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You did it.
Surely, Nathan will be pleased.”

Yuto patted Bob Willer's scrawny shoulder with a friendly smile.

“Thank you, Yuto.
I finally got my parole thanks to Nathan's advice.
Give him my regards.”

Wheeler happily took a photo out of his breast pocket and showed it to Yuto.

Wheeler's fat wife and two mischievous sons were in the photo.

The photo was shown to him so many times that if he saw them on the street, he was sure that he would carelessly call out to them, 'Hey, how are you?'.

“This is Jesse.
This is Steven.”

“I see.
Your wife is Anna, right?”

“Yes, it's Anna.
I can finally go home to my family.
I can't wait to eat my wife's cooking.”

“It's almost time.
Well, then I'll make sure to hand over the paperwork to Nathan.”

“Please, Yuto.
Say Hello to Nathan for me.”

Yuto smiled and left Willer's cell, but as soon as he stepped out into the hallway, his face naturally grew tense and he breathed heavily.

Bob Willer was not Corvus either.
He was just an ordinary common man that can be found anywhere.
He had worked so hard for his family, but unexpectedly he was fired from his job at an auto parts factory.
He went to the factory manager and begged not to fire him, but instead, he was treated badly, so he got angry and hit the manager with a spanner wrench nearby, and ended up killing the man.
He was guilty of a crime, sure, but he was not a bad person.

When Bob Willer, one of the people on the list, came to Nathan to ask him for advice on how to respond to his parole board, he used Nathan's position as an assistant and contacted him again and again.
He thought that the possibility was low from the beginning, and as expected he ended up wasting his time.

The search for Corvus goes on without much progress.
Despite his frustration, Yuto continued to steadily investigate the subjects.
He reached out to each of them in one way or another, trying to figure out who Corvus was, but it was difficult to judge what kind of man he was just by talking a few words.
Drug dealers would have caught Yuto's sense of smell with some observation, but it wasn't so easy to spot a terrorist leader.
For the most part, Corvus was a cunning man who had not even revealed his identity to his friends, and Yuto did not even know what principles that man was using to incite terrorist activities in the first place.

Still, he was not going to get him anywhere if he was not narrowing down the suspect list.
Yuto, relied only on his intuition, sifted one person at a time, one at a time, and the other.
There were twelve subjects in total, and now only five left.
Among them was Henry Gehlen.
He got a strong feeling that the man was likely the prime suspect.

He thought he would have to ask Tonya directly if there were any burn marks on Gehren's back even if it sounded strange, but there were usually a flock of sisters around Tonya so it was hard for Yuto to be alone with him.
Even if he was alone once in a while, Chicano's strong man was always there to protect him, as a bodyguard.

As he walked toward the center building wondering what to do, Dick and Nathan came from the other side.
They did not notice him and went out to the ground where the sun was beginning to set.
For some reason, Yuto helplessly looked at the two of them from the window.


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Dick and Nathan, who were walking side by side in the corners of the ground, were both Caucasians, tall and good-looking, so they matched each other.
It went without saying that Dick was handsome, but Nathan also had graceful features.
The atmosphere felt different when they were mixed with crude prisoners.

As Mickey said, Dick and Nathan were really good friends.
He did not know whether it's friendship or respect, but Dick did not show a cold attitude towards Nathan.
And if he looked closely, he could tell that Dick's gaze was always on Nathan.
Dick did not look at Nathan blatantly, it was just that his attention was always focused on him.

It was silly to imagine, but Yuto could not help but wonder if it was possible.
Dick might be interested in Nathan.
Dick was gay, so it was not impossible.

If Dick really was into Nathan, his irreverent attitude was understandable.

Everyone is sensitive to the presence of the person they like.
When that person moves, you would follow them with your eyes, and when you heard the person's voice, the more you would want to listen to that voice.

They sat down as usual on the top of the bench next to the basketball court.
Dick leaned his elbows on his raised knees and gazed at Nathan talking.
Even at a distance, Yuto could see Dick's earnest eyes.

