stung, tears welled up in his eyes.

Ye Fei, he… is a really good person.

It was just that… he didn’t deserve this man, so he shouldn’t waste any more of his time.


Ye Fei typed the message with one hand and put the communicator back into his pocket while suppressing a smirk.
The father and son duo sat in a tea room in the more secluded areas of the campus, the scent of tea leaves filled the air.

“Okay, let’s talk about what’s next.” Ye HongFong, who was seated across, said as he casually picked up the cigar from the table and lit it after he placed it in his mouth.

“Please continue.” Ye Fei also fished the cigarette case out of his pocket and bit into one, holding it in his mouth as they looked at each other.

“I have a secret mission for you.” Ye HongFeng pulled out a key from his pocket as he spoke and tossed it over.

The exquisite copper key was covered in intricate patterns and looked like it was worth a lot of money.

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, took the key in his hand and played with it, asking, “This is?”

Ye HongFeng didn’t answer right away, but slowly took a full puff of his cigar that was in his hand and said in a lowered voice, “Are you aware that a secret battle will be held once every hundred years among the top ten families of the Empire and those finishing in the top five place will be regarded as the top? In other words, only the victors will be able to enjoy the most sought after prize of the game; to hold the highest power in the Empire.”

Ye Fei gave a hmmm, signaling him to continue.

Ye HongFeng put down the cigar in his hand and took out an ancient scroll from his carry-on bag, then slowly opened it and spread it on the table between the two.
“This is the map of the upcoming battle, containing the whereabouts of thirty-two markers.
You have one year.
The first five people who capture the highest number of markers will naturally be the final winners.”

Ye Fei looked at the dense symbols and numbers on the scroll, and felt a wave of emotions overwhelming his heart.

In his freshman year before traveling back, there was also such a scroll, and with it started a bloody battle.
There were deaths and injuries, and some people continued to sit and enjoy the glory of the next hundred years, including the Ye family.

Back then, it took him a few months to decipher the map code, and it was a nightmare.
Even when he had his eyes closed, he could see numbers swirling in his head, it was an endless torture.

He didn’t expect that, even after traveling back, this didn’t change nor did the tasks.

Tsk, can’t even hide or run from this.

“Then, this key?” Ye Fei looked up.
There was no such thing before.

Between the gap of time, the butterfly’s wings fluttered and began to dance.

“The key to the secret room of the 13th piano room of Red Flame,” Ye HongFeng breathed out a thick puff of smoke, “there’s a disguise machine in there.”

The corner of Ye Fei’s mouth twitched, “Who came up with it?”

“Those crazy people from [XuanBird] came up with this to pass time and to assist you to complete the tasks.
But you can only change your appearance for a day, and only once a month.”

Ye HongFeng knew Ye Fei was not too interested in the family’s matters so he took the initiative to explain, “If you can, take more time to learn about these secret matters.”

The [XuanBird] was the Ye family’s secret intelligence troop that only took direct orders from the Ye family’s current family head.
Of course he understood his family’s secret, but… 

Just how idle were they to come up with something like a disguise machine?

“The other candidates don’t get this?” Ye Fei grasped the key.

Ye HongFeng looked at him, “No, but they will definitely have something up their sleeves that we don’t know about.”

Ye Fei put out his cigarette and nodded.

To be able to completely hide oneself in the Dark Forest and even plant evidence on the opponent was already a huge advantage.
But at the moment, what bothered him the most was the vague uneasiness he felt.

Last time he was all alone, so he wasn’t hesitant to participate and fight without fear in the battle.
But this time, he had to partake in this, along with his love for Gu Ang.

He was now his fatal weakness.

Not only did he have to protect his family name, but also Gu Ang.

“That’s all I have to say.
I have confidence in you.” Ye HongFeng chuckled, “Let’s talk about something else.
When I went to see you today, Gu Ang called me Dad.
It was so funny.”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, a little surprised, “He really called you that?”

“Yes, very instantly and very smoothly too.
What’s going on between you two?” Ye HongFeng pushed the small cup of tea forward, “Taste it, it’s new.”

“I don’t drink tea.” Ye Fei leaned back against the seat, “And there’s nothing between us…”

…yet, he added mentally.

“How come I feel like that’s not true?” Ye HongFeng pushed the teacup forward again, “It’s white peach oolong, it’s really good.”

Ye Fei was too lazy to continue the conversation.
He helplessly picked up the cup of tea and took a sip.

A very faint scent of white peach interspersed with the aroma of oolong, smooth and gentle caressing his Adam’s apple as he swallowed.
Its taste was fleeting, lustrous, yet tantalizing.
It was his first time tasting something like this.
At first it was slightly bitter and the aftertaste was sweet.
An oddly familiar sweetness.

As if it was alive, the aroma flirted wantonly with his consciousness.

Tea obviously had a cooling effect but it was arousing the fire in him, making him feel hot and thirsty for more.

“It smells really good.” Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he couldn’t help himself and gulped it down in one go.
He tapped the teapot and Ye HongFeng refilled his cup.

The two of them were silent, enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the evening.

Outside the window was the brilliant evening sunset, with a few sparrows occasionally flying about, breaking some of the overly still silence.

After Ye Fei boiled the third pot of white peach oolong, Ye HongFeng finally couldn’t help but interrupt, “You won’t be able to sleep later if you drink too much.
If you like it that much, just buy some and take it back.”

“Hmm.” Ye Fei called the waiter and bought ten packs in one go.

Ye HongFeng was shocked, “Y-you… only had two sips and you fell in love with it already?”

Ye Fei replied meaningfully, “The taste hasn’t changed, I might keep liking it.”

When the white peach oolong went down his throat, familiar memories instantly returned.

It reminded him of the many late nights when he pressed himself against Gu Ang’s neck and smelled the scent that made him lose control.

It was the smell of Gu Ang’s pheromones.


The author has something to say:

Ye Fei: He smells so good.

Poor Ye Fei, since he can’t taste his wife he can only get some tea to quench his thirst.


Translator Notes:

This sentence has its own meme! Even associated with Stephan Chow.  Write oneself off as hopeless and just act recklessly Kirio: Original text reads, “Damn, this does not read smoothly.” Because he got used to calling his husband’s Dad ‘Dad’.

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