Jian, should I drive you to the hospital?”

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    Qiao Mo helped Jian Luozhi to the car.
As soon as he got into the car, Jian Luozhi could no longer hold on and leaned against the back seat.

    He closed his eyes tightly, bit his lips hard, as his breathing became heavier and heavier, looking as if he was enduring a lot of pain.
When Qiao Mo saw his appearance, she couldn’t care less about whether he was a male lead or a female lead, and worriedly asked him.

    As the warm feeling in his body started to surged wave after wave, his glands suddenly started feeling sore.
Jian Luozhi looked as if he was fished out off water, sweating all over his body, even his consciousness was hazy, because of which he couldn’t make out whose voice it was.

    His current body was like a bomb.
Once the fuse was ignited, it will blow himself up beyond recognition.

    Even so, Jian Luozhi forced himself to stay awake for a while, raised his eyes to look at Qiao Mo, and commanded her, “Go back to the villa.”

    After Jian Luozhi finished speaking, he closed his eyes again and fought against his body’s instincts.

    Qiao Mo sat in the driver’s seat with a look of hesitation on her face.
Jian Luozhi looked like he was feeling extremely painful.
Was it really ok to not go to the hospital?

    As soon as that thought crossed her mind, the voice of the system suddenly popped out in her mind, “Host, I would like to remind you that although Jian Luozhi has the title of the richest man in Xicheng, the relationship between the internal members of the Jian family of Xicheng is very complicated.
Jian Luozhi is no doubt a good heir, but his position is not completely stable.
The Jian family has other children besides him, and his uncle is also eyeing him.
Jian Luozhi’s reluctance to go to the hospital must be due to some precautionary measures.”

    “If the host is really worried, you can I choose to wait until Jian Luozhi is a little more awake, and ask him for the contact information of his exclusive doctor.
Generally, someone like Jian Luozhi will have their own exclusive private doctor.”

    Qiao Mo was stunned, in her impression, Jian Luozhi is a strong and ruthless male lead.
He was born with power and wealth to look down on others.
She didn’t expect that he also had his own difficulties and troubles behind him.

    At the same time, a thought flashed past her mind, Jian Luozhi suddenly invited her out to eat, did something happen?

    But now was not the time to think about it, the system’s words dispelled Qiao Mo’s hesitation as she drove Jian Luozhi straight to the villa.

    It was morning when Qiao Mo went out.
After listening to the lecture, she encountered Bai Yueguang and her party again.
Now when she returned to the villa with the sick Jian Luozhi, it was already quite late.

    The sky was covered by gray and black clouds with only a little afterglow of the sunset adorning the edges.

    Qiao Mo parked the car in the garage and opened the back seat.

    Jian Luozhi had his head lowered, without any of his usual majesty and uprightness.
He had shrank a little softly on the seat, looking a quite weak and pitiful.

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    Qiao Mo hesitated for a second, then bent over and leaned into the car.

    She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she smelled that strange fragrance again floating in the narrow space in the car, exactly the same as the perfume she smelled from Jian Luozhi that night.

    This scent seemed to have an indescribable power, which caused Qiao Mo’s heart to feel a little impetuous, causing her to have inexplicable cravings for something.

    However, Qiao Mo didn’t know what these impulses were, so she could only reluctantly meditate, squinting her eyes while licking the tips of her teeth.

    A trace of doubt rose in her heart.

    Usually Jian Luozhi’s body is clean and has no smell, and there is also no perfume in the villa, so what is going on with this fragrance?

    Why is there a faint sweetness on his body every time Jian Luozhi feels uncomfortable?

    With a touch of delicate frosty sweetness, it is like the most thirst-quenching drink one can have in summer, which makes people unable to help but get addicted to it and want more of them from Jian Luozhi.

    When Qiao Mo reacted, she found out that she was very close to Jian Luozhi, almost touching his skin.
At the same time, Qiao Mo was also surprised to find that Jian Luozhi’s skin was even paler and whiter than hers.

    No wonder she was able to leave such obvious marks on his wrist with just a little force.

