13 What is the identity of this world?

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    “Qiao Mo, what’s wrong with you?”

    Seeing that Qiao Mo didn’t move for a while, Jian Luozhi asked her in doubt.

    After confessing his gender to Qiao Mo, Jian Luozhi did not show any strong alpha behavior, but instead revealed a little of omega’s softness.

    For example, at this time, Jian Luozhi was trying hard to recall the few memories in his mind, recalling the social skills of expressing friendship between those omegas during his student days, and asking Qiao Mo to help him inject pheromone inhibitors.

    He likes Qiao Mo very much.
If possible, he also hopes that the relationship between the two of them can be more harmonious, so he will try to restrain a little bit of his strength, lest Qiao Mo be unable to change her mind and still be wary of him.

    Jian Luozhi’s words woke up Qiao Mo, who was distracted.

    Looking at Jian Luozhi who was lying on the bed with narrow shoulders and slender waist, Qiao Mo secretly bit her lips, forcing herself to put away her messy thoughts and walked towards Jian Luozhi.

    Jian Luozhi looks very uncomfortable now and needs het help.
Now is not the time for her to search for the source of those strange feelings.

    As Qiao Mo sat by Jian Luozhi’s side, the mysterious fragrance became stronger, causing Qiao Mo’s mind to float.

    She couldn’t help but feel agitated.
She felt that Jian Luozhi’s handsome and cold face was very charming, and his pale white neck looked seductive and was probably slippery to touch.
She unconsciously stretched out her fingertips…

    As soon as she touched his neck, Jian Luozhi started shaking uncontrollably, and he immediately grabbed that hand.
As he grabbed Qiao Mo’s wrist, his face instantly became red, as if it would drip blood if given a squeeze, and his voice was unbelievably hoarse, tremblingly saying, “Enough… enough, Qiao Mo, just inject it in.”

    Qiao Mo’s fingers unconsciously pressed the glands on his neck.
The cold fingertips lightly touched the swollen glands, making Jian Luozhi’s thoughts more and more chaotic.
He unconsciously bowed his head, revealing more of his slender neck to Qiao Mo.

    He thought that it was because he suddenly revealed his gender, so Qiao Mo couldn’t believe it, because of which she unconsciously wanted to verify, and rudely touched his glands.

    At first, Jian Luozhi wanted to endure it, but the soreness of his glands made him almost lose control.

    He choked up and murmured to Qiao Mo to stop and let her inject the inhibitor sooner, otherwise it would be really late.

    “Sorry, Mr.

    Qiao Mo came back to her senses, she didn’t know why she was so rude just now, unlike her usual self.

    Just when Jian Luozhi asked her to inject the suppressor, she suddenly found that a little bit of skin on the side of Jian Luozhi’s neck seemed a little wrong, so she couldn’t help but reach out to touch it.

    She unconsciously reached out her hand and touched it, as if the skin on the side of Jian Luozhi’s neck had some kind of magic power, so she couldn’t help but stretch out her fingertips to repeatedly pinch and caress that place.

    Jian Luozhi grabbed her hand, and Qiao Mo’s sanity was completely restored.

    She gently pressed Jian Luozhi’s shoulder and said softly, “Mr.
Jian, don’t be afraid, please bear the pain, I will try to make it as painless as possible.”

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    In the past, Jian Luozhi used to inject these injections himself.
He never felt any pain, but Qiao Mo’s gentle comfort made his heart tremble.

    As if worried that he would be afraid of the pain, Qiao Mo also stretched out her hand to gently hug his upper body.

    The fragrance of the girl’s body lingered on the tip of Jian Luozhi’s nose, making Jian Luozhi feel calm, warm and many more feelings.


    Isn’t Qiao Mo a soft and sweet omega, then why does this fragrance smell a bit weird?

    Before Jian Luozhi’s chaotic brain could understand the source of that fragrance, he saw the girl suddenly give him a playful smile, “Mr.
Jian, did anyone ever told you that are handsome.”

    Jian Luozhi: “?”

    While Jian Luozhi was still wondering about the fragrance and Qiao Mo’s words, the needle had already pierced his skin, and when Jian Luozhi realized it, the inhibitor had already entered his body.

    Qiao Mo put down the needle and stood up.
She looked at Jian Luozhi with gentle eyes and said, “Mr.
Jian, take a good rest, see you tomorrow.”

    Seeing the back of Qiao Mo leaving, Jian Luozhi felt a trace of inexplicable loss in his heart.

    In the past, after he was injected with the inhibitors, he would always feel cold all over, and it would be difficult to fall asleep, as if he was very restless, but this time, he wondered if the tenderness of the girl had soothed his tired heart.

