’s finger.

As soon as I touched him, the kid grabbed me with both hands and took a step back.
He leaned against the wall as if he had been pushed hard and slumped down.

The child’s hand trembled.
An uneasy breath hit me like a typhoon.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.
I’m not going.”

I traced the child’s chin and lips with consolation.

I am by your side.”


I am a fairy

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Fairies are omniscient and ignorant beings.
They are born knowing the meaning of every word in the world, but in fact, it is as if they do not know it at all.

Just as you could know the dictionary meaning of the word happiness, you must experience it directly or indirectly to make your knowledge completely unique.

From the time I was a drop of water, I already knew that the feeling of experiencing something that I only knew is amazing.
So when I imagine the time to get to know the world in the future, I should be very happy, but now I am depressed.

I glanced at the child with his head down as he grabbed me.

He is a human child.

The metal that bound his limbs was a restraint sphere.
What the child has just suffered was violence.
The sensation the child must have felt when being hit is pain.
When I see a child like that, the emotion I felt was pity.

The narrow world I encountered for the first time as a fairy was the opposite of the pleasant world I encountered when I was a water droplet.

Deep underground where even the wind does not blow.
It was so deep that the air was so thin that it was difficult to breathe.
I was born as a flower in the middle of winter, so it was very cold here even though I had little resistance to cold.
It was fortunate that the human child did not freeze to death.

I wiggled my body in his warm hands.
Do you have a body with a lot of heat? Fortunately he does.

I glanced at it and, as it turns out, the child’s arm was covered in black bruises.
What about the place that has been hit the most? I couldn’t even imagine.

“Let me go.

I wanted to get some medicine.
But it’s been a while since he was beaten and he didn’t let me go.


It was then that the fairy’s powers came to mind.
Even if a child catches me, I can escape with Patares.

However, I did not want to get out of the hand of the trembling child because he was afraid, so I gave up on being released and relaxed my body.



“Just say ‘yes’ once.”


“I want to hear you answering me.”


“I want to hear your clear voice.
Don’t make a noise of groaning in pain.”

I tried to talk to him, but he was still holding me tight with his shaky hands, but he didn’t say anything.

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His messy fingertips drenched my body with a damp red fluid.

…A dizzying fear was felt in the blood.
After some time had passed, the boy was still in a state of panic that he couldn’t control himself.

The tremors of his hands hit my core like waves.
I looked at his hair soaked in cold sweat with a strange feeling.

“You must’ve been really afraid that you would lose me.”

You didn’t mind getting hurt because you wanted to protect me.
You are afraid of losing me.


Even after I said that, I moved my body because I was sorry.
But the pleasant tickling that spreads from the core to the top of my head made me honest.

It was pitiful to see the child frightened.

But to be honest, I really liked the heart that was the source of his fear, the heart that cherished me.

The feeling of realizing that I am also very precious to the person I like is an emotion in itself, making my body heat up and my breathing become rough.

What can I do? It is an undeniable fact that he has a good heart to care for me.
So I’m just going to be a crooked fairy.
And I will love you much more than you love me.
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I let out a big snort and grabbed the child’s finger.

“Relax! I am a great fairy.
No one can take me away from you.”

Even though I knew he didn’t understand, I opened my chest and shouted loudly.

“I’ll wait until you’re relieved.
When you calm down, let me hear your voice.
Got it?”

Again, the child does not answer “yes” this time, but I can’t help it.

I’ve said all I have to say now.
As soon as I was born, I suffered from all sorts of things, and I used too much energy to grow weeds in a hurry, and then I suddenly became tired.
I had just been born so I needed to sleep.

I have to sleep a little bit and then wake up and tell the child to answer me.

I quietly buried my head in the boy’s hands.

The child’s trembling stopped.

The pale blue eyes that were hidden like a tortoise hidden in the shell are staring at me again.
I smiled, blinking my heavy eyelids.

“Pretty boy.
Thank you for protecting me.”

The hand of the child who protected me was very comfortable even though it was dry.
I fell asleep for the first time in my life, in his hands that smelled like a child’s blood.

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