While driving on the road, Qiao Mo kept calling the system in her heart.

    Don’t know what’s going on, the system that usually kept on urging her to carry out the strategy for counterattacking was silent at this time.

    There was total peace in Qiao Mo’s brain, as if the system never existed, as if her transmigrating into a book was just a dream.

    Countless thoughts flashed through Qiao Mo’s mind, but Jian Luozhi in the back seat worried her even more.

    Jian Luozhi’s actions made it impossible for her to use the reason of getting sick again, it was more like he was on some kind of unspeakable drug.

    In addition, Bai Yueguang’s words before leaving made Qiao Mo uneasy.

    Fortunately, the car quickly arrived at the underground garage of the villa.
Qiao Mo had accelerated the car all the way.
At this time, she stepped on the emergency brake, and there was a harsh sound of the wheels rubbing against the ground.

    There was a muffled sound in the back seat, and Jian Luozhi was thrown backwards on the seat abruptly by inertia, and he finally couldn’t help but groan softly.

    This muffled groan, mixed with the shallow and cold fragrance that rose again at an unknown time, was like a thunder blasting in Qiao Mo’s ears, causing her ears to turn red instantly, and her lower body couldn’t help but feel sore, as if a current of electricity passed by that part.

    How…how could there be such an indescribable voice, like bewitching your whole soul, every syllable was stirring Qiao Mo’s reason, and it seems like a hand was gently stroking her heart, naughty and yet full of charm, along with the cold air was that soundly blowing in her ear.

    Qiao Mo couldn’t help but look up at Jian Luozhi.

    Jian Luozhi’s face was still pale, and his tightly wrinkled brows contained a bit of coldness.
The black suit and pants which excluded majesty before were now crumpled up.

    Qiao Mo licked her chapped lips and jumped out of the car.
She opened the door and looked at Jian Luozhi who was inside worriedly, “Mr.

    There was a cold, sweet taste like the icy snow in summer, and this time Qiao Mo could clearly perceive that this smell belonged to Jian Luozhi, which was jumping around everywhere in that cramped space.

    This was a bit like the kind of mental power that Qiao Mo encountered in her previous life.
She couldn’t help but put out her mental power and unconsciously grabbed the cold and snowy sweetness, trying to re-seal the fragrance again into Jian Luozhi’s body.

    The icy snow fragrance that was rolling around was unconsciously trapped by Qiao Mo.
At that moment, Qiao Mo had a very subtle feeling, feeling as if her mental power touched a soft and sweet milk ball, and if she poked it even a little, a sweet core will flow out.

    Qiao Mo’s mental power unconsciously rubbed that ball of fragrance.

    The icy cold fragrance immediately felt threatened, it stiffened and did not dare to move any more, trembling unconsciously in Qiao Mo’s mental cage, like a pure and sweet little fairy, begging and fearing Qiao Mo, the tyrant.

    Jian Luozhi’s face instantly flushed red, and his body unconsciously began to tremble.
He firmly grasped the leather seat, and his jade-like fingertips turned white from the force.

    He was not wearing gloves, and on top of that he was grabbing too hard, even his sleeves were rolled up a little, revealing the light blue fingerprints on his wrists, which were the scars left by Qiao Mo last time that had yet to dissipate.

    His fragile appearance as if he had just suffered from terrifying atrocities, was too tempting, which made Qiao Mo take a half step back in embarrassment, and the mental power was withdrawn directly, causing the rich cold sweetness to spread out again.

    “Jian… Mr.

    Qiao Mo tried hard to wake up Jian Luozhi, but found out that her own voice was hoarse.

    Bai Yueguang had mentioned before that she needed to find an alpha for Jian Luozhi, otherwise Jian Luozhi would die, but Qiao Mo decided to ask Jian Luozhi’s opinion first.

    What’s more, Qiao Mo wasn’t quite sure what an alpha was.