    Jian Luozhi didn’t even have time to think more, before he fell asleep.

    In the dream, the girl’s gentle and sweet smile flashed, and the corners of Jian Luozhi’s lips curled up in his sleep.

    After leaving Jian Luozhi’s room, Qiao Mo’s steps were no longer calm.
She trotted to the bathroom in three or two steps, turned on the faucet, and hurriedly slapped water on her face.

    “I must be crazy.”

    The girl’s soft voice sounded, full of surprise.

    Qiao Mo looked up at the mirror, a beautiful and soft face was reflected in the mirror, her eyes were as bright and shiny as stars, her skin was white, tender and smooth, her face was pure and beautiful, like the elves created by the nature, even her cheeks were full of collagen.
This face will only make people think of a cute and harmless animal.

    However, just now, such a delicate and beautiful girl had an incredible idea.

   When she reached out and touched Jian Luozhi, when he was shaking and grabbing her hand to stop her, she wanted to press Jian Luozhi on the bed, bite him, and listen to him whining and crying.

    “System, have I really transmigrated into a classic romance novel?”

    Qiao Mo questioned the system in her heart.

    System: “???”

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    “Host, what do you want to say? Of course you have transmigrated into a vicious female supporting role in a sadistic love affair novel.
What’s the matter? Has the host figured it out and decided to rise up and take the up role to counterattack? Even though you woke up late, don’t panic, host, I have here “Quick training guide for Substitutes.” here.
Host please take a good look at the tutorial, one how to make the female lead suffer, second how to make the male lead crazy for you, third how to make the second male lead fall for you.”

    Qiao Mo: “… “

    The panic in her heart was shattered by this sand sculpture system [1]Something along the lines as stupid/[email protected] The corners of her mouth couldn’t help twitching, as she blankly answered, “Thank you, no need.”

    This sand sculpture system is really unreliable.

    The system that was ruthlessly disliked by its host quickly disappeared.

    The sand sculpture system went offline, but Qiao Mo’s doubts increased.

    Is it really just a romance world? With a male protagonist, a female protagonist and a usual love triangle?

    Why did she feel that there was something wrong with her body just now?

    Qiao Mo touched her lower abdomen suspiciously.
When Jian Luozhi approached her and she was enveloped by the rich icy sweetness, her lower abdomen felt hot and swollen, as if there was a faint warm current flowing through her.

    At that time, Qiao Mo thought that her aunt was coming.
For fear that having her dress stained with blood in front of Jian Luozhi would be too embarrassing, she hurried away.

   But when she left Jian Luozhi’s room, the strange warmth dissipated?

    Qiao Mo checked, but her aunt didn’t come at all.

    So in Jian Luozhi’s room, what was the reason for the strange change in her body, and was it related to the scent on his body?

    Qiao Mo buried this doubt in her heart, and planned to take a good look at the surrounding situation to see if she could find more clues.

    Early the next morning, Qiao Mo rubbed her panda eyes and went downstairs.

    She slept very badly last night.
She had a nightmare all night, dreaming that she became a werewolf on a full moon night, chasing after Jian Luozhi, wanting to bite him.
Jian Luozhi’s terrified face attracted the police who then beat her into a meat pulp.

Jian, you got up too.”

    Just when Qiao Mo yawned and was about to make some breakfast, Jian Luozhi also pushed open the door and walked out.

    Seeing Qiao Mo’s pale face, Jian Luozhi frowned, “Don’t do it, I’ll take you out to eat.”

    “You know it’s nothing, and you don’t have to care about it a lot.”

    Jian Luozhi thought it was the little girl who had never encountered anything before, and was frightened by the fact that the mighty President Jian was actually an omega, so she didn’t get a good night’s rest, causing her to come down with dark circles under her eyes the next day.

    However, Qiao Mo thought that Jian Luozhi was talking about something that he had to be kept secret due to his rare disease, so she nodded.

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    Although she felt a little distressed about what happened to Jian Luozhi, she would not refuse such a good thing as free food.

    However, Jian Luozhi’s medicine was really useful, and after a good night’s sleep, he felt refreshed.

    The two walked towards the garage together.
After yesterday’s incident, the relationship between the two was obviously more harmonious and close.

    Jian Luozhi let Qiao Mo sit in the back seat to rest, and personally drove his little girl to dinner, “Yesterday you drove well, when did you get your driver’s license?”

    Qiao Mo felt sleepy and yawned, “Before college, let’s go.”