Suddenly something fuzzy began to grow on his chest.
It was a vague feeling of uneasiness, unpleasantness, and uneasiness.

Yuto was puzzled by that.
No matter who Dick likes, it was none of his business.

He was more worried if he could not stop looking at them for a long time.
Then he tried to turn his gaze away from them, but two others came to the corner of his vision.
Now Yuto's eyes were focused on them.

ABL leader's Gehlen and his mistress Lindsay.
It was a rare day to see ABL leader without being surrounded by his followers.

Thinking it would be his chance to make contact, Yuto ran out to the court and followed the two.

Gehlen and Lindsey walked into the equipment storage room in the corner of the court.
Yuto wondered what they were doing in that place.
It did not seem they went there just to get the ball.

Yuto clung to the door and peered inside.
A high-pitched excited voice was shouting something.
It was Lindsey's voice.
Then, there was a low, angry voice.
For a moment, he thought the two of them had started engaging in an improper act, but no matter how he thought about it, the atmosphere did not seem to be right.

He heard a loud noise as if they were fighting each other, and he suddenly became worried.
Maybe it was just a matter of lover's quarrel, but Tonya's words that Gehlen was known as a vicious man really caught his attention.

Yuto made up his mind and opened the door forcefully.
As he stepped into the storage room, Gehlen looked back over his shoulder.

It was dark, so his eyes did not immediately adapt to the darkness, but Yuto knew that he could not see Lindsey's figure.

What happened to Lindsey?”

“What are you talking about? You're Lennix from A-Block.
What brings you here?”

Gehlen looked at Yuto with a threatening smile.
There was an unusual light in his eyes.

“I have something to do with Lindsey.
You came in here with him, did not you? Where'd she go?”

“No, I'm not.
I'm alone from the start.”

Gehlen approached slowly.
Feeling strangely overwhelmed, Yuto stepped back.

“Don't play stupid.
What happened to Lindsey?”

Gelen's eyes glowed even more and made Yuto thought he was seeing the eyes of a madman.


“What a noisy guy.”

Gehlen's big upper arm is lifted up.
The moment Yuto braced himself for the attack, someone's back slipped in front of him.

Don't touch him.
He's my cellmate.”

It was Dick.
Dick and Gehlen stared at each other for a while in silence, but then Gehlen smiled and released the murderous air first.

You're responsible for keeping his fussy mouth shut.
Do you understand?”

I promise.”

Gehlen smirked and calmly walked away.

Returning to his senses, Yuto moved Dick away and rushed to the back of the storeroom.
Behind the large basket of balls, the color of the blue denim was visible.


Yuto pushed the basket out of the way and he could not help but gasp at the sight of Lindsey's fall.

Passing by Yuto, who was still in shock, Dick crouched down beside Lindsay and placed his fingertips on the nape of his neck.

He's already dead.
Looks like he's been strangled.”

Dick shut Lindsay 's open eyelids with his fingers.
Then, with a stern look, he grabbed Yuto by the arm and dragged him out.

Lindsey's already dead inside.
Gehlen killed him.”

“What…….? “

“Let's go both of you, staying here is going to get us in trouble.”

Dick pushed Yuto to get him to walk.

“Wait, Dick! What about Lindsey?”

“There's nothing we can do about the dead.”

Yuto shook his head when he was told without any emotion.

“No, are you really going to just leave it like this? It's a murder case.”

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“Someone will soon find out about this and make a fuss even if we don't tell.
So, before that happened, let's leave this ground.”

Yuto lost his patience and pushed Dick on his chest.

“Why? Why can't you just honestly report this to the guards that Gehlen killed Lindsey?”

“I have said it before.
If you're planning on telling the guards, you won't last long here.”

“What the hell! A person was killed in front of me.
It's not a fight.
She was murdered unilaterally.
I can't just turn a blind eye.”

“Anyway, Yuto, let's go back to the cell.”

Nathan quietly calmed the agitated Yuto.

“But Nathan ……”

“Dick is right.
If you tell the guards about this, ABL will kill you.”