    Jian Luozhi finally reluctantly opened his eyes, he rubbed his drowsy forehead, and found himself soaked in his sweat, full of embarrassment and disgust.

    He looked around and found that he was in the underground parking lot of the villa.
He and Qiao Mo had left the banquet and returned to the villa.
At present, only Qiao Mo was by his side.

    This realization made Jian Luozhi heave a sigh of relief.
He did not treat Qiao Mo politely, but barely supported his body and got out of the car, letting Qiao Mo support him, “Go back to my room first.”

    Thinking of the injection that Jian Luozhi had injected last time, Qiao Mo knew in her heart that the other party might want to use the injection to ease the changes in his body again.

    She nodded and helped Jian Luozhi up the elevator.

    The clear and sweet fragrance was getting stronger and stronger, as Qiao Mo was holding Jian Luozhi while searching for the phone with one hand.

    Although Jian Luozhi had special drugs to ease his condition, Bai Yueguang’s words also made Qiao Mo wake up.
Listening to Bai Yueguang’s words, Jian Luozhi’s condition seemed to be very serious.
Then she should also prepare the so-called alpha incase of emergency in advance.

    However, searching for words such as ‘how does alpha help omega’, ‘how does alpha help omega get through difficult times’, all of which finally displayed an uppercase yellow exclamation mark, followed by a small line reminding ‘you are suspected of illegally browsing the web, please pay attention to the safety of network use.’

    Qiao Mo: “???”

    She searched hard again, and found a section popped up on the page.

    There were three major sections ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ and ‘omega’.

    Then, a line of striking big characters appeared on the webpage to remind Qiao Mo.

    ‘According to the smart database, it is found that you need to search in the physiological area, please enter your real user id and browse the Internet with real name’.

    The scent in the elevator was becoming stronger and stronger, and at the same time, another scent that was different from Jian Luozhi’s body began to surface.

    In the beginning it was a very light fragrance.
When he smelled it for the first time, it was very light, like a breath of fresh air after the rain.

    Just after smelling it a little, it could immediately be engraved in one’s brain, occupying people’s taste buds and breath for a long time, almost drowning in the fragrance, having nowhere to escape.

    Jian Luozhi’s originally relaxed expression instantly tightened, and his pupils widened in surprise.

    He looked at Qiao Mo repeatedly in disbelief, and came to a cold conclusion.

    Qiao Mo’s forehead was sweating, and an uncontrollable anxiety rose in her heart.
She poked the three panels of the phone, but no matter how she clicked, the other party said that she did not have permission to browse.

    She didn’t notice that Jian Luozhi was no longer standing against her arm, but quietly moved away half a step and stood up straight against the elevator.

    Jian Luozhi looked at Qiao Mo expressionlessly, and asked with a somewhat unclear tone, “Qiao Mo, what are you looking at?”

    Qiao Mo put away the phone, looked at Jian Luozhi, and said calmly, “I want to find information about alpha.
Earlier, Miss Bai said that you need an alpha now.”

    Probably aware of Jian Luozhi’s resistance, Qiao Mo let Jian Luozhi see her phone, lest Jian Luozhi have any other thoughts.

    A bit of irony appeared in Jian Luozhi’s dark pupils, and now the innocence and ignorance on Qiao Mo’s face were like a mockery to him.

    He never thought that the only person he wanted to trust, the only person allowed to follow him, was the one who hid the deepest.

    Qiao Mo, she turned out to be an alpha!

    Now Qiao Mo, the alpha, actually said that she wanted to find an alpha to solve his problem.
Isn’t this the most ridiculous thing?

    Even if Jian Luozhi knew from a very young age that when, one day his omega identity could not be concealed and revealed, he would face unimaginable difficulties and unbearableness, but he never imagined that the reality would be more difficult than he imagined, so cruel and cold.

    Everyone around him wants to use his gender weakness to trample him under their feet.

    He thought that Qiao Mo would be the only close friend in his life, but he didn’t expect that the other party would be the same as others.

