When Fengsi opened his eyes, Lu Jingshen was still sound asleep, facing away from him.
The blanket had slipped down, revealing a large mark on his exposed shoulder and back.
Without the cover of darkness, the marks looked even clearer than they did last night.

Fengsi reached out, gently caressing the spot on Lu Jingshen’s shoulder blade with his fingers.

He couldn’t get enough, as if he was admiring and playing with a rare treasure that pleased him.

Under this teasing touch, Lu Jingshen’s body moved, and he slowly opened his eyes.

The sensation of their skin touching was exceptionally vivid.
Even in his half-awake state, he could feel the warmth emanating from behind him, causing him to tense up and stop moving.

Fengsi leaned in and kissed the slightly raised shoulder blade.

Almost instinctively, Lu Jingshen shrank back and turned to look at the person behind him.

“Good morning, Alex,” Fengsi murmured softly.

The displeasure instantly dissipated, and Fengsi leaned closer, affectionately rubbing his nose against Lu Jingshen’s.

Lu Jingshen wasn’t used to such intimacy.
Even back then, Feng Si didn’t seem so clingy.
But as he placed his hand on Fengsi’s shoulder, he didn’t push him away.

Their lower bodies pressed together, caressing and touching, and some reactions couldn’t be concealed at all.

Both Fengsi and Lu Jingshen were aware of it.

Fengsi casually picked up the box from the bedside table and emptied its contents.
“Thi is the last one,” he said with obvious playfulness, as if deliberately teasing Lu Jingshen, “What should we do? You bought too few.
There were only five in a box, and we used four last night.
This won’t be enough.”

Lu Jingshen closed his eyes, refusing to engage in that conversation.

“We are out,” Fengsi said close to his ear, “It’s alright, I don’t mind going raw.”

Lu Jingshen frowned and finally spoke, “Aren’t you going to buy some?”

When he looked back in Fengsi’s eyes, Lu Jingshen realized he was being played again and pushed him away, “Get up.”

Fengsi calmly and forcefully pressed his hand down again, placing the last one in his hand, “Help me put it on.”

Lu Jingshen lightly licked his lips, pinched the item in his hand, and slowly tore open the packaging.

Fengsi knelt upright, watching his movements.

Lu Jingshen’s fingers trembled slightly as he reached out.

As he pressed down, his hands touched Fengsi’s toned chest, and he hesitantly wrapped his arms around him.


At nine in the morning, the sunlight extended from the foot of the bed to the headboard.
Lu Jingshen finally got out of bed, his feet feeling weak as they touched the carpet, and his calves still trembling.

Fengsi reached out and supported his waist.
“Can you walk?”

Lu Jingshen turned around to look at him, and Fengsi playfully stared back, his palm lightly rubbing his sore waist.

Lu Jingshen brushed away his hand and headed into the bathroom.

Fengsi smiled and followed.

Before leaving, he reminded Lu Jingshen, “It’s a bit colder today than yesterday.
Wear something warmer.”

Lu Jingshen took a coat, and Fengsi said helplessly, “You don’t have anything else less formal to wear? Do you always wear this?”

He had asked Liu Jie before, and according to her, Lu Jingshen seemed to always wear suits with shirts, just varying in thickness.
In winter, he might add a coat, but even for a private vacation, he would wear casual suits in various shades of dark gray, black, or blue—tedious and monotonous.

However, Fengsi still remembered how Lu Jingshen looked when he was in his early twenties, wearing a simple T-shirt and long pants, carrying a travel bag, naïve and innocent, like a student who had just walked out of the school gate.
He could easily deceive him into getting into his car.

Lu Jingshen hesitated, and Fengsi stepped forward, taking the coat from his hand and tossing it on the sofa.
He then helped him remove the bothersome suit from his body and put on his own flight jacket, covering him with it.
“Wear this, it’s just the right thickness.”

Lu Jingshen lowered his head and caught a whiff of the mixture of tobacco and perfume on the clothes.
For a moment, he felt stunned but didn’t refuse.

Fengsi was very satisfied, smiling brightly, “You look much more vibrant like this.
Young people shouldn’t live their lives like a gloomy old man.”

Lu Jingshen felt slightly uneasy, avoiding his gaze.
“Let’s go.”

It was Fengsi’s suggestion to visit the vineyard, and Lu Jingshen took him there.

That day would be the last day of the grape harvest, and the workers were busy with the final rush.
They walked around without disturbing anyone, eventually making their way deep into the vineyard.

Layers of grapes climbed up the vines and extended in all directions, creating an endless sea of green.
Fengsi picked one casually, threw it into his mouth, and tasted the faint sweetness and slight sourness.
The taste wasn’t particularly good.

“These are wine grapes,” Lu Jingshen reminded him, “they’re not the same variety as the eating grapes.
They don’t taste good.
Don’t eat them.”

Fengsi picked one more and threw it into his mouth.
“I think it’s not bad.
Do you want to try?”

Lu Jingshen shook his head, and Fengsi leaned closer, pushing him against the grape arbor.

Their breaths entwined, and Fengsi stopped his movements, just looking at him in that position.

Lu Jingshen’s gaze flickered, almost holding his breath.
Fengsi didn’t make any further moves, his eyes gradually filled with a smile, as if he found Lu Jingshen’s reaction amusing.