When Nathan told him this, he did not have the energy to say anything back.
Yuto then entered the building reluctantly.

On the way back to A-Block, Nathan asked Yuto.

Why did you go after Gehlen? You don't know him, right?”

“That's ……”

He was at a loss for an answer when Dick interrupted him.

“You were curious because Lindsay was acting weird, right?”

Dick's remark was completely irrelevant, but Yuto decided to follow along with it.

She looked scared, and I was worried that Gehlen might do something.”


Nathan sighed lightly and scolded him, “It's reckless.”.

“Don't get involved with him.
He's dangerous.
No matter how many lives you have, it's not worth it.
You're a surprisingly curious man.

“I'll be more careful from now on.”

“Yeah do that.
Let's hurry up to the cell.
When there's a murder, there's going to be locked-in.”


“All prisoners are confined to their cell for investigation and punishment, during which no food is provided, no visits or phone calls are allowed.”

As the three of them entered the A-Block, a loud siren rang and a red emergency light flashed.

When the prisoners were surprised at what was going on, the guards waved their batons and immediately started yelling at them to get into their cell at once.
Lindsey's body must have been discovered already.

A few minutes later, the cell door slammed shut.
Yuto sat on his bed, while Dick stood at the doorway and looked outside.

I'm sorry about earlier.”

He spoke, but Dick still turned his back on him.

“You were trying to help me, I wasn't thinking…
I'm sorry I pushed you away.”

Yuto expected him to say “It's okay.” as usual, but when Dick turned around, his expression looked cold as ice.

I just need one favor.”

Yuto tensed up when he was told in an indifferent voice.

“Don't ever do anything reckless again.
You can say whatever you do is up to you, but it's not going to work that way.
Every time you do something like this, you can strangle my neck.
It's because of you, my hard work has gone to waste.
What a burden.”

Dick just said what he wanted to say, so he turned his back on Yuto again.
Dick 's attitude, which made him feel a strong rejection, left Yuto speechless.
Their relationship had improved since the beginning.
They were able to talk to each other in a friendly way.
But now they were back to square one.

His heart sank.
To be honest, it was hard for him to be hated by Dick.

“Barnford, get out.
Spencer wants you.
He said he'd be in trouble without you.”

Guthrie, the guard, came in and took Dick away.

“Oh!” cried a prisoner named Barry from the next cell.

“Only Dick gets special treatment.
You're such a big shot in the infirmary.”

Dick slammed the iron door of his cell with his fist.
“Then you go! if you can wipe the ass of a patient who can't move, you can always switch with me at any time!”

When Dick flared his anger and retorted sharply, Barry choked.

“Oh, don't get mad, Dick.
It was a joke.
It's not like you to get so mad.”

It was very rare for Dick to show his feelings.
When Guthrie and Dick were gone Barry spoke to him in a strained voice.

“Hey, Yuto.
What happened to Dick?”

Who knows.
He must have been in a bad mood.”

There was no way he could say he was the one who made him angry.

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For 24 hours, in the midst of the murder of Lindsay Scott, the complaints and frustrations of the inmates who had been deprived of their freedom covered the entire West Building with the sound of banging on iron fences and angry roars.


It was not until dinner the next day that they were released from confinement, but despite the intensive investigation between the inmates and the police, the culprit was not identified.
But among the prisoners, there were rumors and gossips that Gehlen must have done the murder when he found out about Lindsay's affair, and most of them seemed to be convinced that he was capable of doing it.

Dick had been in the infirmary the whole time and never showed up in his cell.
By the time they saw each other again after the release from confinement, Dick had returned to his usual calm demeanor.

“Hey, Mickey.
Have you seen my boy?”

The next day, as they were having dinner together, they were approached by an old black man.
Matthew and Hose were cellmates.

Hose, an old-timer who spent 20 years in prison, was about to be released.
Recently he had been talkative and often talked to Yuto and others.

I haven't seen him since this afternoon because I got business to do.
Isn't it about time for him to come and eat?”

That boy said he'd give me a back massage before dinner, but he did not come back.
Good grief, young people these days always break their promises easily.
They are the enemy!”

