please follow the operation manual to familiarize yourself with Red Fire.
You have a total of five minutes.”

“Let’s start directly, I have enough mental power to operate it.” The faint voice of Ye Fei’s could be heard coming from inside Red Fire.

“God Ye’s mind power is so terrifying? He can directly control Red Fire?”

“This is the latest model of the Empire’s mecha, although it’s aimed at mass production, it’s still in an experimental stage.
God Ye didn’t even try it before but wants to go straight at it?”

Wang Chuang frowned, seemingly displeased, “Ye Fei, I know you come from a military family, but even if you have experience in piloting mechas, you can’t mess around like this.
Red Fire is a new model and takes a big toll on the pilot’s mental power.
For newbies to rely purely on mental power to pilot the mecha, it can easily backfire and cause permanent trauma to your mind.” 

Wang Chuang noticed that the person’s expression didn’t even budge, so he added, “It’s better to rely on manual operations to reduce that risk.
Don’t act rashly and have regrets.”

When he said that, his line of sight intentionally landed on Gu Ang.

Gu Ang, who was just watching Red Fire with his arms crossed: ???

I only broke the machine, it’s not like I won’t pay for it! What the fuck is up with these oblique accusations?


A gust of wind accompanied by a sharp, piercing sound, followed by a cracking sound came from afar.

Only Gu Ang and Wang Chuang could see what really happened.
The others were blinded by the idea that they must have been imagining things, that everything was just an illusion.

“Ye… God Ye shattered all ten moving targets!!!” Informer Bai SiNing suddenly pointed at the wreckage in the distance and announced the scary scene in a trembling voice.

“Fuck! My mom asked me why I was kneeling down to watch God Ye piloting a mecha.”

“What the hell just happened? I’m very sure he didn’t use any of the weapons equipped on the mecha.”

The whole class broke down, their brains melted into a puddle of question marks.

Not only was no one a match against Ye Fei, but they couldn’t even fathom what kind of secret trick this man just pulled.

The teacher asked them to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and suddenly he was there doing calculus?

I choose to drop out of school!

It’s called subsonic.” Gu Ang had a spicy mouth but he was in fact a little awed, “But this is only a small mecha used in schools, so I don’t think it can withstand this kind of strenuous stunt.”

Wang Chuang was a bit helpless and told Ye Fei to hurry down from the mecha.

“Student Ye Fei manipulated Red Fire to launch a subsonic attack, directly smashing the ten moving targets.
Although powerful, this data simply doesn’t have universal applicability and isn’t normally manipulatable.
Class, please don’t learn from him ah.
For the rest of the students, please stick to manual operation.” Wang Chuang told the students, his tone half bitter.

After helplessly writing down the data, Wang Chuang looked up at the only two who hadn’t taken the mecha test yet.

Gu Ang… 


It was better to find a student who was more reliable(noob).

Since the beginning of the semester, this Gu Ang had openly declared a flower war5 with Ye Fei, God knows if he might directly disintegrate the mecha… 

“Bai SiNing, you’re up.”

“Yes, teacher!” Bai SiNing nodded and turned to climb into the cockpit.

“Now start familiarizing yourself with the mecha first.”

Five minutes later, Bai SiNing, who had figured out the operation, began to follow the requirements and slowly proceeded to the shooting location step by step, preparing to fire at the moving target.

Red Fire was wobbly walking toward the firing location when suddenly a blinding light flashed across the surface of the mecha, followed by a trail of black smoke from the back of its body.

The entire Red Fire emitted a buzzing roar, as if it was about to explode.

“Everybody, run!” Wang Chuang assessed the situation and immediately evacuated the students to a nearby safe area.

The scene was in chaos and everyone was scrambling away not understanding what was going on.

Ye Fei, who stood in place, was just about to get over to help, but Gu Ang had already rushed over without slight hesitation.

“There’s abnormal black smoke in the No.3 vent and No.7 vent…”

“There’s a short circuit in line No.17…”

“Seems like the coolant in duct No.7 is flowing in reverse…”

In a flash, Gu Ang arrived at the side of the fierce and flamboyant Red Fire, a plan already brewing in his mind.

As soon as he got onto the mecha, he fearlessly thrusted his fist into the twenty-seventh armor plate, completely piercing through it.
He then reached into the nozzle and crushed the corresponding duct, stopping the short-circuit situation.

Next, with his right hand bypassed No.43’s titanium-chromium alloy defensive area and pulled out duct No.7 with the coolant corresponding to the cooling tank from the side of Red Fire.

Clear thinking, methodical actions.

The next step… 

Bai SiNing, his lieutenant, was previously besieged to death by the Federation Corps for covering him.
This time, he would definitely not allow anything to happen to him!

Gu Ang continued to move, and after removing another dozen parts, finally… 

The target, Red Fire, became completely silent.

The crowd of onlookers hid to the side, each dumbfounded, looking at the parts that were dismantled, before muttering to each other one after the other.

“He fucking demolished the mecha with just his hands! Such a shame I didn’t record this.”

“I thought this thing was going to blow up, scared me to death.”

“Gu Ang is really awesome.
The man is real, I’m sure.”

Gu Ang dragged Bai SiNing out from the mecha, walked past Wang Chuang and asked, “Teacher, I don’t need to pay for this one right?”

Wang Chuang facepalmed, “Today’s class ends here.
To even break Red Fire… you guys are breaking this teacher’s heart.
I’m going to send this for repair.
Class dismissed.”

The crowd scattered, Gu Ang and Bai SiNing went to the canteen and simply grabbed something random to eat. 

His body was covered in sweat and he felt sticky all over.
He took a whiff of himself and thought he was disgusting so he went back to the dorms to take a shower.
When he reached the door of room 404, there seemed to be a slight noise coming from the room.

Gu Ang rubbed his stomach and thought, Is Ye Fei back so early?

He suddenly thought of the man who wanted to exchange contact information with him and his heart rate quickened for no reason.
He quickly punched in the code and swung the door open.

In the small living room sat a man adorned in a military uniform with a golden shoulder patch showing the highest rank.
His features were imposing yet calm, and that appearance was almost as handsome as Ye Fei’s.
But he had a more composed aura that spelled out years of experience.

Gu Ang put his hand on the door handle, froze and blurted out, “Dad! What are you doing here?”

Ye HongFeng’s brows raised and looked at the teenager he had never met before with a cold face, ”???”


The author has something to say: 

Question marks, seems like you have many friends here.
(Kirio: Lmao, yes, we are all confused thank you)

Ye HongFeng: Since when did I have another son???


Translator Notes:

When pigs fly: When something unexpected happens. There are multiple meanings to ‘不行’.
It literally translates to ‘Cannot do it’ but could also mean that someone can’t get it up or can’t perform in bed. If you see the pinyin of Gu Ang it spells Guang, hence the Guang in Ye Guang.
And Ye is dearly beloved ex-husband Ye Fei.
But when written in Chinese characters, it’s 夜光 which reads as Ye Guang but means Luminous He uses one chinese character that is pronounced the same but means something different.
光光.  It’s really super cute actually.
The character that is used is the one for bright/light and since he uses two, he’s calling Gu Ang his “Bright Light”.  Mahjong terminology, where the ‘flower’ tiles act as a bonus, giving you a headstart to winning the game.

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