“Put the… pineal gland jammer that I developed… into the body of the Zerg King and it can interfere with… interfere with the Zerg King’s abilities, and make the entire Zerg army collapse.
Unfortunately, I can’t see the scene of humanity’s victory.”

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    In her laboratory, amidst the instrument’s crackling noises, Qiao Mo sat on a chair, her head and limbs drooping weakly, but her eyes were astonishingly bright, like the last burning fire of life.

    She used all her willpower to raise her hand, and tremblingly placing the radiant seed in her hand into the hands of the general standing opposite her.

    With tears in his eyes, the general looked at Qiao Mo’s old face with gray and sparse hair.

    Professor Qiao Mo was less than 40 years old.
In the new era where the age limit is usually 300 years old, she can only be regarded as young.

    But for the future of mankind, Professor Qiao Mo spent all her time and energy in the cold and boring laboratory until she made a pineal gland jammer that could turn the tide of the battle.

    The war was about to be won, but Professor Qiao Mo who had exhausted her mental strength, can no longer see the outside world of flowers and a new era where they can live easily.

    “Take a good look at the new world without Zergs for me.”

    Qiao Mo finished the last sentence, then closed her eyes with a smile, her hand fell heavily, and then there was no sound.

    “Professor Qiao.” The people in the laboratory suddenly burst into tears, and everyone sobbed in a low voice, for Qiao Mo’s departure.

    At the last moment of her breath, Qiao Mo sighed in her heart.

    She dedicated her short life to the laboratory, to all of mankind, and even to the new era.

    She has never had her own life, nor experienced a normal life.

    Did she regret it?

    Of course not, if she did not put all her efforts into studying the pineal gland jammer, then the hundreds of billions of human beings outside, including herself, could only live in eternal darkness and fear.

    Did she not regret it?

    Not quite.

    At least there was a slight regret.

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    But it doesn’t matter anymore, her life is over, she’s tired, and now she’s going to have a good rest.

   If there is an afterlife, she hopes to be a happy salted fish, eating and drinking happily every day, go shopping and watch dramas, and never shoulder such a heavy responsibility again.

    The rude sound of ‘bang bang bang’ woke Qiao Mo from the calm darkness.
“Miss Qiao, sir will be back in five minutes.
Have you thought about how to explain it to him?”

    Qiao Mo heard the buzzing sound in her ears, as she tried hard to open her eyes, and her heart gave rise to the inevitable.
She felt very irritating.

   Isn’t the pineal gland jammer already made, isn’t the Zerg King dead, why is it so noisy.
Not even letting her rest after her death.

  “Miss Qiao, it’s useless to pretend to be asleep.
Master already knows what you did to Miss Bai, and he is very angry.”

   “Miss Bai came from a prestigious family and graduated from the best foreign University, and she is even more dazzling and famous.
Forgive me.
To put it bluntly, Miss Qiao, you are delusional to be comparing yourself with Miss Bai, you are but asking for trouble by provoking Miss Bai, which is even more ridiculous.
I hope that you can recognize your mistake this time and sincerely apologize to Miss Bai, so as not to anger Master, in case he just drives you out of the villa.”

   “I am afraid that after being driven out of the villa, you will be reduced to be sleeping on the streets.”

    The persistent and contemptuous chatter finally succeeded in pulling Qiao Mo out of the darkness, and she fully opened her eyes.
After waking up she found herself in a king size bed with a dreamy crystal lamp on her head, a soft and white velvet quilt underneath, and silk pajamas as thin as cicada wings covering her body.
The chatter outside got closer and closer, and finally stopped beside her bed, it was a Butler in a British suit.

   The other party was looking at her indifferently, and his mouth just kept babbling incessantly, “Miss Qiao, pretending to be deaf and dumb is not a wise move.
I hope you have listened to my advice.”

    At this moment, a babbling sound also popped up in Qiao Mo’s mind.