Hawes muttered and walked away in a staggered manner with the tray in his hand.

“You know, I think that old man likes Matthew.”

Mickey laughed, and Nathan grinned, nodding his head.

“Matthew is honest and bright, so everyone likes him.”

Even he caught my attention.
But there's no end to the number of men who come up to him aiming at his ass.
It's troublesome to have such a cute face in the prison.
How about you, Yuto?”

Yuto, who had been poking the salad with his fork when he was suddenly asked to speak, was puzzled.


“I'm asking if you've had more men making eyes on you ever since you shaved.”

“It's none of my business.”

Yuto replied coldly, and Dick, who was sitting next to him, put a nasty grin on lips.

“Because as soon as he shaved that stubble, he's like a new guy again.
No wonder Lennix is sulking.”

Yuto was relieved to hear such a playful remark.
Dick was not really angry at him anymore.

“I'm not sulking.”

Dick's words annoyed him, but they were true.
Yuto shaved his beard and neatly trimmed his long, gloomy bangs and because of that, he made quite an impression.
Even when the acquainted prisoners passed by, and asked Dick next to him, “A rookie?”

“BB seemed to be spouting words that I look insane.”

“That fucking guy …

At Dick's words, Yuto wrinkled his eyebrows deeply.

“But BB can't afford to be chasing Yuto's ass right now.”

Nathan said, and Mickey nodded his head with a knowing look on his face.

“Ah! I heard that the Black Soldiers split up into the Chokers Group and the BB Group.
BB, who wants to beat up Emmanuel Roco at all costs, is desperate to get the Chokers men to his side, and I'm sure BB would love to clean up the mess quickly and woo Yuto.”

Yuto gave a sharp look at Mickey, who was grinning.
“No, but,” he added hastily as if to defend himself.

“Seriously, the atmosphere has changed.
When he's shaved and his hair is neatly trimmed, Yuto looks like an elegant prince.
You might be a descendant of the Japanese royal family”


“There is no royal family in Japan.
Only the Imperial Family.”

Mickey complained about how it was different, but Yuto ignored him because he could not be bothered to explain.

but Matthew is really late.
He always comes first to eat.”

At Nathan's words, Mickey looked worried.

“Yeah it's hard to believe that glutton would skip a meal.”

Suddenly the table was filled with a heavy mood.
Just as Mickey was about to look for Matthew for a while, a kind prisoner named Osborne from A-Block approached him.

Your cute little buddy, he was with Bernard from C-Block earlier.”

“What did you say? What do you mean, he's with Bernard?”

Osborn flinched at Mickey's sudden raised tone, “I don't know.”

“I only saw the two of them walking into the linen room.”

Mickey rushed out with a grim look on his face.
Nathan thanked Osborne.
“Let's go,” he urged Dick and Yuto.

Running was forbidden, so they hurried out of the dining-room and headed straight for the linen room.

“Who's Bernard?”

As Dick trotted along the corridor, he asked with a difficult expression.

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“He's a handsome, amiable Chicano, but inside he's a sick person.
He is hardcore pedophilia who raped a young white brother and sister and is also a sadist.
Apparently, the siblings who were raped seemed to have their genitals cut with a knife.”

Sex offenders are frowned upon in the prison, but among them, prisoners who prey on children are the most despised.
Yuto was disgusted with such a person.
It was an irrational and physiological aversion.

“Disgusting bastard.
But don't tell me that Bernard ……?”

“There's a high possibility.
There aren't any kids here for that guy to play around.
He might have used Matthew as a substitute.
― ―”

Dick hesitated as if he did not want to imagine it.

The three arrived in the linen room immediately, opened the door that was slightly open, and cautiously crept inside.

The linen room was the inconspicuous place, where the huge quantity of towels and sheets were stored, the lights were out and it was dark.

“Mickey, where are you?”

Nathan called out loudly.

“Here, damn it.”

