Lu Jingshen woke up at 7 a.m., exercised for half an hour, and then went down to have breakfast.

Feng Si toasted bread, fried eggs and sausages, and heated milk—all laid out on the kitchen counter.
However, he himself was nowhere to be seen.

Lu Jingshen glanced at the food on the counter and sat down.

When he was almost finished with breakfast, he heard the sound of the door opening from the entrance hall.
It was Feng Si back from his morning jog.

Feng Si greeted him with a smile and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When he came back from his room, Lu Jingshen had already changed clothes and was ready to leave.

Feng Si stopped him.
“It’s not even 8 o’clock yet, and you’re going to the office?”

Lu Jingshen replied with three words, “Afraid of traffic.”

Feng Si approached, adjusting the slightly crooked knot of Lu Jingshen’s tie.
Lu Jingshen remained expressionless, watching him.

Feng Si smirked, thought for a moment, then loosened the tie knot and tied it again in a different style.

“Is it fun?” Lu Jingshen’s voice was cold.

Feng Si skillfully adjusted the tie with his slender fingers, occasionally touching Lu Jingshen’s skin with his fingertips, seemingly intentional, as he spoke slowly, “There’s no need to be so rigid and conventional.
Sometimes, you can change things up a bit.”

Finally finishing Lu Jingshen’s tie, Feng Si raised his eyes and met Lu Jingshen’s gaze, seeing his own reflection in those deep black eyes.
The smile on his face deepened.
” Lu Jingshen, if you keep staring at me like this, I’ll think you’re seducing me.”

Lu Jingshen averted his gaze and said, “Let’s go.”

He walked out first, and Feng Si followed, grabbing a jacket as he rushed to catch up.

The driver was already waiting downstairs.
They arrived at the company in forty minutes, just before 8:30 a.m., half an hour before official working hours.

As they entered the elevator, Feng Si glanced at his wristwatch and stretched lazily.

Lu Jingshen gave him a brief glance.
Feng Si was dressed too casually, not at all like someone coming to work.
The secretarial department had stricter dress requirements than other departments, and someone should have briefed him about it, but apparently, Feng Si turned a deaf ear.

Liu Jie saw Feng Si in the office and came over to say a few words to him.
Feng Si casually replied, “Sorry, I’m not used to wearing formal attire.
Besides, I’m just Mr Lu’s personal assistant and bodyguard, not an official employee of your company.
There’s no need to have so many expectations and besides Lu Jingshen didn’t say anything either.”

Liu Jie was very surprised.

Lu Jing Shen was known for his strict requirements for employees, yet he let Feng Si, who was so relaxed and unserious, get away with such an attitude on his first official day of work?

Feng Si ignored Liu Jie and took the opportunity when nobody was paying attention to knock on Lu Jing Shen’s office door.

Lu Jing Shen was in his office, going through the backlog of documents from the past few days.
He had a meeting scheduled later.
When Feng Si entered, he only glanced at him briefly before lowering his head to continue working.

Feng Si didn’t bother him and went to a nearby bookshelf to randomly pick a book, sitting down on the sofa to pass the time.

At ten o’clock, Liu Jie came in to remind Lu Jing Shen about the meeting.
Seeing Feng Si sprawled on the sofa, her face showed a hint of confusion about how to react.

Lu Jing Shen nodded to indicate his understanding and asked her to leave first.
As he got up, he casually asked Feng Si on the sofa, “Do you find this job interesting?”

Feng Si removed the book covering his face and looked at him teasingly, countering with a question, “And what about you? Do you find your own job interesting?”

Lu Jing Shen calmly replied, “Sitting in the office all day from morning till night, you’ll get tired of it within three days.”

Lu Jing Shen knew Feng Si’s personality well.
He was a free-spirited person who didn’t like to be held down.
He wasn’t even willing to wear formal attire, so how could he tolerate being in the office all day, dealing with people and things that held little interest?

