09 Demonstrate Possession

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    When Qiao Mo happily waved at Jian Luozhi, Jian Luozhi also looked at her.

    Seeing Qiao Mo’s innocent and soft smile, the imperceptible irritability and boredom in Jian Luozhi’s heart immediately dissipated.

    It’s like seeing the sun shine through the glass windows of the villa and fall on the petals full of crystal clear water droplets while you are lying on a rocking chair and resting comfortably in a warm afternoon.

    A faint smile appeared on Jian Luozhi’s indifferent face, like ripples forming on a still lake because of rain drops.

    Jian Luozhi was very handsome, looking even more reserved and elegant than the top film stars.
While walking in the crowd, he is the most eye-catching one, and will unconsciously attract the attention of others.

    It’s just that his imposing manner is too strong, like a forever snow-capped mountain surrounded by a frozen lake, and since most of the time his face is expressionless, making him appear very solemn.

    Therefore, others do not dare to casually approach him even if they knew about his high status.
And for the students like Su Shu, it was the first time they were under such a strong aura, inevitably causing them to have a natural sense of fear.

    At this moment, Jian Luozhi suddenly showed a smile, which highlighted his original good appearance.
He had a pair of perfect eyebrows, his face was delicate, and the small mole on his lower eyelid added an extra charm to his already handsome appearance, just like a noble young man walking out of an oil painting.
They were stunned for a while.

    In that short moment, Jian Luozhi had already walked to Qiao Mo’s side, and naturally pulled out the chair beside Qiao Mo to sit down.
Looking up at the group of students sitting around the table, he asked “Having dinner with your classmates?”

    Qiao Mo didn’t notice anything wrong and nodded, “They are my new friends.”

    Jian Luozhi nodded slightly, sitting next to Qiao Mo in a natural posture, with his hands kept lightly on the back of her chair, “Don’t worry about me, you can continue your talk.”

    After smiling a bit at Qiao Mo, he sat down besides her just like a stern and dignified boss waiting for his subordinates to report.
His mere presence made the people sitting around feel on edge and tense, and the originally relaxed and light atmosphere immediately vanished.

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    Several people sitting together looked at other, feeling embarrassed and somewhat restrained, wondering how to continue talking.

    Su Shu even glanced at Qiao Mo secretly, and asked in a low voice, “Momo, is this really your boss? Why do you call him Mr.

    Infected by Su Shu’s nervousness, Qiao Mo also whispered in confusion, “Is there anything wrong with me calling him Mr.


    Su Shu was speechless.
She realized that Jian Luozhi was exactly like a dream Alpha in almost all omega’s minds.
This cute little white rabbit seemed to be worried about her friend.

    Although Qiao Mo is an alpha with a strong pheromone, but at first glance, she is the kind of sweet and cute alpha with no aggressiveness and scheming.
No matter how strong her pheromone is, what if she encounters a deep and fierce person like her boss, such a strong alpha.

    Looking at Qiao Mo’s ignorant and confused face, she knew that Qiao Mo didn’t notice anything at all, causing her to be anxious to death.

    Although she respects her friend’s sexual orientation, a fierce alpha like her friend’s boss is definitely a ruthless and cruel alpha who is good at sadomasochism.

    If Qiao Mo knew about Su Shu’s inner monologue, she would definitely sigh that her imaginative power was really good.
She had read romance novels deeply enough to guess the plot right away.

    However, Qiao Mo didn’t know anything at this time, so she could only watch Su Shu playing around in riddles, looking confused and a bit nervous.

    Ke Mo, who was sitting on the other side of Qiao Mo, gritted his teeth, his face sank, and there was a bit of unwillingness in his eyes.

    This handsome man showed his dominant position as soon as he came.
He was so condescending, that he immediately showed his possessiveness towards Qiao Mo.
He didn’t believe it at all when Qiao Mo said that the two just had a simple boss-subordinate relationship.

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    Although the other party looked handsome and was older and more calmer than himself, looking like he can give his partner a stable life, but Ke Mo didn’t think he would necessarily lose to him.

    Ke Mo had never seen someone like Qiao Mo before.
She has such a deep understanding of his profession.
If possible, he hopes to have a long-term relationship with Qiao Mo.

    Since the other party is called boss by Qiao Mo, he must be a businessman with little achievements.

    After thinking for a while, Ke Mo stretched out his hand towards Jian Luozhi with an undisguised sullen expression on his face “Hello, I’m Ke Mo from the Department of Biology at Xicheng University.
Today my teacher was here to give a lecture.
My teacher appreciates Qiao Mo very much.
As a senior, I came here in advance to get acquainted with my shimei.
Can I ask, what do you do?”