    “Hey, host, it’s nice to meet you.
I’m the ‘Female Supporting Role Counterattack’ system, the personal system that you are bound to.
You can call me Xiaotong or Xiaoping.
I believe that you who love to read time-travel novels know about transmigration, female supporting role, and the system.
These words are not unfamiliar, right?”

    Two voices, one inside and one outside, were chattering back and forth, causing Qiao Mo’s brain to almost explode.

    She thought to herself that she was somewhat of a benefactor during her previous lifetime, but it is not enough that she can’t rest in peace after her death, but she even has to suffer such double-reed torture.

    Fortunately, the housekeeper was disdainful enough, and after talking nonsense to her, he turned around and left proudly.
There was only one voice left in Qiao Mo’s ear, and that was the voice of the system.
She was finally relieved.

   “I believe that you have seen your situation.
Bingo, yes, you have now become a lucky transmigrator, dressed as a vicious female supporting role in a famous novel world.
You should know about the existence of a vicious female supporting role.
Especially the one that acts as a stand-in.” After the System finished speaking, he even sent a blingbling emoji[1] to show his wit and humor.

    Is it really witty and humorous? Qiao Mo did not wish to comment for the time being, but Qiao Mo is not unfamiliar with the existence of vicious female supporting roles.

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    Just as the system said, Qiao Mo was also an ordinary student who loved to read novels during her student days, and naturally she had not missed reading those novels full of dog-blood drama.

    In every love story, there is a vicious female supporting character who is specially there to strengthen the relationship between the male and female protagonists.

    Especially the female supporting character among them is even more vain and pretentious.
Her existence is only there to the set of the high and moral persona of the female protagonist.

    All bad things that should be done, all kinds of bullying and provoking the female protagonist, making the readers itch with hatred, and also making the hero feel remorseful is done by the female supporting role.
When there is HE (Happy Ending) in the end, it is the day when the female protagonist steps all over the supporting character.

    And the character that Qiao Mo transmigrated into was raised in the villa by the male protagonist after the female protagonist left.
She was used as a substitute for the female protagonist by the male protagonist, and it was also another proof that the male protagonist loved the female protagonist.

    Of course Qiao Mo had doubts about this so-called love.

    At this time, Qiao Mo, the stand-in, learned of the existence of the main character, and began to repeatedly jump to her death in front of the female protagonist.

   Qiao Mo is a vanity loving substitute, lives in a luxury villa, eats meals delivered by air-crafts, and spends six-figure amount every month given by the male protagonist, but is still not satisfied.
She wants to become the male protagonist’s wife and posses all of his wealth.
She also want to take away the enviable love belonging to the female protagonist.

    Even if she is just a stand-in, her capabilities are zero, her background is low, and her character is also not good.

    But she thinks a lot and wants everything that the female protagonist has.

    “Of course, the host doesn’t need to worry, you now have the ‘Female Supporting Role Counterattack System’, that is, me, Xiaotong, you can start a happy life of counterattacking and marry Gao Fushuai Mr. [2].”

   “The host only needs to follow me.
Work hard to complete tasks and earn points.
You can open up the various skills possessed by the system, and become an elegant and charming peerless beauty that both male protagonist and male supporting character are crazy about.
The great cause of the world.”

    “You can also tell the system what you would like to learn, and the system will create a personal course for you.”

    “I’m not interested.”

    After listening to the cause and effect, Qiao Mo directly raised her hands and covered her head, as if saying I don’t want to listen to the system again.

    She was already tired enough in her past life, so she really has no interest in doing anything to shock the world in this life.

    As for attracting men and make them fall in love…

    Qiao Mo didn’t think that she had such good luck to keep waiting for her true love.

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    After all, there were men chasing after her like crazy, but for the sake of her scientific research results, Qiao Mo had already accepted her fate.

    Then there is also the so-called plot, there is nothing wrong with being a vicious female supporting role, she can eat and drink while lying down and doing nothing.
She is not interested in jumping up and down in front of the female protagonist and fighting hard.