    Now that he and Qiao Mo were standing in the narrow elevator, both of them have released all their pheromones, and he will not be able to resist his instinct to succumb to Qiao Mo and become a wailing bird in the other’s palm.

    He could only struggle under Qiao Mo, humiliatingly **** [1] by the other party, and then be manipulated into having a big belly.

    Even if he took all precautions, he didn’t take precautions against her.
It was impossible for him to think that it would be Qiao Mo, who had a good impression on him and wanted to take care of him, to do these things to him.

    He didn’t want to think about who was standing behind Qiao Mo.
After all, that person just wanted to use an alpha’s natural manipulating power over an omega to play and insult him.

    Just like now, he was feeling extremely resistant and disgusted in his heart, but his body couldn’t restrain his cravings, craving for Qiao Mo.

    When he was at the banquet before, his pheromones began to float, and the susceptibility period was about to come.

    But now the susceptibility period has come completely under Qiao Mo’s manipulation.
Jian Luozhi has already exerted all his willpower so as not to lose face at this moment, kneeling at Qiao Mo’s feet and begging her.

    Jian Luozhi hooked his lips, but the corners of his eyes were filled with coldness, without the slightest hint of smile, as he looked at Qiao Mo with deep eyes, and his tone was inexplicable,“If you are an alpha, do you still need to go outside to find one?”

Jian, what do you mean by that?”

    Qiao Mo also realized that something was wrong.
The hot and humid feeling in her lower abdomen that made her suspect her aunt visited her, came again.
Her mouth was dry and her whole body was hot, causing her to lose her patience, and in turn question Jian Luozhi.

    Jian Luozhi gave a short laugh, and his expression was extremely tempting, “Qiao Mo, is it interesting to pretend to an omega?”

Jian, can you make it clear?”

    Some unbelievable guesses appeared in Qiao Mo’s heart, but at this time her mind also began to be muddled, as if soaked in a hot water, which made her lose her usual calm and rationality, and become impulsive and irritable.

    Jian Luozhi leaned against the wall and took a step closer to Qiao Mo, staring at her condescendingly.

    He was too close, his jet black eyes and plump lips swayed in front of Qiao Mo’s eyes, and the sweet fragrance stuck around Qiao Mo, tightly entangling her, causing her to almost be unable to breath.

    Qiao Mo instinctively wanted to release her mental power to fight back, but her body was so hot that her lower abdomen and head were about to explode.
She felt like an artificial intelligence whose CPU was running too much and was about to explode.

    “Say clearly?”

    Jian Luozhi gave a low laugh, filled endless irony and coldness.

    His icy cold eyes showed a never-before-seen glamorous color.
Originally wearing a black board suit, he was a calm, strong and a restrained monarch sitting at the top, but now that same black suit seemed to be transformed into a dark and tempting robe.
His eyes were resolute, and his rosy lips were like those of the bloodthirsty monsters in a dark night.

    He suddenly grabbed Qiao Mo’s waist and pulled Qiao Mo towards him, then lowered his head and viciously bit Qiao Mo.

    Since it is unavoidable to sink into hell, it is better to be a demon in the hell.

    No matter if he is an omega or an alpha, no one can control him.

    Even if he is an omega, he has to be an omega that is not controlled by the alpha, but instead holds the alpha in the palm of his hand.

    Qiao Mo’s whole body became stiff, because Jian Luozhi was not just kissing her, but even his hand was…

    Qiao Mo’s scalp was numb, as her body exploded with joy.
At the same time, she felt two strong scents colliding with each other in the narrow elevator, circling and blending and then exploding.

    At that moment, Qiao Mo’s ignorant heart suddenly became clear, and the mystery that she didn’t understand before was completely unraveled.

    Why did Bai Yueguang say those words, why did Jian Luozhi react like this, why is she feeling the heat that is unbearable, even her body feels abnormal, and most importantly why did she always feel that something was wrong in this world.