    The Department of Biology at Xicheng University is very famous in China, and it can be said that it trains many scientists for the government every year.

    There is a well-known professor in the Department of Biology who occasionally returns to his alma mater to give lectures.
Entering his laboratory is basically equal to be appointment as the government’s exclusive scientific researcher, signifying the person’s limitless future.

    Jian Luozhi realized that Ke Mo was flaunting his achievements from those words.
The other party mistook him as Qiao Mo’s partner, implying that he and Qiao Mo were not suitable for each other and they had nothing in common.

    Although Jian Luozhi knew that it was impossible for him and Qiao Mo, but he felt Ke Mo’s unique alpha pheromone in the air provoking him, as if mocking him for being a powerless omega, causing his heart to give rise to some subtle unpleasantness.

    Even if the contract between him and Qiao Mo is terminated one day, and Qiao Mo will form another family, the alpha in front of him is not suitable.

    What’s more…

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes swept across Qiao Mo, and there was a rare trace of tenderness in his dark eyes.

    A simple and beautiful female omega like Qiao Mo is most likely to be deceived.
Jian Luozhi had already thought about it.
Qiao Mo could be regarded as a person who has been with him for a while.
If she wants to get married and have children in the future, he will look around for her, so that she will not be deceived.

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    Thinking of this, Jian Luozhi withdrew his gaze, stared at Ke Mo with dark eyes, and said lightly, “Jian Luozhi, a member of the board of directors of the Chaungshi Group.”

    Although Jian Luozhi did not reveal even a hint of pheromone, his aura of a superior still made Ke Mo feel a suffocated.

    The two students behind Ke Mo gasped involuntarily.
Although it was only for a while, they were also caught off-guard by Jian Luozhi and Ke Mo.

    Jian Luozhi glanced at the two of them coldly, and they immediately lowered their heads.
Ke Mo’s eyes showed unwillingness to admit defeat.

    Chuangshi Group can be said to be No.1 in the business world.
Everyone has heard about the Jian family of Xicheng.

    His surname is Jian, and he is also a member of the board of directors of Chaungshi.
His status and identity are self-evident.
He is not a simple noveau rich businessman.

    Hearing him say that, those sitting around suddenly remembered that the youngest and richest businessman in Xicheng being reported by the media in these two years, seem to have surname Jian too?

     If this was the case, even if Ke Mo was someone who was highly appreciated by the professor, he was still not as good as Jian Luozhi.

    Because as far as they knew, the professor wanted to get sponsorship from the Chuangshi Group recently to create his own laboratory team.
He was even very polite to the people of the Chuangshi Group.
If he succeeds in getting the sponsorship, Ke Mo would have to call Jian Luozhi boss in the future.

Jian, it’s an honor to meet you.”

    Although he was not reconciled, Ke Mo also knew that the professor’s experiment was very important, and he didn’t dare to offend Jian Luozhi at this time, so he reluctantly smiled at Jian Luozhi.

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi, and then at Ke Mo, and couldn’t help but sigh, thinking that this is the kind of charm of a boss who will never be out-of-date in the world of romance novels even for decades!

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    Jian Luozhi is worthy of being a tyrannical male lead, such arrogance.
Simply saying his name can make these students behave both respectfully and admiringly.

    This is probably the charm of money.

    After all, the title of the richest man is there in front of his name.

    It’s like Qiao Mo is now lying under the holy light of Jian Luozhi’s money.
No one has more say than her.
What she likes the most is when Jian Luozhi takes out his card and swipes it without any hesitation, while having a cold look on his face.

    Simply handsome.

    Seeing Qiao Mo’s expression, Jian Luozhi’s forever cold face softened slightly, while Ke Mo became more and more depressed.

    By this time, the coffee was no longer important, and everyone simply said goodbye on the spot.

    Before leaving, Ke Mo couldn’t help saying to Jian Luozhi, “Qiao Mo is a very good person, I hope Mr.
Jian cherishes her.”

    Jian Luozhi stopped and looked at Ke Mo with a cold expression.

    “This is a private matter between me and Qiao Mo, so you don’t need to bother with it, Mr.
Ke Mo.”

    After speaking, Jian Luozhi led Qiao Mo away, leaving Ke Mo standing there with an ugly face.

    When they went near the car, Qiao Mo came to her senses and asked strangely, “Why did Senior Ke say that?”

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