He heard Mickey's shouting from the next room.
Nathan hurriedly pushed the door, but he could not see anything because of the large jute bag piled up, probably because it was a workshop for packing sheets and it was blocking his view.

Yuto and the others worked their way back through the gap, then they could not help but be dismayed by the devastation scene.

Matthew was unconscious and sprawled lifeless on the floor.
His face was badly swollen and his shirt was stained red from a bloody nose.
The face looked awful that they could hardly tell it was Matthew at first glance.

His lower limbs had been completely stripped, leaving his skin bare.
The blood flowing down his crotch clearly showed the horror of the rape he had suffered.
But what Yuto could not forgive most of all was that Matthew's arms were tied behind his back so that he could not resist.

“Son of a bitch, that bastard Bernard, I'll kill him….
ah, Matthew, poor thing ……”

Mickey cried out in a tearful voice as he frantically untied the hemp straps that were tangled around Matthew's wrist.
However, in exasperation, he could not untie it.


“Move, Mickey.
I'll take care of it.
Lennix put a sheet on Matthew.
Nathan, go get the guards.
And we need a stretcher to take him to the infirmary.”

Dick tactfully untied the hemp strap.
Matthew's wrist was worn and bloody.

“Hey, Matthew.
Pull yourself together.”

Matthew did not even flinch when Mickey called out to him.
Dick was silently checking his injuries, then Matthew groaned and frowned when Dick touched his shoulder.

his shoulder is dislocated.
I'm going to put Matthew down on that table over there, so help me.”

The three of them carried Matthew carefully, and Dick let his dislocated arm dangled from the edge of the table.
He lifted the arm and dropped it about 10 times under the weight of nature.
Finally, he touched the shoulder to check.

“It's should be all right now.” Dick nodded.

Yuto was impressed by how well he knew how to align the dislocation.
Did he learn it in the infirmary?

“Matthew, please hang on a little longer.
You will be at the infirmary in a minute.”

Matthew opened his eyes slightly at Mickey's words.
His lips quivered as if he wanted to say something, but he did not seem to be able to speak.
But when Mickey asked if Bernard had done this to him, his expression became twisted and he nodded his head clearly.

After a while, the two guards were carrying the stretcher rushed in with Nathan.
One of them was Guthrie, the head of guards, who had a relatively mild attitude toward the prisoners.

“What the hell.” Guthrie shook his head and turned to Yuto.

“Who did this? Did you get a look at the perpetrator?”

“No one was here by the time we came in looking for Matthew.
But –“

He was about to mention Bernard's name when Mickey gave him a push on the shoulder.
Realizing the meaning, Yuto then kept silent.

Get him to the infirmary as soon as you can.
Just make sure you get him to see a doctor.”

Guthrie firmly nodded at Mickey's pleading tone.

Spencer should still be in the infirmary.
Now, let's get you on the stretcher.”

While the guards were putting Matthew on the stretcher, they moved the bags full of sheets out of the way on either side to clear the passage.

“Let me come with you to the infirmary.”

Dick offered.
Guthrie gave Dick permission and let him take over the other side of the stretcher.

“Seriously, why wasn't the linen room locked? The person in charge of locking is responsible.”

Once all the keys were out, Guthrie angrily locked the door to the linen room.

“You guys go back to the cell.
We might ask you questions later, so just stay there……
damn it, move! get out of the way!”

There were crowds of prisoners in the corridor to see what was going on.
With Guthrie on the lead, the stretcher with Matthew disappeared down the hall.

“Let's go, Mickey.
It's almost time for roll call.”

Nathan spoke softly to Mickey, who was staring in the direction of Matthew's disappearance.
But Mickey was reluctant to move from there.

Bernard bastard.
I'll never forgive you.”

A low roaring voice escaped from Mickey 's mouth.
For Mickey, Matthew, whom he regarded as his little brother, had been subjected to such miserable treatment, was boiled with rage.
It was frustrating for Yuto, too, but Mickey was the one who cared for and adored Matthew the most.
He could hardly have imagined the sorrow.+

Without finding a word to say, Yuto just grabbed Mickey's stiff shoulder.


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