    Because she didn’t cross into some dog-blood abuse novel world at all, and Jian Luozhi and Bai Yueguang were not male and female protagonists at all.
She came to an unprecedently strange gender world, in which she was an alpha and Jian Luozhi was an omega.

    In other words, she has become that big *cute girl! [2]

    Because the dominant gender in this world is male and female, and ABO is the recessive gender, so she has never discovered the truth of the world, let alone her hidden gender.

    Only now, when Jian Luozhi’s susceptibility period detonated her own susceptibility period, and she gave birth to a hidden strange desire, that she finally realized that everything was wrong.

    Professor Qiao, who has been single for more than 40 years, suddenly gasped.

    Because the boss, Jian Luozhi, pinned her in the corner of the elevator, banging on one of the elevator’s walls.

    If this was placed in Qiao Mo’s previous life, it must have been a very classic pose, maybe Qiao Mo herself would have been very excited.

    But now that she knew the truth of this world, Qiao Mo felt that it was somewhat strange.

    Because between the two of them, although it seems that Jian Luozhi is stronger, but in fact she can feel the trembling of Jian Luozhi’s body, especially after their pheromones were intertwined, Jian Luozhi looked as if he would collapse at any moment.
This soft as a puddle appearance of Jian Luozhi caused a subtle change in Qiao Mo’s state of mind.

    It’s as if she was a scumbag man like the ones in her previous life, deceiving a pure and innocent girl.

    No, according to the ABO’s body structure, Jian Luozhi may be even more fragile than a soft girl, such a sharp contrast was simply unimaginable.

    “What are you thinking?”

    Qiao Mo’s distraction finally caught Jian Luozhi’s attention.
He was like a sea monster caught up in a life-threatening emergency in the sea tide.
Every trace of coldness in the corners of his eyes revealed seduction and charm.
He finally let go of Qiao Mo’s lips and changed his mind to lifting up Qiao Mo’s chin.

    Even if Jian Luozhi was the one seducing the other, his tone was still indifferent, and his gesture was also full of dominance.

    He lowered his eyes and stared at the alpha in the palm of his hand.
The other party was smaller and thinner than him, and the soft and delicate face looked more like an orthodox omega than him.
Especially now, that the girl was wearing a snow-white veil dress and a long skirt, revealing her pure white shoulders, looking up at him ignorantly, her delicate porcelain-white face flushed slightly, to the point that he couldn’t even tell if she really was the evil alpha who had lied to him for so long and had been hiding so deeply.

    Jian Luozhi didn’t wait for Qiao Mo’s answer, but instead said with a self-deprecating sarcastic smile, “What else can Alpha think about at this time?”

    Jian Luozhi stared at Qiao Mo and said indifferently, “Qiao Mo, I order you to mark me.”

    Even if he was marked and knotted, he didn’t want himself to be the same as other weak Omegas, who did not have any autonomy [3] to recognize people and allow anyone to slaughter them at will.
At the very least, he wanted to keep his last dignity and show his final control and autonomy.

    Qiao Mo: “…”

    Qiao Mo, who was ordered, was completely dumbfounded.

    Although she vaguely guessed what Jian Luozhi’s request was, it was very likely that it was something very intimate.

    But she who had just digested the complete information about world she had entered, didn’t even know how the ABO system worked in this world.


    What is the mark?

    How to mark?

    At this time, even if Qiao Mo’s body was wanting something, she… she herself didn’t even understand what it was.

    What’s more, Qiao Mo still had a somewhat high moral standard in her heart, even though the current Jian Luozhi did look very attractive, and there was a desire to tear apart his clothes and eat him up in one fell swoop in her heart, she still kept that last tread of rationality in her mind from being broken.
Even though she and Jian Luozhi had already being living together for a few days, so the two of them could be considered rather familiar.
Although she doesn’t know what the mark is, she can vaguely guess that this must be a very, very private and a intimate thing.

