozhi crying in her arms…

  Her face turned red all of a sudden, she remembered the sound she heard when she went to the toilet just now, and for some reason she always felt that the air was so suffocating that she was about to explode, and her head seemed to be even more dizzy.

    Jian Luozhi’s face was still calm, but his always cold and sharp eyes were a little erratic, and his ears were flushed red.

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