    Jian Luozhi looked at her through the front mirror of the car, “What kind of car do you like?”


    Qiao Mo’s mind was dizzy, and she couldn’t understand what Jian Luozhi meant.

    Jian Luozhi turned his head and said, “What are you going to do today?”

    “Going to school after breakfast.
I checked my credits.
I have to hurry up and fill up my credits this semester, otherwise it will be postponed.”

    Jian Luozhi saw Qiao Mo through the mirror.
She was squinting her eyes and dozing off, seeing that he slowed down the speed of the car.


    The two of them said goodbye after having breakfast together, Jian Luozhi went to the company, and Qiao Mo went to the school.

    As soon as she arrived at the school, Qiao Mo ran into an acquaintance.
Su Shu poked her head out to look at the black Maybach.
After the low-key rich black car left, Su Shu breathed a sigh of relief and waved to Qiao Mo happily, “Sister, I’m here.

    Since they parted from the café that day, Su Shu had made up a perfectly logical dog-blood love story for Qiao Mo in her mind, and her heart became more and more sure of Qiao Mo’s misery, feeling that Qiao Mo’s beauty needs to be taken care of.

    Hearing that Qiao Mo was going to come back for credits, Su Shu volunteered to come over to pick up Qiao Mo, intending to do her duty as a best friend to comfort Qiao Mo’s broken heart, “Momo, when you went back that day, he didn’t do anything to you, did he?”

    “About what?”

    Su Shu blinked, “It’s like this.”

    Hearing her, Qiao Mo suddenly laughed, “Mr.
Jian and I really don’t have such a relationship.”

    “Oh, well then, I thought the appearance of Senior Ke Mo annoyed your boss.”

    “What happened to Senior Ke Mo, didn’t he say that he was very happy to see Mr.
Jian that day?”

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    Coincidentally, the two were chatting about Ke Mo, as a result they met Ke Mo head-on.

    Ke Mo smiled at Qiao Mo, “Shimei, I heard that you wanted to come back to make up for the credits.
Do you want to consider coming to our club for credits?”


    Bai Yueguang had sent him a message.

    “A Luo, I’m sorry about that day, I was too rash.
Do you have time, I want to invite you out and solemnly apologize to you.”

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes flashed coldly, Bai Yueguang’s purpose was too obvious.
He replied coldly, “No need, there will be rumors that I am also at fault.
I will buy 30% of the goods that the Bai family can’t sell as compensation, and that’s it.”

   After sending the message to Bai Yueguang, Jian Luozhi arrived in the office, after a while, the secretary reported to him that the eldest wife was coming.

    The door of the office opened, and a woman wearing an expensive black dress and heavy makeup walked in a reserved and elegant jaw manner “Luozhi, tomorrow is the family banquet, I hope you can invite Bai Yueguang as your female companion.

    “ No.”

    Jian Luozhi refused directly.

    The eldest wife’s expression changed, and her tone became sarcastic, “Don’t you think that I’ll let that omega beside you to accompany you.”

    Jian Luozhi put down the document and looked up at the eldest wife, with self-deprecating and sarcastic expression in his eyes, “I and she are both omega, mother, it’s been more than ten year.
How long are you going to brainwash yourself to take the fake as the real thing.
Let it go.”

    “The lie will only get bigger as the time goes.
You don’t really want me to marry the famous ladies from the circle, do you?”

    After sending away the ugly-looking eldest wife, Jian Luozhi took out his mobile phone and gave Qiao Mo a call, “When will your class be over, I’ll go pick you up.”

    On the other side, Jian Yuezhi was released on bail from the ordination center by his second wife, as he cursed Jian Luozhi who had brought him in.

    When an alpha enters the ordination center, it will leave a stigma on his file, which will affect his marriage in the future.

    Although Jian Yuezhi, as the illegitimate son of the wealthy Jian family, is not afraid of stigmatized marriages or the like, it is related to his face, and he naturally cannot swallow it.

    Just as Jian Yuezhi finished scolding Jian Luozhi and got into the car, the second wife in the red dress turned her head and smiled charmingly at him, “Okay, son, don’t be angry, guess what good things your mother found out.”

    Jian Yuezhi snorted coldly, “Except for Jian Luozhi’s bad luck, no news is good news for me now.”

    The Second wife covered her lips and smiled enchantingly, “But it’s even better than that, you know, Jian Luozhi, he is an omega.”


    Jian Yuezhi was blown up by the news and hit the roof of the car.
He ignored the headache and asked anxiously, “You are kidding, right? He literally crushed people with his pheromones last time.
How can he be an omega?”

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