    Now, in this situation, how can she take advantage of the other’s weakness?

    Jian Luozhi waited indifferently, supporting the elevator wall with his hands to maintain his stability.

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi steadily, and under Jian Luozhi’s cold and seductive eyes, she whispered something unbelievable, “Mr.
Jian, then…would it not be good, we are just friends after all.
If I… am guessing correctly, this is what a lover should do.”

    “Although you and Miss Bai are not in that kind of relationship I thought, I am not in that kind of relationship with you either.”

    Jian Luozhi: “…”

    Jian Luozhi’s expression froze for a moment.
He looked at Qiao Mo carefully again, as if to distinguish whether what Qiao Mo just said was nothing but sarcasm from her side.
But just now, Qiao Mo had already…

    Jian Luozhi looked down at his slightly sticky palm.
He even suspected that Qiao Mo was just playing around with him.

    Jian Luozhi snorted coldly, “If it’s not good, why are you pretending to be an omega to stay by my side.”

    Qiao Mo explained in a low voice, “I… I didn’t mean to.”

    Jian Luozhi obviously didn’t believe her, but then Qiao Mo opened the elevator door and said, “Mr.
Jian, otherwise, let’s go out and talk calmly.”

    In fact, the elevator had already stopped in the villa, but the two of them had been going back and forth in the elevator, so they didn’t go out.

    As soon as the elevator door opened, the smell of pheromones instantly diffused into the entire villa.
Jian Luozhi stared at Qiao Mo as if he was looking at some rare alien species, because Qiao Mo had actually walked out of the elevator.

    At that moment, Jian Luozhi had doubts from the bottom of his heart.

    Could it be that since he has disguised as an alpha all these years, his pheromones had been so disordered that his is completely unattractive, and even let an alpha face an omega who is in the susceptible period and leave him behind?

    “Qiao Mo.”

    Qiao Mo was thinking about going upstairs to calm down and talk with each other.
She would first learn more about the world of Abo, and then consider whether to mark Jian Luozhi, but Jian Luozhi had suddenly stopped her.

    She looked back.

    Jian Luozhi was standing in the elevator of the villa, looking at her inexplicably.

    The warm yellow light of the villa shone down, making Jian Luozhi’s originally delicate and three-dimensional facial features more and more handsome.
He was like a mysterious, elegant and a charming vampire noble that only appeared in the paintings, staring at Qiao Mo quietly.


    Qiao Mo was puzzled.

    Seeing that, Jian Luozhi suddenly raised his head and laughed out loud.

    Jian Luozhi has always been cold, stern, deep, and steady.
Even if he smiles, he was always indifferent and reserved, making it difficult for people to understand and approach him.

    But at this time, Jian Luozhi suddenly smiled charmingly and flamboyantly, as if the demonic nature within him was revived, tempting ignorant humans to sink down with him.

    His smile was completely different from the past, and Qiao Mo, towards whom the smile was directed was in a trance.

    Then Jian Luozhi asked her gently, “Qiao Mo, aren’t you feeling uncomfortable?”

    Qiao Mo blushed when she heard the words.

    How could she not feel uncomfortable, she was about to die now, and feeling as if her head had swelled up and was about to explode.

    Whether it was Jian Luozhi’s smile, the fragrance on Jian Luozhi’s body, or the unconscious charm of Jian Luozhi’s eyes, his long legs with wide shoulders and a thin waist, or those petal like bright red lips, all of them were attracting Qiao Mo crazily, making Qiao Mo want to pour out the scorching heat within her on to the other’s body that was about to burn herself.

    She was forcing herself to move to the second floor with her strong willpower and her only remaining conscience.

    But Jian Luozhi stopped her now, and as long as he did something even a little bit seductive, she might not be able to hold back at all.

    “I feel uncomfortable too.”

    Jian Luozhi seemed to have seen through Qiao Mo’s thoughts and softly expressed his predicament to her.