    “Host, host…” The system was stunned, it didn’t expect to hear such a reply.
This was the first time it was doing a task, and it had no experience.
What should it do in this situation?

    Didn’t the seniors say that the bounded hosts would be very excited when they heard their existence, why is it’s host so different!

    The system called out a few more times, but Qiao Mo didn’t respond at all.
The system took a closer look and found that Qiao Mo was actually asleep.

    The system felt that it had suffered great humiliation and discrimination, and the crying voice finally faded in Qiao Mo’s mind.

   “Sir, you’re back.”

    Qiao Mo happily slept in the king size bed upstairs, while a low-key and luxurious Maybach was being parked in the courtyard downstairs.

    Sitting in the car was a handsome man with an indifferent expression, wearing a straight black suit.
It could be seen that he has been taking care of his body meticulously.

    He stepped out of the car.
The first thing that one could see was a polished leather shoe, followed by a pair long legs wrapped in trousers.
The black diamond cuffs gleamed as its owner stretched out his hand.

    He was born very handsome and delicate, his complexion was as white as milk, his eyebrows were a little thin, but they were sharp and heroic, full of attractive luster.

    His temperament was even more indifferent and alienated, revealing an incomprehensible mystery and depth.

    It is precisely because of his ability, agility, deepness, indifference, and a sense of arrogance and oppression that his overly handsome appearance has been diluted, making people feel that he is difficult to approach and even more difficult to provoke.

    The man who got out of the car was Qiao Mo’s employer and the man who Qiao Mo complained about, Jian Luozhi.

    Hearing the butler’s greeting, Jian Luozhi gave a faint ‘um’ and unbuttoned the cloak.

    He was wearing a British-style suit with a cloak of the same color.
The buttons of the cloak were in the shape of two small golden snakes that were biting each other.
The snake’s body was icy and textured.

    The monotonous and dull colors with simple decorations made him look deep and handsome, full of majesty, like an aloof monarch.

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    The British-styled butler in the vest immediately greeted him and took over Jian Luozhi’s cape.

    Seeing that Jian Luozhi didn’t say anything, just sitting on the sofa drinking coffee, the butler couldn’t help but feel indignant for Miss Bai, “Miss Qiao has done such an outrageous thing to send a photo of you and Miss Qiao to Miss Bai on purpose.
And also left some offensive remarks to Miss Bai.
Master must be waiting for Miss Qiao’s explanation.”

    “But this Miss Qiao doesn’t take Master seriously at all, and she hasn’t come down yet, I really don’t know what’s in her head.
Shouldn’t she have any self-knowledge?”

  “I think, Master must already be feeling unbearable, and has figured out how to punish Miss Qiao.”


    Jian Luozhi frowned and put down the coffee cup.

    The housekeeper talked a lot, but Jian Luozhi thought about it for a few minutes before he remembered who Miss Bai and Miss Qiao in the butler’s words were.

    His heroic eyebrows frowned slightly, his expression a little unpredictable.

    However, the butler misunderstood what Jian Luozhi meant, thinking that Jian Luozhi felt sorry for Miss Bai, and that he would punish the so-called Qiao Mo severely.

    While the butler was gloating over Qiao Mo’s misfortune, Jian Luozhi said lightly, “Self-knowledge is a rare thing, and many people don’t have it.”

    “Like now, I didn’t even know that my butler has already made every decision for me.”

    The butler’s laugh came to a abrupt stop, like a duck being strangled by the neck, he blushed and looked at Jian Luozhi with sincerity, “Sir, I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant…”

    However, before the butler could argue with him, Jian Luozhi picked up the coffee again, “You can go, I don’t need a butler who makes decisions for me.”

    After dismissing the butler, Jian Luozhi took a sip of coffee, savoring the bitter taste of the mellow black coffee.

    This really needs to be dealt with.

    He thought.


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