    At this time, Qiao Mo’s mind flashed such an untimely thought.

    Qiao Mo forced herself to put away her complicated thoughts, reached out to support Jian Luozhi’s back, and planned to carry him out directly.

    Jian Luozhi seemed to have fainted right now.
Qiao Mo saw the other party’s discomfort before, so she didn’t plan to wake him up.

    However, the moment Qiao Mo’s hand was placed on Jian Luozhi’s back, Jian Luozhi suddenly opened his eyes.

    Those eyes were still cold and sharp, with a bit of intimidating coldness, but if you were to look closely into them, you can see that they were full of confusion.

    Under the control of his instincts, Jian Luozhi moaned softly because of Qiao Mo’s unexpected touch, but then he bit his lip and forcibly retained his consciousness, and pushed Qiao Mo away.
He then staggered out of the car.

    The garage is the underground garage that comes along with the villa, and you can go back to the bedroom as long as you walk to the elevator.

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    But just as Jian Luozhi took a step, he felt numb and sore from his waist down, his legs softened, and he fell to his knees directly on the ground.

    He gritted his teeth, grabbed the car door, and tried hard to stand up.
Those pair of jade-white fingertips became even paler due to applying much force, his fingers becoming even whiter.


    Qiao Mo stood beside him and looked at Jian Luozhi, feeling at a loss.

    Jian Luozhi’s current appearance was very much like a helpless, sensitive and vulnerable wounded lone wolf, resisting the kindness of others, one who is full of sharp resistance towards the whole world.

    Qiao Mo wanted to help him, but was worried that Jian Luozhi would hurt himself because of his resistance, so she carefully asked for Jian Luozhi’s consent.

Jian, let me help you, you’re not feeling well.”

    Qiao Mo thought that Jian Luozhi was behaving in such a way because of his arrogance and didn’t want to be seen in such an embarrassing state, so he resisted her, “I’ll support you.

    Jian Luozhi fell to the ground, revealing a silent sarcastic smile.

    The susceptibility period and pheromone disorder brought about by his almost collapsed body were more terrifying than he imagined.
Without the comfort of an alpha, his body will only continue to deteriorate.

    Like a string that was stretched to its limits, as if it would break completely in the next second.

    He’ll become a messy, greedy, and an insatiable omega.

    In other words, he would turn into the most disgusting appearance of himself, the kind of omega who needed to beg the alpha, one that had to be played by others in order to survive.

    Just like now, his susceptible period has been triggered just because of a little omega pheromone.
As long as he insists on walking into the elevator and returning to the bedroom to take out the injection, all this chaos can be smoothed out.

    However, the elevator, which usually only takes two or three steps to reach, is like a distant mountain today, impossible to reach it no matter what.

     If he continued to endure it, the susceptible period would break out completely, and he would show all of his disgusting side in front of Qiao Mo in this dark and dirty garage.

    Shame made Jian Luozhi bite his cheeks as he struggled to try again.

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    But he couldn’t resist his body’s natural instincts, his body was more fragile than other omegas, so he lost all his strength just when he started showing the signs of coming in the susceptible period.

    Jian Luozhi was panting heavily, but still he could only fall down embarrassedly.

    Qiao Mo, who was standing aside and watching everything, couldn’t care less about Jian Luozhi’s dignity, and quickly reached out to grab him.

    Like a beautiful prey that was struggling to live but still couldn’t escape, Jian Luozhi fell into Qiao Mo’s arms, letting out a sound that sounded like a choked cry.

Jian, life, old age, sickness and death are the normal state of people, you don’t have to be ashamed of it.”

    Qiao Mo brought Jian Luozhi into her arms, looking thin and tender, his skin paler than before as her arms wrapped around Jian Luozhi’s waist, steadily holding him down.
Her voice was gentle and calm, her gaze was full of pure gentleness, which smoothed out Jian Luozhi’s mottled and cold heart that had fallen into darkness.

    “Qiao Mo.”