    Just like Qiao Mo, Jian Luozhi had reached the limit where he could no longer endure it.
At this time, he was basically controlled by most of his instincts.
Even if he was a little clearheaded and constantly thinking that the bedroom was next to him, and those medicines could help him escape this dangerous situation for a short time, he didn’t want to go there.

    As the doctor told him, the excessive injections of suppressants and pheromone-altering drugs over the years had messed up his body.

    These instincts, which had been suppressed for more than ten years, were no longer under the control of his willpower.

    If he dared to suppress his body’s instinct again, his body would completely collapse and he would turn into a beast.

    Qiao Mo is indeed his only antidote now, a good medicine that can ease the collapse of his body.
As for what to do next, who was the one who arranged this chess piece called Qiao Mo by his side, that is the next thing to face.

    Of course, there may also be a little bit of an omega’s instinctive pride, so he was unwilling swallow Qiao Mo’s response of leaving him behind.

    His final dignity prevented him from uttering any pleading words, but he didn’t know that all of his actions were very much tempting to Qiao Mo.

    What’s more, without Qiao Mo’s help, he couldn’t move around anymore.
If Qiao Mo came to help him, he would definitely lose his mind because of the pheromones on her body.

    There was no point in denying it now.

    After Jian Luozhi finished saying those words, without waiting for Qiao Mo’s answer, he gently stepped out of the elevator door.

    In the next second, his legs went soft, and then he rolled out of the elevator door, completely exposing his fragility.

    Jian Luozhi’s meticulously combed hair and clothes were all messed up.
One of the buttons of his suit was even ripped apart, revealing a small section of the snow-white delicate skin.
He just knelt on the ground and looked up at Qiao Mo.

    His white neck was raised, like a dying swan waiting to be sacrificed, waiting for the hunter to enjoy it cruelly.

    At this moment, his and Qiao Mo’s identities were completely reversed from when they were in the elevator, and a more intense pheromone smell erupted everywhere around.

    Jian Luozhi clenched the red carpet tightly with his fingers, biting his lips so forcefully that they even had teeth marks on them.
He stared at Qiao Mo silently and pitifully.

    Jian Luozhi’s pheromones stimulated Qiao Mo’s pheromones ,and Qiao Mo was completely plunged into the chaos.
When Qiao Mo reacted, she found himself standing in front of Jian Luozhi, rubbing his neck with her fingers unconsciously.

     Jian Luozhi was shaking all over, as if it took a lot of his willpower to not push Qiao Mo away, or even more embarrassingly wrap himself around her.

    The two of them stilled at the same time.

    Kneeling on the ground, the figure was tall and straight, the shoulders were wide and the legs long.

    The girl standing on the ground was sweet and charming, the silver veil dress that she was wearing made her look like a pure and innocent fairy.
She looked soft, slender and easy to bully, but she was the controller whom no one was able to resist.

    Even though he had already thought about what he was going to face next, Jian Luozhi still resisted and rejected it in his heart.

    He just glanced at Qiao Mo, and then looked away, biting his lips, unwilling to make any more sounds.

    He just showed one side of his clean neck, silently waiting for the next thing, no longer trying to control and order her like before.

    Qiao Mo’s throat was dry and painful, and she also half-kneeled before him, the layered silver skirt spread out, like a white flower temporarily placed beside Jian Luozhi.

    “How should I do it?”

    This time, Qiao Mo did not treat Jian Luozhi politely, but leaned into Jian Luozhi’s ear and asked in a low voice.

    Qiao Mo really didn’t know what to do.

    Jian Luozhi suppressed the surprise in his heart and said briefly, “Bite me, then put in the pheromone…”

    “Then, I’ll bite.”

    The atmosphere at this time was too strange and ambiguous, and neither of them wanted to speak.

    Qiao Mo looked at the skin on Jian Luozhi’s neck repeatedly.
She noticed that Jian Luozhi’s legs were shaking, and he was even sweating a lot.