Lu Jingshen felt a little annoyed, so he reached out, grabbing Fengsi’s collar, and pulled him closer, taking the initiative to kiss him.

Their teeth clashed, causing Lu Jingshen’s brows to furrow due to the pain.
However, he persisted without pulling away, using the kiss to vent his dissatisfaction with Fengsi’s constant teasing.

Fengsi allowed him to take the lead, his hand gently caressing Lu Jingshen’s back as if to soothe him.

After a while, Lu Jingshen’s emotions gradually calmed down.
When he tried to retreat, Fengsi wouldn’t let him go.
He caught up and, with a hot and wet tongue, hooked his lips and lightly bit his lower lip, pushing into his mouth, taking control.

Different from Lu Jingshen’s aggressive and overbearing kissing style, Fengsi’s kiss was exceptionally gentle and affectionate.
His tongue lightly swept over the soft flesh of Lu Jingshen’s upper palate, teasing his sensitive nerves, and then engaging in a lingering dance with his tongue.

That tenderness made it even harder for Lu Jingshen to resist.
The tingling sensation spread from where Fengsi had kissed him to his throat, and further down to his heart.

Breathing became difficult, and Lu Jingshen couldn’t bear it any longer.
He gasped, and Fengsi finally withdrew his lips from his mouth, still smiling with lips touching lips.

Lu Jingshen regained his composure, feeling a bit embarrassed by his smile.
He caught sight of some workers coming their way and pushed Fengsi away.

Fengsi followed his gaze and casually pulled the corners of his mouth down, pulling Lu Jingshen to the other side, where the workers couldn’t see them.

Before Lu Jingshen could react, Fengsi turned his head and kissed him again.

The workers stopped not far from them, talking and laughing while working.

Lu Jingshen resisted the urge to push him away, but Fengsi forcefully pressed him against the grape arbor, causing his back to ache from the impact.
The more Lu Jingshen resisted, the more fiercely Fengsi kissed him, not giving him any chance to refuse.

Eventually, Lu Jingshen gave in and let Fengsi kiss him.

After a long kiss, Fengsi pulled back slightly, his fingers caressing Lu Jingshen’s swollen lips from his relentless kissing.
“Why hide?” Fengsi asked in a low voice, and Lu Jingshen was out of breath and didn’t want to answer.

“Those workers probably don’t recognize you, right? They definitely don’t know me.
Even if they see us, what does it matter?” Fengsi reminded him gently, “Alex, relax a little, don’t overthink it.”

Lu Jingshen lowered his eyes, remaining silent for a moment before he twitched his lips, “You’re being cheeky cause I let you get away with this.”

“Oh?” Fengsi laughed, “Then what am I getting away with?”

Lu Jingshen straightened up, tightly tugging at Fengsi’s open jacket, “Just be quiet.”

He turned and walked away, with Fengsi following, “Hey, when are you going to stop running away whenever you can’t win an argument?”

Lu Jingshen didn’t respond.

That morning, they continued to wander around the area, visiting the vineyard and taking a tour of the nearby winery.
As it approached noon, they drove to the small town they passed through yesterday to have lunch and do some shopping.

Entering a supermarket on the street, Fengsi grabbed a pile of snacks and drinks.
Finally, he squatted in front of a shelf selling adult products, picking and choosing.

Lu Jingshen stood next to him, feeling uneasy.
That was the only relatively large supermarket in the small town, and it was Saturday, so there were quite a few people shopping.
From time to time, people pushing carts passed by them, and perhaps it was just his imagination, but Lu Jingshen felt that those people were casting glances at them.

Fengsi seemed completely unaware, or maybe he just didn’t care, focusing on studying the various types and uses of the adult products.

Lu Jingshen hesitated and thought of walking away, but Fengsi suddenly reached out and pulled him close, showing him something in his hand, “This spray, do you want to try it?”

Lu Jingshen glanced at it; it was a product used to enhance desire.
He instinctively refused and directly put it back on the shelf.

Fengsi, however, looked very eager, “Buy one.
I heard it’s quite potent.”

Lu Jingshen blurted out, “Have you tried it?”

“I heard,” Fengsi reminded him, “I heard from others, don’t be jealous .”

Lu Jingshen didn’t know if he was angry or embarrassed, his face looked quite unnatural, and his voice was not friendly, “Why do you want to buy this? Are you not capable anymore and need to use this stuff?”

“You’re asking me?” Fengsi dragged his voice, “i’m sure you know if I’m capable or not?”

Lu Jingshen knew, and since last night until this morning, he had already experienced it deeply.

He turned his face away, and there was a hint of blush on his ears, “It’s up to you.”

“I was just teasing you.
Why would I buy something like this?,” Fengsi said with a smile, earning him a glare from Lu Jingshen.

The expression was much more interesting than his usual icy demeanor, and Fengsi was very pleased to accept it, “But if you really want to try it, buying a bottle isn’t a big deal.”

Lu Jingshen told him to “try it if you want” and got up to grab some beer from another shelf.

After five minutes, Fengsi wandered over with only essential items but holding five boxes of condoms, each containing five.

Lu Jingshen tightened his grip on the beer can and averted his gaze, saying, “Let’s go.”


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