    Jian Luozhi breathed lightly, closed his eyes, and leaned weakly on Qiao Mo’s shoulder, “I’m sorry.”

    The susceptible period was still destroying Jian Luozhi’s body again and again, forcing him towards the road to hell, “Send me back to the bedroom.”

    Qiao Mo frowned and disapprovingly said, “Mr.
Jian, you should see a doctor.”

    The corners of his lips curled up, revealing a meaningless smile, “It’s okay, there is medicine in the bedroom, I’ll be fine after taking the medicine.”

     Qiao Mo stared into Jian Luozhi’s eyes, as if to confirm the authenticity of his words.

    Jian Luozhi’s dark eyes looked at Qiao Mo calmly, deep as abyss as usual.

    However, for some reason, Qiao Mo had this nagging feeling that Jian Luozhi was about to cry.

    “Qiao Mo.” Jian Luozhi caller her while laughing at himself, “Come on, do you want me to beg you? If I stay here any longer, I will make a fool of myself.”

    It seems like now, even if he knew that Qiao Mo was a same-sex omega, Jian Luozhi actually had some shameful thoughts towards her, as if wanting to kiss her, wanting to wrap his weak legs around her, wanting to plead, wanting to see Qiao Mo sinking down with him.

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    If he doesn’t hurry back to the bedroom to get the medicine, he will end up scaring her.

    Qiao Mo hugged Jian Luozhi and walked towards the elevator.

    She is shorter than Jian Luozhi, even thinner and slender than him, but when she was holding him, she firmly supported the weight of Jian Luozhi’s whole body, and walked into the elevator effortlessly in two to three steps.

    Before Jian Luozhi was surprised by Qiao Mo’s strength, he heard Qiao Mo ask him, “Have you been ill for a long time?”

    Jian Luozhi paused, “Yes, it’s been a long time, since the age of sixteen.”

    Hearing him say that Qiao Mo fell silent.
Jian Luozhi had started to fall sick at the age of sixteen.
And whenever he fell ill, he will also develop a high fever, and looks like he was also prescribed special medicine.
Jian Luozhi also looked like he was used to it.
Is this a genetic disease or a congenital one?

    “You are treating Bai Yueguang coldly because of this?”

    Qiao Mo suddenly thought of Jian Luozhi’s performance in the restaurant today, and spontaneously found an excuse for Jian Luozhi’s scum like behavior.

    If he found out that he was terminally ill, and was deliberately pushing away the female protagonist, then his recent behavior can be explained.

    Jian Luozhi didn’t expect Qiao Mo to ask this, and couldn’t help feeling a little ridiculous, “Yes, but not entirely because of this.”

    Before Qiao Mo could ponder over Jian Luozhi’s words, the two came to his bedroom.

    However, this time, Jian Luozhi asked Qiao Mo to stay, “Qiao Mo, help me bit.”

    Jian Luozhi opened the bedside drawer, took out the injection and the medicine, and put the medicine into the needle tube skillfully.
He handed the needle to Qiao Mo, and turned his head slightly to reveal the elegant and white swan like neck, “Do you know where to insert?”

    Now that this matter had developed to this point, Jian Luozhi doesn’t plan to hide it from Qiao Mo anymore.
He really needs a bit of help from someone.

    Jian Luozhi was lying on the bed with his head on the pillow, looking sideways at Qiao Mo, his thick and dark eyebrows were slightly raised, and the end of his eyes looked like a small hook.
What’s more, there was also a small mole on his lower eyelid.

    That small little mole, like a kitten’s paw, was gently scratching the bottom of Qiao Mo’s heart.

    Not knowing what was going on, Qiao Mo took a deep breath, and a very strange and inexplicable thought popped into her mind.

    She felt that Jian Luozhi’s appearance right now was extraordinarily sexy and charming, even if the other party was wearing a tightly wrapped suit, but this gesture of showing his vulnerability, it was as if Jian Luozhi was hinting at something, causing Qiao Mo’s mind gave birth to an unbelievable thought, that Jian Luozhi was seducing her.

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