    Although the expression on his face was very calm and steady, his trembling eyelashes and tightly pursed lips showed his nervousness and embarrassment.

    Such a person who is usually arrogant was now subject to his instinctive reactions, so he must be feeling very ashamed, but Qiao Mo thought that this kind of Jian Luozhi was very cute.

    Jian Luozhi waited for a long time but Qiao Mo didn’t move, so his body couldn’t take it any longer.
He took a deep breath and stretched out his hand to hook Qiao Mo’s neck, just like when he was in the garage that day, with a bit self-deprecating smile he asked, “Qiao Mo, do you want me to beg you?”

    In the next second, Qiao Mo couldn’t bear it any longer, and lowered her head to bite.

    This seemed to be an instinct, and she knew what to do without any further instructions.

    There was no embarrassment of being a first timer, nor did she stop halfway because of her ignorance.

    Only Jian Luozhi who first stiffened, and then kept shaking and struggling around in her arms.

    He was usually so arrogant and powerful, but was so vulnerable at this time, like an injured deer caught under the sharp teeth of a beast, struggling and begging for mercy with a terrified cry, begging the cruel hunter for mercy with those wet eyes.

    “Qiao Mo, Qiao Mo, Qiao Mo…”

    He choked out Qiao Mo’s name in a low voice, stuttering with every word.

    It wasn’t until Qiao Mo sobered up, that she was surprised to find that Jian Luozhi was crying.

    This was even more terrifying than Jian Luozhi’s begging for mercy, because a person like Jian Luozhi will not cry even if he faces inhumane torture.

    However, at this time, the tears were like beads, as they kept falling from his jet black eyes, even the tip of his straight and elegant nose was flushed red, showing a fragile and pitiful creature never seen before.

    He hadn’t fully woken up yet, his face was still a bit blank, and he was unconsciously choking.

    Qiao Mo didn’t expect that the mark of the ABO world would have such a strong and terrifying consequence, causing her to be at a loss, “Jian Luozhi, I’m sorry.”

    Jian Luozhi also felt shocked.

    He had concealed his gender for more than 20 years, and he has also heard and seen the mark between an AO.
He used to scoff at this primitive control, and never took it seriously.

    However, when it was his turn, he deeply felt how terrifying the impact was.

    He didn’t know what level Qiao Mo’s pheromone belonged to, but presumably it shouldn’t be weak, because even if it was just a temporary mark that wasn’t permanent, the disordered pheromones in his body were directly tamed.

    His body was like dry land, which finally received the nourishment of sunshine and rain, which was completely different from using an inhibitor, not to mention that he had been using pheromone substitutes which used to drastically hurt his body.

    The extremely comfortable feeling at this time caused him to lose his control and when his body was back to its normal state, a subtle change took place in his heart.

    This is a change that no amount of strong willpower can affect.
He has a trace of dependence on Qiao Mo who can soothe his pheromones.

    No matter how many assumptions have been made before, the relationship between the two of them has finally changed at this moment.

    That’s a different kind of appreciation than the mutual appreciation that started out as a friend.

    Qiao Mo’s eyes couldn’t help staring at Jian Luozhi’s tears and red lips, and a bizarre idea suddenly appeared in her mind.
She wanted to taste it, to know what Jian Luozhi’s tears tasted like, and even his lips, how did they taste.

    Her eyes carried a kind of domineering possession that even she didn’t know, and a sense of abrupt aggression.
Seeing Jian Luozhi, she moved her body slightly in a panic, and said in a low voice with a bit of embarrassment, “It’s me.
The problem has nothing to do with you.”

    Jian Luozhi stopped crying, and Qiao Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    Seeing Jian Luozhi’s embarrassment, she asked carefully, “Do you need my help?”

    Jian Luozhi also realized his current posture and was very much embarrassed, as he said in a low voice, “No need.”

    But he failed just as he tried to stand up.