Feng Si sneered, “You knew I’ll get tired of it.
Yet you still made me sign the contract.
Were you hoping I would try it and then give up halfway?”

Lu Jing Shen didn’t deny it, saying, “You don’t need to waste your time here with me.”

Feng Si silently watched him for a moment before saying, “It’s indeed boring, but what can I do? I’m very interested in you and don’t want to let go just like that.”

After a brief standoff, Lu Jing Shen averted his gaze first and calmly said, “Do as you please.”

He went to the meeting room, and Feng Si followed.
That day was an internal working meeting for the company’s top management.
When they entered, Feng Si casually glanced around and noticed Lu Jing Shen’s elder sister, Lu Jing Qing, talking to someone.

Feng Si’s gaze swept over her, taking in her appearance.
Although she bore some resemblance to Lu Jing Shen, their personalities were completely different.
Lu Jing Shen might have a hard time controlling her.

Lu Jing Qing seemed to sense something and looked over.
Her gaze passed Lu Jing Shen and quickly noticed Feng Si, furrowing her brows.

Feng Si paid no attention and took a seat at the back of the room, playing with his phone to kill time.

The next hour was filled with dull and uninteresting agenda items.
Towards the end, Lu Jing Shen mentioned the ongoing acquisition of Xinfeng Technology.
The confirmation from Chongsheng Capital had already been received in the morning, stating their willingness to transfer all the Xinfeng Technology shares held by them according to their third round of offers.
Zhao Yuanping had also been convinced to sell his shares, allowing them to take over completely.

That should have been good news, but someone found fault with it.
A director mentioned that the acquisition of Xinfeng required too much money, which would impact the investment in other subsequent projects.
Before Lu Jing Shen could speak, someone immediately defended him.
The discussion quickly escalated, becoming quite controversial.

Feng Si listened casually for a while and asked Liu Jie’s assistant next to him, “Who is that?”

He was referring to the person who openly challenged Lu Jing Shen.
The assistant explained in a low voice, “Mr.
Li is a long-time employee of the company.
He has a straightforward and quick-witted personality.
He isn’t afraid of openly challenging the boss.”

Feng Si sneered, “Leaning on seniority.”

Ultimately, the argument didn’t escalate.
Lu Jing Qing interrupted the dispute with a smile, calming both sides down with a few words.
Lu Jing Shen ended it with a nonchalant “Adjourned.”

Back in the office, Lu Jing Shen returned to his desk to continue reviewing documents.
Feng Si walked over and leaned against the desk, asking, “Are you angry?”

Lu Jing Shen’s gaze remained on the documents, and he replied calmly, “No.”

Feng Si smiled but didn’t expose him.

When Lu Jing Qing came to knock on the door, Feng Si was urging Lu Jing Shen to go out for lunch with him.

Lu Jing Qing entered and immediately noticed Feng Si leaning beside Lu Jing Shen.
Her gaze lingered on him for two seconds before turning to Lu Jing Shen.
“Ah Shen, I want to talk to you.”

Lu Jing Shen gestured to Feng Si and said, “give us a moment.”

Feng Si stood up nonchalantly, glanced at Lu Jing Qing, and leisurely walked out.

As he left, he heard Lu Jing Qing ask, “Is he your new assistant?”

Lu Jing Shen nodded slightly, “Yes.”

Lu Jing Qing expressed surprise, “I didn’t expect you to hire someone so unprofessional.”

She also noticed that Lu Jing Shen’s tie was tied using a currently popular method, which was typically favored by fashionable men.
It was not a choice that someone with Lu Jing Shen’s personality would make.
He wouldn’t even know about those trends.

Lu Jing Shen immediately changed the topic, “Is there something you need?”

Lu Jing Qing said, “Regarding the comments made by Uncle Wen during the meeting, don’t take it to heart.
That’s just how he is—whatever comes to mind, he says it.
He wasn’t directly targeting you.”