    Qiao Mo also didn’t expect that in the world of ABO, the always strong and powerful Boss Jian would not be able to stand up after being marked, so she had to get up and support Jian Luozhi.

    However, Jian Luozhi was unable to walk steadily, and it was not very convenient for Qiao Mo to stop after walking two steps, so she directly hugged Jian Luozhi horizontally, in a princess carry.

    Originally, Qiao Mo thought that it would be more difficult to hold Jian Luozhi horizontally.
After all, Jian Luozhi was also a tall and slender man, and her size and weight were no match for Jian Luozhi.

    However, when she picked him up, Qiao Mo discovered that Jian Luozhi’s body was actually very light, and Qiao Mo’s arm strength was more stable than the one in her previous life.

    This also made Qiao Mo very surprised, as said in her heart that she really came to a world of ABO, no wonder she was so strong after she grew up.

    Jian Luozhi is usually a hard-to-approach person.
Even if he is injured, he will deal with it silently by himself.
He has never been taken care of like this before, so he couldn’t help but blush.

    Fortunately, it was very close to the bathroom.
The two quickly arrived in the bathroom.
Qiao Mo poured hot water and helped Jian Luozhi take off his wet clothes.

   Jian Luozhi still couldn’t completely accept his situation, but soon he had to force himself to accept it.

    When Jian Luozhi sat in the bathtub, Qiao Mo also felt the embarrassment, and said, “Mr.
Jian, I’ll wait for you outside.
Call me after you’re done washing up.”

    Jian Luozhi nodded, and when Qiao Mo walked out of the bathroom, he raised his head and whispered, “Qiao Mo, I have something to tell you later.”

    Qiao Mo nodded.
Today’s affairs really needed them to sit together and have a good talk.
After all, although she likes to eat, drink and play, she is not an irresponsible rotten person.
After such an intimate relationship she should indeed give a reply to Jian Luozhi.

    The two of them nodded to each other, occupied with their own thoughts, and then Qiao Mo closed the bathroom door and sat outside while playing with her mobile phone and thinking.

    On the other hand, Jian Yuezhi made a phone call and roared wildly at the second wife after losing all his face at the banquet.

    The second wife was also a little stunned, “That’s the information I’ve tried to get, there’s absolutely no chance of anything going wrong.
Think about it again, maybe Jian Luozhi used some method to fool everyone.
What about the female omega next to him?”

    Jian Yuezhi snorted coldly, “Since you were the one who got the information, I never cross checked it.
Do you know how embarrassing it was for me at the banquet?”

    After venting angrily at the second wife, Jian Yuezhi hung up the phone, but he still had some doubts in his heart.

    Filled with these doubts, he turned around and returned to the vicinity of Jian Luozhi’s villa.

    Just when he was thinking about whether to break through the door and make a raid to verify it again, Jian Yuezhi saw a few thugs sneakily approaching the villa.

    Jian Yuezhi immediately drove the car to a few gangsters, and shouted arrogantly, “What are you doing at the door of my brother’s villa, trying to steal something.”

    “No…no… We don’t dare to.”

    The gangsters were taken aback, and they were frightened by Jian Yuezhi’s arrogant second-generation appearance, as they waved their hands and shook their heads to deny him at once.

    The one at the head was the gangster Scarface who had suddenly jumped out to stop Qiao Mo and blackmailed her.

    Under Jian Yuezhi’s coaxing and deception, Scarface told the truth, “We came here to tell the rich Mr.
Jian who was deceived, the truth”


    Jian Yuezhi was stunned for a while, and the he said, “Tell me what’s going on in detail, that’s my eldest brother, and naturally I will help my eldest brother to solve it.”

    Scarface did not suspect him, and poured out the truth with a gloating attitude, “The girl next to him is not an innocent omega at all, but a fraud who bought prohibited items on the black market and disguised herself as an omega.
She is an alpha who wants to dupe others for money.”


    Jian Yuezhi suddenly took a breath of cold air and swore loudly.

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