“I know,” replied Lu Jing Shen with a calm expression.

Lu Jing Qing smiled, “You sure?”

Lu Jing Shen nodded again, seeming unwilling to discuss the matter further.

Realizing this, Lu Jing Qing tactfully refrained from mentioning it further.
She mentioned hearing about Lu Jing Shen getting into trouble in Shanghai.
She asked if everything was okay.

“It was just a minor issue, and it has been resolved,” Lu Jing Shen answered.

Lu Jing Qing said, “That’s good.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Do you have time? It’s mom’s birthday, remember to come home.”

“Okay,” replied Lu Jing Shen.

They exchanged a few more words, and Lu Jing Qing reminded him not to focus solely on work and to remember to have lunch before leaving.

As she walked out of Lu Jingshen’s office, she saw Feng Si standing right outside the door.
He had one leg crossed over the other and was leaning against the wall, casually playing with his phone.

Upon hearing footsteps, Feng Si looked up at Lu Jing Qing, who furrowed her brows slightly.
She noticed that his demeanor was far from that of a typical assistant.

Lu Jing Qing stopped in her tracks, closed the door behind her, and coldly asked him, “Were you eavesdropping just now?”

Feng Si replied, “I was listening openly.”

Lu Jing Qing’s expression turned slightly stern as she asked, “What is your relationship with Ah Shen?”

Feng Si casually replied, “ I’m his newly hired personal assistant and bodyguard, as well as his private pilot for the personal jet.”

Lu Jing Qing appeared somewhat surprised and asked, “You’re a pilot?”

Feng Si nodded casually, “Yeah.”

Lu Jing Qing found it somewhat strange and observed him a bit longer before Feng Si responded with a smile.

However, that smile made her very uncomfortable.
She averted her gaze, leaving a remark, “Be more respectful in front of Ah Shen in the future.
Don’t cause him trouble,” and she walked away quickly.

Feng Si paid no mind to it, smiled, and pushed the door open again.

Lu Jingshen had already stood up, seemingly having changed his mind about going out to eat.

Feng Si jokingly asked him, “Lu Jingshen, what’s your relationship like with the company’s president ?”

Lu Jingshen responded, “Is that something you should be asking?”

Feng Si changed the title, “Then, Alex, how’s your relationship with your sister?”

Lu Jingshen averted his eyes from Feng Si’s teasing and said after a pause, “It’s not what you think.”

Feng Si remarked, “What do you think I’m thinking? Do you think I believe that you two don’t get along?”

Lu Jingshen ignored him and walked out first.

Feng Si followed, saying, “Let’s go.
I saw some good restaurants nearby that have high ratings online.”

Liu Jie saw Lu Jingshen come out and was about to ask if he was going out when she heard Feng Si’s remark.
She silently withdrew her leg, which was about to step forward.

The two of them entered the elevator, with Lu Jingshen in front and Feng Si behind.

Previously, unless it was necessary for socializing, Lu Jingshen never went out to eat, not even at the company’s own cafeteria.
Every day, he would have his meals ordered and arranged to be delivered to him in the office.

Liu Jie suddenly thought that maybe she could finally meet her boyfriend for lunch that day.

As the elevator descended, Feng Si suddenly chuckled.

Lu Jingshen’s gaze shifted towards him, seemingly unclear about what he found funny all of a sudden.

Feng Si said, “Liu Secretary is quite an interesting person.
Did you see the way she looked at you earlier?”

Lu Jingshen turned his gaze away, uninterested in Feng Si’s joke.

Feng Si looked at him, his eyes filled with even more delight.

“Ah Shen.”

Lu Jingshen’s expression slightly froze, and Feng Si continued, “Your sister calls you that, right?”

Lu Jingshen frowned, reminding him, “Don’t call me that.”

 Feng Si paused for a while still observing him and reluctantly said, “Fine, I won’t call you that.”

But subtly, that name still lingered in his mind.

Ah Shen.

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